A/N: Okay, so this is a Sirius/Remus poem thing. It's my first
Harry Potter ficcle, hope you enjoy! ::heart:: Chelle

On the train home, all I think about is you;
your callused hands and unkempt hair falling
across your eyes, the exact colour of which
I am sure I can't recall (if ever I knew).
The cobblestones echo my impatient pace, for
yesterday isn't soon enough to get to you.
My fingers fly at the locks and I'm standing in
the black room. My bags drop heavy to the floor.
To my surprise the kitchen is clean (to please me,
I know), a place for everything and everything in its

- you're sleeping upstairs,
in our bed,
the sheet tangled 'round
your naked limbs. My
mouth is watering,
I'm sure of it -

place. The stairs creak but you don't awaken. The door
squeaks but you don't awaken. My clothes rustle
but you don't awaken. The bed groans and so do you.
A sleepy, sloppy kiss to my mouth is your greeting
before tucking your face into the curve of my neck. Your
arms hold me, your palms grasp me, you skin smells
faintly of wood smoke. And I remember your eyes are
brown like aged cedar, like turned leaves, like a stag's
fur (but not a stag, no, a wolf, or perhaps a dog)
and I know I'm home.