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As she walked through the halls of Hogwarts Hermione couldn't help but grin as she considered her actions over the past couple of weeks.

She had succeeded in her goal of aiding Harry in his war with the Dark Lord by giving him a mastery of the ancient art of rune magic through his recall of his life as Hrothgar the Wrathful and more importantly she had gotten married to in her opinion the most wonderful wizard in the world.

Her blissful thoughts ended when she the sound of someone clearing their throat in the background.

Turning to glare at the individual who had the audacity to ruin her happy thoughts

Speaks to professor McGonagall

"Professor McGonagall" she blinked "good, I won't have to take the time to find you, Harry and I will require a private room at once."

"And why pray tell will you and Harry 'require a private room,' and while we are on the subject what possible reason would two of my students have to disappear for two weeks hmmm?" The Professor asked in her most controlled voice, it wouldn't do to lose one's temper in front of the children after all.

"To answer both of your questions Professor, it's because Harry and I eloped and according to school regulation number four four nine dash one bravo all married students are to be accorded joint and private quarters"

So great was the woman's shock that its obvious signs were visible, her eyes widened her breath rate increased and her hands trembled, none of that however prepared her students for what was to happen next.

Squealing like a school girl McGonagall launched herself at her favorite students wrapping her arms around the both of them she began to weep tears large enough to put Hagrid's own contributions to shame rained down onto the newlyweds as they tried to comfort their Head of House.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity her tears stopped and she stepped back to look at Hogwart's newest married couple.

"I'm sorry dears but I always cry at weddings, and since I missed yours I just couldn't help myself." Pausing for a second to wipe the tears out of her eye "of course you'll need your own quarters, follow me I know just the place for you."

She led them to a suit of armor not far from the Gryffindor common room "together forever" McGonagall sighed the password.

Hearing the password the armor stepped out of the way revealing a passage way that reminded Harry of the Headmaster's office.

The passage ended revealing a large circular common room at one end was a stairway going up and at the other was a staircase going down "if you tap the third brick on the left corner with your wand three times then you will have access to the Gryffindor common room, the stairs going up lead to your sleeping chambers and the stairs going down lead to your kitchens and dining area."

"Thank you professor" Hermione said with a nod "was their anything else you wished to speak to us about?"

"One more thing Ms. Granger, I don't want to see you in any of your classes until the end of next week at the earliest" McGonagall said with a smile "you are at the point that you will have no trouble missing a bit of time and Harry will be fine so long as he has you to force him to study."

With that last bit of instruction, McGonagall left the room to the two newlyweds.

"All right Harry, I think that it's time to do the spell again now that we have a private place to do it."

"What do you mean 'do the spell again,' especially after what happened the first time" Harry stared at her in shock "I became one of the most feared Vikings ever to exist and you want me to do it again."

"But Harry" she said pouting "Vikings are considered great heroes in some parts of the world and quit frankly I am a little bit disappointed that you are being so closed minded."

"I don't care Hermione, I will not undergo the spell again and that is final" Harry said putting his foot down, it was high time he stopped folding to Hermione's every whim.

"Find then you can do the spell on me" Hermione said handing the book over "here it is in the back."

Harry took the book carefully in much the same manner that people take flasks of Nitroglycerin, and then he looked at the title "YOU USED A SPELL FROM THIS BOOK ON ME????"

"Yes" she replied calmly ignoring his outburst "frankly, I'm surprised that such a useful spell was in that book."

"Useful spell" he repeated incredulously "I could have been killed, how could you be so irresponsible as to use this on me."

"How could you" Hermione began to cry "I go through all this to find something to help you and you think that I care about you so little that I would endanger you safety."

"No no no" Harry was beginning to panic, gathering his new wife in a hug he sought to reassure her "I know that there is no way that you would do anything to harm me and I was just being a stupid git when I implied otherwise and please please stop crying."

"Good" said Hermione, tears mysteriously vanishing "then you will have no problems doing the spell on me."

Harry was stuck, he didn't know what to do, so he did what any man would have done in such a situation "yes dear" he said meekly "whatever you say."

Gathering his power he cast the spell, hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst.

He watched in shock as her entire demeanor changed from that of the girl he had known since the first train ride to something that would cow even McGonagall.

"Um, hi" Harry stammered intelligently "who are you?"

"I am the chief librarian of the great library of Alexandria" she said scowling at him "who are you?"

"Um, I'm your husband I guess" Harry replied with eloquence that Shakespeare would have killed to capture in words.

"Really" she said looking at him in the same manner that a hawk looks at a mouse.

Harry's nervousness only grew as he watched her transfigure her robes into something that was skin tight, made of black leather, and entirely too revealing for me to write in this fic.

Moments later, the students in the Gryffindor watched in shock as their fireplace pivoted to allow Harry to dash through the newly created entrance, his face wearing an expression of terror.

Their shock and confusion increased when the tip of a black leather bull whip snaked after him, snagging him around the ankle and dragged him back from whence he came.

By unspoken agreement the parties present agreed never to speak or think about this incident again and to pretend that they had all been elsewhere at the time.

It was three days before anyone saw Harry Potter; he stumbled into the common room wearing the ripped remains of what appeared to be a pair of clothing.

When his best friend Ron Weasley finally gathered the courage to approach him and ask what sort of ordeal he had endured, Harry refused to answer choosing instead to rub the deep rope burns on his wrist and mumble something about it always being the quiet ones.

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