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Chapter 01: Play it again Harry

In the Hogwarts Library surrounded by books sat the smartest witch in the castle "DAMN IT ALL" and she was in a bit of a quandary.

It had been days since she had cornered Harry and forced him to tell her what had been bothering him and after a bit of nagging and one or two tears he had broken down and revealed the prophecy and in the three days since the revelation she had been searching the library without success for some thing to aid her best friend in his inevitable duel with The Dark Lord.

As the hours wore on she began to give up hope, looking down at the last book in her current stack of possibilities she began to read, eyes widening in shock she couldn't contain the her joyful "EUREKA."

Not even the librarian's shocked glare could dull her enthusiasm for after three days of non stop search she had finally found it. Hidden away in the restricted section and wearing the dust cover of the book "Anecdotes of the Great Accounts" was a book entitled "666 Spells You Should NEVER Use."

She had almost discounted it until she noticed it, tucked away in the back between a charm designed to turn the caster inside out and a spell designed to transfigure the caster into a chamber pot was the Redo charm. Designed by an obscure sect of Wizards in the 19th century, the Redo charm was a charm which once cast would allow a person to relive one of their past lives and keep the memories and skills associated with their past self.

Hermione smiled to herself, it was perfect since Harry was a great hero in his present life then no doubt in the past he must been a great and formidable hero.

Her smile turned into a smirk as she considered the future, if ol'Voldie thought a child was dangerous then wait until he got a load of Harry after he gained possession of the skills his past self's had possessed.

"MWAHAHAHAHA" She choked off mid evil laugh, it just wasn't proper for the heroes to engage in such behavior, besides she didn't think the Madam Pince would ignore another such disturbance.

Leaving the library she rushed to the common room and outlined her plan to Harry who seamed nervous at first "Exactly why should I take such a risk mione?"

Slowly she smiled at his hesitancy, she was quite proud of him really she was for the way he learned a bit of caution after that mess in the Department of Mysteries.

Mentally she reviewed her argument to convince him to follow her course of action, a masterpiece of logic and deductive reasoning "BECAUSE I SAID SO."

Nodding fearfully in a courageous manner he quickly stammered an agreement then he closed his eyes and prepared to become someone else again, no wait that didn't sound right, he braced himself for the beginning, no wait he got ready to play it again Sam, hmmm yeah that's the ticket.

Back to the story, the Gryffindor common room was as silent as a mouse as the students gathered to watch the most brilliant witch of the century gather her powers.

With a swish and a flick the spell was completed and the assorted watchers gathered round the prostrate form of the 'boy who lived' waiting to see what sort of hero from ages past he had been and soon would become.

They watched as his eyes shot open, as he jumped to his feet and opened his lips, no doubt to recite some epic account of heroics from the past, or inspiring speech to raise their spirits for the conflict to come.

"Foolish English prepare to meet the wrath of Hrothgar the Wrathful, most feared Viking ever to pillage the English coast BWAHAHAHAHA" or not.

Their shock and awe quickly turned to stunned disbelief as Harry the Wrathful stole several tapestries, set fire to the common room, threw Hermione over his shoulder and fled still laughing his evil laugh.

Within minutes Harry had made his way into the forbidden forest where he would no doubt subject his captive to those horrible acts that Vikings are known to commit.

Throwing her on his pile of plundered tapestries he grinned an evil grin "Now" he said advancing towards her "It is time for you to meet your terrible fate..." he trailed off looking confused

"The terrible fate which you must now detail to me..." he looked at her questioningly.

In a flash of insight Hermione came to a shocking insight it seemed that no matter what life Harry was still Harry and that meant "You don't know what happens next do you?"

"No" he admitted with no small amount of shame

"You see one day I was raiding a village with my father and he turned to me and said 'Son, their comes a time in every young Viking's live when he captures a beautiful young girl and...'

Then he was killed by a flaming arrow through the eye and I've never been able to find out want comes next"

Not meeting her eye "and I've also been ashamed to ask one of the other Vikings, what would they think if they knew that Hrothgar the Wrathful most feared Viking to ever sail the ocean didn't know what he was suppose to do with a beautiful young captive."

Within moments Hermione being the crafty quick witted girl that she is had plotted out a way to escape from her captivity at the hands of the most brutal of Vikings Hrothgar the Wrathful.

"Oh, your suppose to marry me of course." She stated in a matter of fact tone.

"Really?" he asked in a dubiously "I always thought that their was more to it than that."

"Oh there is, but it all happens after the wedding and I will explain it to you then." She replied confidently

"Come along now, I don't want you to be late to your own wedding.

It was two days before the spell wore off and two weeks before the staff and students of Hogwarts saw the newly married couple, they watched shocked as a hobbling and apparently quite sore Hermione her face holding an apparent permanent smile, led a still confused Harry through the great hall towards the Gryffindor common room.