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A 14-year-old girl dressed in a black tank top with a purple logo in the top middle, a black mini skirt, which had plaid lines in the color green, black bracelets that hung on her wrists, purple leggings (what are they?) and black boots gave an irritated sigh. Her violet eyes showed her annoyance and the ponytail on her head held up by a green hair tie swayed ever so slightly in the light wind. Yes light wind. Samantha Manson or Sam for short had been waiting outside for her two best friends Tucker and Danny for the last half-hour. In fact, the objects of her annoyance were standing less then two feet away from her but she knew better than to try and pull them away.

Last time she did she ended up with pneumonia since she was out too long in the cold and hadn't even managed to get them to budge. Thankfully it was nearing summer and it wasn't cold but still she made no move to retrieve her friends. Why? Because Paulina, the schools popular, black haired beauty, AKA a class A snob who craved attention, that had somehow managed to capture Danny Fenton's (and 99.9 of the male population of their school for that matter) heart, had decided to walk past. This wasn't even one of her normal walking trips too! For some strange cursed reason, Paulina had managed to figure out with her own pea-sized brain, that if she walked slower she got more attention, which lasted longer. Now she was slowly walking by centimeter by centimeter. Oh how poor Sam just wanted to go up there and push her along faster (and while she was out it give her a harmless kick or two)!

But...she didn't. She would risk getting her only two friends mad at her, so she waited. This was still not the worst part though. The worst part was she would have to wait longer for Tucker and Danny to get the stupid after image out of their muddled C-student brains first!

So she waited, and waited, and waited and then got so disgusted she started walking to the mall by herself. It was Friday and they had all decided to hang out at the mall. Course she hadn't known that little miss perfect (not) was going to come by and take a rather slooooooooooow walk. Hopefully Danny and Tucker would snap out of it soon so they could join her. Friday's at the mall by yourself were total bummers.

Thinking about it she'd actually be mad at them first and then they could hang out at the mall. Either way she was headed there by herself in the meantime. Humming to herself she found she had already arrived. Dissing Danny and Tucker in your mind sure makes time fly! She was about to head in through the big glass doors, when something made her stop.

"Hey, Sam! Wait up will you? At the speed your going you'd think you were actually in a hurry!" A boy with jet-black hair and ice blue eyes yelled. He was wearing a white T-shirt with red on the sleeves, collar and logo which is on his chest in the center, light blue jeans and white and red runners, which he was using to run as fast as he could. A boy wearing a red cap backward on top of his black hair closely followed him. He had brown skin and teal eyes, which were covered in a pair of black rimmed glasses. He was wearing a yellow long sleeved shirt, greenish pants with a pocket at the side held by a black belt, brown combat boots and had a Grey-like backpack on his back. The one with the ice blue eyes is Danny Fenton Sam's best friend. The one with the backpack is Tucker Foley; Sam's other best friend.

"Yeah, Sam we turned around to tell you we were ready to go, and you were gone! Something the matter?" Tucker asked. Anger flashed threw Sam's eyes for just a split second and they both knew they had gotten her angry. An angry Sam is NOT the prettiest site.

"What's the matter? I waited for a whole friggen hour and a half for you two to come to your senses so we could go, but instead I had to watch Paulina inch her way on the sidewalk, acting as if she owned the place, all the way out the of school boundaries," she shouted angrily. "And you too don't do a thing about it. You act as if she were a goddess who created the sun and moon! I mean I only have so much patience on a Friday," she told them stressing the word Friday. Yup, they had done it. Not only had they made Sam wait for them while they stared at Paulina, they had made her wait on a Friday. Chances of her ripping them to shreds and being incredibly grumpy: 99.9 Chances of then surviving and getting her on a good note: 0.0000000000000000000000000001

Can you spell "dead"?

You could practically see the color rise to Sam's pale face and the steam coming out of her ears. One wrong move and you were very, very dead.

"We- we're sorry Sam it's just it was Paulina..." he started saying before Danny could hit him somewhere to stop him from talking.

"So since she's Paulina she has a pass for making me wait for hours on end?" she asked, her anger rising even further.

"N-n-no! I didn't mean that at all! What I meant was that um, all guys stop and stare at Paulina. We can't help that she's pretty, and special, and pretty, and beautiful and..." Tucker rambled on and on at how Paulina was completely missing how the color in Sam's face continued to rise and the stop signs that Danny was giving him.

Danny watched as one of his best friends made the situation with his other best friend go from bad to worse, and desperately tried to get him to stop. Well the chances of them getting out of the, already pretty bad situation, alive and with Sam on a good note were now a good 0. 00000000000000000000000000001

Great, just great.

Finally realizing what he was doing and shutting up completely for most likely the first time in his entire time he caught a hold of the death glares the Sam was giving him along with the pity glance that Danny had shot him. He was dead. He had combined ignoring the only rebel at school with comparing her to Paulina by some weird stunt. Not only was that near to impossible the penalty that was the result made it impossible. Did he really have a death wish?

Sam was about to strangle him when Danny stepped up to the plate. In other words he was just barely managing to restrain her from strangling Tucker outside of the mall in front of the already staring on-lookers.

"Let go Danny! He asked for it! All I'm going to do is strangle the life out of him nice and slowly. Is that so bad?" she asked managing to sound innocent, while shooting random death glares at Tucker at the same time.

"Yes it is Sam! Who's going to argue with you over meat and help you on the sidelines while I kick ghost but? Who's going to make all the dumb mistakes while we're at it? Who're are you going to blame when bad stuff happens?" he asked getting her to stop for a moment while thinking the options over.

"Gee, thanks Danny. I can obviously tell that you're on my side, with you pointing out my bad qualities. You didn't even mention that I was a ladies man!" Tucker complained.

"Well Danny, those are some pretty good reasons why not to kill him, and I'll admit that the last one was really tempting but... I prefer to strangle him right now. Now if you'll excuse me..." she said politely, stepping around Danny and then lunging at Tucker's throat.

"Well I tried Tuck. Hey, do you want your tombstone to say Tucker Landon Foley or just Tucker Foley?" Danny inquired looking at his blue faced friend, courtesy of Sam.

"Well- nice to know- you're loyal- and thoughtful," Tucker choked out sarcastically.

"If I were you Tucker I wouldn't be sarcastic in my last moments-" Sam told him evilly.

"If I were you I wouldn't even be in this mess!" he complained gaining air as she loosened her hold for a split second.

"-or complaining," she finished and proceeded to strangle him. She would have succeeded in doing so too if a sudden crying hadn't taken her attention off of him. Dropping Tucker, who then gulped in air as soon as he found he could breath, she turned her head to see a little girl, bunched up into a ball crying her little eyes out, in a corner, shaded by the mall.

Walking over, closely followed by Danny who was closely followed by Tucker who had decided that Danny was now his new bodyguard, she squatted down beside the young girl curiously.

Suddenly aware of a new presence she turned her violet eyes towards Sam. Upon seeing Sam, her eyes widened and her skin turned even paler than it already was and she smiled a small smile.

Sam smiled warmly to the girl and comforted her as best as she could. It was like she knew her but she didn't. The feeling was really weird.

"Hi there, I'm-"she started but was immediately cut off as the little girl suddenly jumped into her arms and hugged her with all her might.

"MOMMY!" she exclaimed happily.

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