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Last chapter: "I guess some things are just meant to be secret."

This chapter:

Danny sat down beside her. "Ya, I guess so. That's probably why God put friends on Earth. So that we don't die from keeping them all bottled up."

"Do you really believe in God?" Zack asked. Danny looked at him questioningly.

"I do. There are some things that I can't explain and I like to think God did it. I mean I'm not Christian or anything but there are short periods of time when I just know he's there."

"How can you say that? What about all the bad things in life, huh? Who did that? After becoming a halfa? If God exists then where is he now? Why doesn't he help us?"

"Zack!" Sam exclaimed. "That's really rude you know? What if God exists, what would you do if you finally rest and go to heaven? You'd end up in the fiery pits of Hell!" Zack stopped and the frustration seeped out of him. His expression softened and the next thing you knew white hoops were passing over him. His pants turned black, the chain still silver, his shoes were black and white, his shirt went white and his hair stayed black. Zack had gone human. You'd think he was a Goth (no offense) but his eyes were an eerie red.

"Whoa," was all Danny and Tucker could say.

"Your right Sam," he told her, ignoring Danny and Tucker's small comment. "I guess I just lost it."

"Why," Amy asked. Everyone was wondering but they just couldn't bring themselves to say it. Zack was silent for a moment before the words tumbled out, one after the other. It was almost like he rehearsed them for eternity but never had the chance to say it. Now that he did, he almost choked on them.

"I didn't die at 14," were his first words. Confusion hung in the air. What did this have to do with anything? "I died when I was 25. I looked like I was 25 when I first came to the ghost zone but then I started to look younger and younger until I finally stopped at 14. When I was alive I was married too. Then my wife died by murder and for 3 years I had to live with that. Nothing was the same. Nothing was worth living. I tracked down her murderer and sent him to the hospital gravely injured. I don't know if he lived or not because after that fight I found the easy way out."

"You killed yourself," Sam said out loud.

"Yeah. At the zoo a cobra got loose. Nobody could catch it. I did. I was bitten but I was far from caring. The venom felt good for the few minutes it took me to bring the snake back, calmly close the cage door and finally die. I thought I would be able to be with my wife again. I was wrong. It wasn't my time so I was sent to the ghost zone. I tried to rest but every time I did I only woke up to another day in that place.

"God does exist, I know that. I'm just mad at him for not letting me be. But I guess he has something else in mind for me. That or I've done something bad and I have to pay for it now," Zack thought out loud mournfully. They all looked at him sadly. It must hurt, to be torn away from loved ones like that. BEEP! BEEP! Sam's cell rung loudly as she scrambled to pick it up.

"Hello?" she asked. "We were going to Danny's house. Well ok... Can they come too? There's going to be two more coming. Another boy and Danny's cousin. Why? We're having a WHAT? You have got to be kidding me. But what about the others? Fine! Don't expect me to be all attention seeking like Paulina! Bye to you too!" Frowning Sam hung up.

"What was that all about?" Tucker asked. Sam was furious by the looks of it. He really hoped she wouldn't take it out on her poor cell phone!

"My mother," she began hesitantly trying to take deep breaths to calm down. "Has decided to throw a surprise masquerade party with the entire school. All the girls have to where masks and dress up, including me. She wants me home now, but you guys can all come. Oh and Danny? Amy is your cousin, got it?" Danny nodded knowing better than to get Sam mad now. Thankfully for Tucker she finally noticed how her phone was on the verge of breaking from the pressure she was applying and put it back.

"I can come too?" Zack asked surprised.

"Of course," Sam said smiling. "My mom knew I would get mad so she would probably agree to anything to get me there."

"If we need to dress up then what are we supposed to where there?" Danny asked, recalling how Sam had said she had to dress up.

"Mom says she's got it covered. She hired some tailors."

"And how come the girls get to where masks and not the guys?" Tucker complained.

"You want to where a mask?" Sam questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"No!" Tucker told her quickly. "It's just that the guys don't know who there dancing with but the girls do. How is that fair."

"There's another type of party for that," Sam said rapidly. "Now come on. We'd better go. If I know mom she'll be getting all these sluttish type dresses and if I don't get there soon enough she'll start removing the only reasonable dresses she picked from my options." She started walking when Tucker called to her.

"Sam the scooters are this way!"

"How did the scooters get here?" she asked suspiciously.

"We got bored waiting for you guys," he replied with a shrug. "Now, come on. Weren't you just complaining about being late?"

"That was before I knew we had scooters here!" she protested before quickly following him. When the group got there they realized they had five members but only three scooters.

"We could double up," Amy suggested. Zack looked at them before replying.

"I think I'll fly." Going ghost he went invisible and hung above them. In the end Amy rode with Sam and Tucker and Danny rode their own scooters while Zack flew above them. When they got there Sam's mom was waiting.

"What took you so long? Never mind let's just get you all ready. The party will start in three hours!" she said while ushering them in the house. "All right, you boys go with the tailors and you two come with me." Danny, Tucker and Zack all went left while Mrs. Manson took Amy and Sam into Sam's room. Surprisingly the dresses she had picked were all reasonable. "Aren't you just the cutest little girl?" Mrs. Manson squealed at Amy. "Come with me dear and we'll go get you a pretty dress." They left; leaving Sam to pick from the dresses her mother had bought for her.


Two and a half hours later, the boys were banging on Sam's door. They weren't kidding when they said girls took forever to dress.

"Sam what's taking so long?" Tucker called. Amy came skipping after hearing him. She was dressed in a red Chinese top and a flowing red skirt. The top was decorated in golden flowers while her skirt was nearly plain. Her hair was in two buns tied by two red silk ribbons which hung down a little, and on her feet were a pair of Chinese red slippers. She looked really adorable.

"Wow Amy, you look really nice!" Danny complimented. Amy beamed up at him.

"Are you waiting for mommy?" she asked looking up at them. They were all dressed alike. Black Tux's with a white dress shirt and a rose in their breast pocket.

"Yes, we are. She seems to be taking forever too," Zack told her. Finally the doors opened but nobody was there.

"Sam? Are you in there?" Danny asked.

"Yes," came the muffled reply. "I refuse to come out so you all have to come in. And you had better not laugh!" The group steeped inside and the door closed. The lights turned on and they all looked behind them in surprise. Sam stepped out from behind the door sheepishly. She looked amazing to say the least. She was wearing a flowing, v-neck red dress made of silk and embedded with silver sparkles. There was a matching scarf which slid down her shoulders and dangled, almost touching the floor. Her hair was piled elegantly onto her head with a few strands escaping to frame her pale face. You couldn't see what footwear she was wearing because of the dress but whatever it was it made her move quite gracefully.

"Sooo, how do I look?" she questioned finally looking up to see their faces. She had expected to see them trying not to laugh but never what she saw then. Zack had a smile on his face. Tucker had an approving look and Sam tried not to slap him for looking her over. Danny was downright drooling. "I'll take the silence as a 'you look good Sam' ..." DING DONG! Her doorbell rang loudly.

"Shall we go downstairs?" Zack asked.

"I believe we have no choice but sure," Sam answered. They were getting up when Sam's mother burst through.

"The guests are arriving," she announced to the sweat dropping group. "Everyone but Sam and her escort can go down to the ballroom."

"We have a ballroom?" Sam suddenly shot out. That was news to her.

"Yes, honey. We got it installed a few days ago," her mother beamed.

"Who's Sam's escort?" Tucker asked.

"Hmmm. How about Danny? You're a nice young man," she praised. Danny turned red slightly and watched as Zack made his way down first, closely followed by Tucker who was holding Amy's hand. By then Amy had put on her multi-coloured butterfly mask which shone in the light. Mrs. Manson was leaving when she seemed to remember something.

"I'll come get you when we're announcing the hostess," she directed the pair, before disappearing behind the door. An awkward silence took place for a moment before the two plunged into a conversation which eventually led to their current one; crushes.

"Danny," Sam questioned as they finished their last topic. "Have you ever liked someone- I mean besides Paulina?"

"Of course!" he answered. "I've liked tons of people. Like Jazz and mom and dad and you and Tucker..."

"No! That's not what I meant," She tried to explain as Danny went on naming people he new. "I meant like, like. Or like a crush."

"Uhhhh. There was one other..." he trailed. "But it was a long time ago." Sam nodded her head while hiding her disappointment. 'What,' a little voice in her head asked. 'Did you expect him to give you the answer you wanted?'

"How 'bout you?" he inquired, cutting into her thoughts.

"Well there's this one person I like. Danny, this is important. I think-"she was cut off as her mother interrupted.

"All right they're announcing you Sam!" she exclaimed before once again disappearing. The two stood up and prepared for the dramatic entrance.

"Shall we go milady?" he asked Lord like.

"Yes I believe we shall," Sam mimicked through her giggles. She started to tie her mask on. It was a ruby red to match her dress and shone beautifully. It didn't cover her entire face, just her violet eyes. Flaring slightly, Danny thought it gave her a mysterious look. Taking the arm he offered they linked arms and stood just in front of the doors. They could hear the person hired to announce the popular and the important calling for her. Curiously though, they never said a name.

"And now, the hostess and queen of the Masquerade!" he called as Sam finished tying the mask. Danny kept from drooling and staring at her as the doors opened and they walked through the room to the stage the Manson's had, had set up. Waiting by the steps was her father who led her to the makeshift throne. Danny couldn't help thinking that maybe Sam really was a royal princess. Hiding her facial expressions behind the silk fan her mother passed to her she made the one announcement they had all been waiting for.

"Let the dance begin!" The entire school went up in cheers as the music played and the search began for people to dance with. Danny didn't have a partner so he was just going to go talk to the rest of their group when Paulina came up to him.

"You actually look good in that Tux, Danny. Why don't I honor you with a dance," she asked him smoothly. She was wearing the sluttiest dress she could find and she knew he wouldn't resist. If she played her cards right she could get that Goth girl Sam really mad. If only she could find her! If this idea hadn't popped into her head she would have had a real bad time. That girl in red had seriously caught the boy's attention more than any other girl had ever dared.

'S-s-sure!" Danny stuttered. She led him to the floor for the slow song being played. For moments on end the only thing processing in his head was Paulina. Anything to do with her took up his entire mind... until he bumped into someone. Stopping for a moment to apologize or yell at them- he forgot which- he came face to face with Dash.

"Watch it Fenton! You could have hurt this lovely lady," he said before continuing to ogle and tell his partner about his football life. Wondering who the girl who had kept Dash from seeing Paulina was, he found out soon enough as they went in a circle. It was Sam. Her dress flowed as she moved gracefully and if he hadn't known her better he would have thought she was enjoying it from the smile on her face. But he did know her better and could tell she was trying to refrain from hitting him.

Waves of jealousy crashed onto Danny as the words Sam had said earlier finally hit his head. Echoing they were they only words he knew then. "Well there's this one person I like. Danny, this is important. I think-"'what was she going to say?' Pushing his jealousy out he stepped up to Dash.

"May I cut in?" he asked firmly. Dash opened his mouth to protest when he remembered he was trying to impress his partner. Hoping manners would work he said yes. Sam smiled at his sad attempts but being Dash, Dash mistook it as a chance and plotted on how to get her number. Danny took his place and it was Halloween all over again.

"Thanks," she smiled. A tugging at her dress interrupted the moment and brought another smile to her face. "Hi Amy, what do you need." Amy looked at her before whispering in her mother's ear. "Oh. Come on then. Please excuse us Danny." With that Sam whisked off with Amy at her heel.

Trying to think of something to do, he saw Paulina and Dash dancing to a fast song and it was like he had finally woken up. The moves she was using were repulsing and her words were too sweet. Sam was right. She was a slut. Thinking of Sam brought up the question he thought earlier. What was she going to say? And just like that he knew. Knew he had fallen for a girl who had shown interest before but... her spirits were always crushed because he was a blind fool. Always speaking of the one she hated. So would she still like him? He was amazed they were still friends. Sometimes he really was a clueless loser.

All his negative thoughts had dampened his spirits and he was shocked when he realized where his wandering feet had taken him. They had brought him to Sam's room. Walking inside he sat at the edge of her bed and sulked. What could he do now?

"Uncle Danny?" Amy asked coming in. "Why are you here? I thought you were in the ballroom."

"Just thinking," he said when Amy sat down beside him.

"What about?" she inquired curiously.

"Teenage life," he groaned.

"If it's about a girl, then you should tell her," she advised with a guess.

"Yeah, but she probably doesn't like me anymore. Hey! How'd you know it was a girl?"

"Well Unc," she began. "If you've had a rocky part in your past then you have to think differently. As cliché as it is it's true. You can't change the past but you can change the future." And with that she left. His spirit back up Danny's only thoughts were: 'Now I know why Tucker sees her for advice. She is going to be one heck of a psychiatrist when she grows up.'


"And now the last song of the party folks," the DJ announced. Danny came down in time to see boys scramble for a chance to dance with Sam while girls glared out of jealousy.

"Danny!" Paulina called sweetly. "How about another dance?"

"No thanks," he replied politely to her shocked face. A tap on the shoulder got him aware of another presence.

"Then... how about one with me?" Turning around Danny saw Sam as boys stopped yelling to glare at him and stare at Sam with shock at the same time.

"It would be my honor," he said bowing. At the center of the room they danced while couples danced around them. By the end of the song there faces were getting closer and closer together...

The ceiling poured down on the students of Casper high as somebody or something came through it.

"Having a party without me are you?" Vlad asked crashing though. "Well since it's almost over I'd better make it a real blast!" He laughed wickedly as he shot plasma blasts all over the room. Smoke filled the place causing the people to panic and rush out. When it cleared everyone was gone. Or so it seemed. A blast hit Vlad straight in the back making him stumble in the air.

"Do you always have to interrupt? Don't you have a life? My dad is not here!" Danny yelled as he powered up his fists.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't the great Danny Phantom. Who said I was going after Jack?" he started to fire a blast of his own at Danny when three more blasts hit his back. Turning sharply he saw Sam, Amy and Zack all in ghost form, fists raised. Tucker was cheering loudly from a hiding spot.

"And what's this? More halfa's?" he questioned truly shocked. For a moment. "It doesn't matter. You are all amateurs whilst I am a master. I guess this only makes the fight fair." And with a shout a battle begun.


The battle had been going for hours. Amy had been fought for a bit before Sam made her back off and go with Tucker. They had faired pretty good until the last moments. They were all getting weaker but Vlad was managing to gain the upper hand. With a blast he sent Sam and Danny sprawling to the ground, landing in the ruble from the battle.

"Finally, the end of Danny Phantom," he paused to think a moment. "And his little girlfriend too!" There was no protesting when he said that. They just didn't have the strength. He took out a gun. One that could silence ghosts forever and he didn't mean mute. With a cackle he fired at the pair. The bullet did hit, eventually. Just not it's target. Zack had bravely jumped in front and taken the full hit. There wasn't enough time to raise a barrier.

"Zack!" Sam shouted as the bullet made impact. Silence followed as he fell to lie with Sam and Danny, but he was going down fighting. With the last ounce of energy he focused it on a single blast. It was orange as it went up but out of rage Sam had fired too. The blue hit orange and with it came neon green and another blue. Even a PDA system. They combined into one and hit Vlad full force, the PDA being the solid object to hit the tender wound after.

Howling he raised the gun and fired only to hear a click. It was empty. The fool had been so sure that he would hit Danny he had only made one. And then he had burned the paper to keep anyone from trying to make one against him. Glaring and cussing he retreated but no one followed. No one could. Amy would go but there in the middle of the ruble and dust laid her mother and two uncles.

Sam cried as Zack stopped breathing. Her tears rivers on her face but she made no effort to revive him. She never got a chance. A blinding light lit the room but amazingly you could see in it. And there in the middle was Zack. He looked 25 years old but he wasn't alone. He was looking lovingly at a young woman whose hair flowed and eyes laughed. Her gown was like a river, beautiful and moving. On her back were two pure white wings covered in soft looking feathers. They were holding hands and staring at each other. With a pair of his own wings Zack looked like he was crying. The woman was his wife.

He smiled and mouthed the words thank you to them all before taking to another place with a brighter light and eternity waiting- heaven. The light disappeared as Zack was too distant to see, and his body was nowhere to be found.

Even though they knew he was happier now they couldn't help it. They all cried. He had saved them. Maybe this was why God had kept him as a ghost and now he was with his wife watching as they mourned.


The next day they bought a water lily and sent it down a river in memory of him. On that lily was a copy of a picture Sam had gotten with him. After that they picked up their lives again only this time closer than before.

"Amy," Tucker asked to break the silence. "How are you a halfa?"

"Because my parents are halfa's," she answered.

"But wouldn't that make you a whole ghost or a whole human?" Danny returned.

"Well mommy always said that maybe my siblings and I only got a quarter of each of our genes. She says ¼ and ¼ make ½ so that's why I'm a halfa," she explained.

"Since when is Sam good at math?" he said suddenly missing the point.

"Um, I'll tell you later," Amy told Tucker, sweatdropping.

"Amy?" Danny inquired. "Why do you call everyone uncle?"

"Well if I saw a girl I knew I'd probably call them aunt. I call you guys that because I can't mess up the future. If I told you ahead of time, something might happen so I call everyone aunt or uncle, even if their not related."

"That's really smart Amy," Sam complimented her proudly. Amy grinned.

"Well I have to go you guys. I stayed out way too late yesterday so my mom's mad at me. See you whenever I see you again!" Tucker shouted as he ran down the street.

"It's almost 12! Aw man! I have to go too Sam. I told my mom I'd be home soon. See you!" Danny yelled as he ran in another direction.

"Mommy?" Amy asked looking at her.


"I have to go too."

"Can you hold it?" Sam said nervously.

"No! I mean I don't have to go like that. I have to go home. To my time. Where you're mommy really."

"You do?" Sam said upset. "How will you get back?"

"It's open. The portal, I mean. It's at your house mommy and when we get there I'll have to go back. I had a lot of fun here but I have to go now. Here's something just for you! Digging through her back pack and pulling out a book. This is a special photo album. It will disappear in 3 hours though and you can only open it when I'm gone but you'll like it."

"Thanks Amy," Sam could feel the tears coming but she wouldn't cry... not yet. They came to Sam's house in no time and Sam was reluctant to go in. As Amy had said the portal was in her room.

"Bye mommy!" she yelled and then stepped in. The tears fell. She would miss her. Looking at her alarm she saw the digits 12:00 glaring at her in red. Carefully she opened the book and began to see a future life unfold.


Amy stepped out into her own attic.

"I'm back," she whispered and ran downstairs. "MOMMY!" She flung herself onto her still pale but very much alive mother. "You're better now," she said gleefully.

"Yes I am. I told you I wouldn't let the bad guys win. Your grandpa and grandma found a cure," Sam said smiling.

"You're back!" her father yelled and engulfed her in a hug. "So where did you go? Was it a bad adventure?"

"No nothing bad. I just... had some ensuring to do," she told them mysteriously as her parents looked at her with puzzled faces.


Meanwhile back in the time of the 14-year-old Sam a knock came from her window. Startled she saw Danny opening her window and climbing through.

"Thought I'd come see you. I know Amy left. She didn't tell me or anything but there was a sec at home when I felt a little colder and I knew," he answered to her confused face with a lop-sided grin.

"I'm thinking of a quote for this," she started.

"Sam there's something I have to tell you. It's just that I'm in lo-"He was cut off as Sam grabbed his wrist and pulled him into a kiss. Surprised he didn't react at first before realizing he wasn't dreaming and kissing back. Her arms went to his neck while his went to her waist. At that moment the wind blew in through the window and flipped to the last page of the album showing Danny and Sam in the exact same position maybe 8 years down the road. Sam was in a bride's dress and Danny in a tux and underneath was the quote Sam was thinking. "Actions speak louder than words."

The red lights on Sam's clock struck 3:00 and the book disintegrated into dust, blown away by the wind and never to be seen again. At least... until the future.


The End


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