Just Let My Blood Drip

Marissa walked down her driveway out to the curb to wait for Luke, he never did like coming into her house; she was always the one waiting for him. She sat herself down knowing it might be a while before Luke decides he looks good enough to come pick her up. She concentrated hard on the part of the road where the rocks meet cement, until she felt an uncomfortable feeling of being watched.

"Who are you?" Marissa asked the strange sandy haired blue eyed stranger.

"Whoever you want me to be."

"Ok." She didn't have time to waste talking to this boy- well man, she could clearly tell he was no young kid- who stood on the Cohen's driveway. She clearly saw him smoking and it had been a while since she smoked.

"Can I bum a cigarette?"

He walked closer, now she could see him better under the streetlight. 'My god!' she thought. ' He is hot.' Marissa tried to control her breathing as he inched closer, just the fact that he was moving in so close so slow made her want to skip out on Luke and talk to this guy.

"You're the Cohen's cousin from Boston right?" She asked as he came just inches from her face and handed her the cigarette. He nodded. She put the cigarette in her mouth thinking he would just hand her his to light hers, instead he came close to her face and she light hers while his was still in his mouth. She backed away once it was lit.

"So..." She was so uncomfortable this guy hasn't said a word since "whoever you want me to be."

"Ryan." He said between puffs.

"Marissa." She smiled shyly hoping he didn't know what she was thinking about.

'Say something Ryan come on, man, you're losing it,' Ryan thought rapidly, 'why can't I speak I have always been good with the ladies; how is this one different?'

"So you live around here?" Ryan stuttered.

'RYAN! You dumbass she just came out of the house next door.'

Marissa just laughed, "Yeah right there."

' Awe, that's cute I made him nervous. Goddamn he is hot, what does he have to be nervous about?'

"You want to go somewhere? Talk?" Ryan asked trying not to look like he really cared if she said yes or no.

' What? Why would some girl like this want to hang out with a loser like me; she doesn't even know me. Calm down, cool just stay cool.' Ryan was about to burst why did she wait so long to answer?

"Umm," Marissa searched around for any sign of Luke's car, "I kind of am waiting for my boyfriend."

'Boyfriend? Of course she has a boyfriend, girl like that of course. Act like you don't care.'

"That's cool...when is he picking you up?"

'Ryan, what are you doing?' Ryan was never like this to want to hang out with a girl this bad, but there was something about this chick, something...different.

"He is probably not picking me up for like another hour, just had to get out of the house. So I came to wait." Marissa said calmly, but inside she wasn't calm. Why was she telling this "Ryan" guy that her boyfriend wouldn't be there for another hour? He is just going to ask her to do something for an hour.

"Well, I mean if you want you can come with me to this party, give you a chance to meet some people." Marissa was shaking, why in the hell was she shaking?

"Is it cool with the boyfriend?" Ryan asked, hoping she would say yes.

"Yeah...you want to ask Seth if he wants to go?" Marissa didn't know Seth that well but she knew Ryan had to be good friends with him; maybe Seth can keep Ryan occupied so she wouldn't have to.

"Yeah, I'll go ask." Ryan smiled and turned back to the Cohen house, which Marissa had actually never been inside of she figured they were the same inside as every other house here. When Ryan smiled she melted just a little, that scared her just a little since she had been "going with" Luke since the sixth grade. Ryan came back with Seth in toe.

"Marissa Cooper, I haven't even talked to you since like when was it? Oh yes, the day you moved here in the first grade." Seth was someone not many people at Harbor talked to, he was always on his own.

"Hey Seth." What was she supposed to say? Oh yeah Seth its because you are a loser and I'm not. Marissa wasn't like that, plus she liked Seth he was always smiling. Just then Luke's truck flew up onto the curb.

"Marissa, why is fag standing ten feet from my car?"

'Ah, the elegant boyfriend. I would treat her better than that. I've known her all of five seconds and I know how to handle her. She is so delicate can this guy not see that?' Ryan thought clenching his fist close to his thigh. Thinking Marissa would see it he released his grip, he could still feel the beating of his blood in his fist and tried breathing a little slower.

"And who is this guy?" Luke glanced hard in Ryan's direction.

"Hey yeah, Luke, hi. Seth not fag, but you know not everyone is a genius. This here is my," Seth didn't know Ryan long enough to consider him anything.

"His cousin...Ryan" Marissa added.

Seth just looked toward Ryan, whose gaze was clearly on Marissa.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Holly's party started an hour ago, get in babe." Luke coughed and let his hand push the passenger's side door open.

"Luke, I figured Seth and Ryan could...umm go to the party too." Marissa was nervous that she lingered on saying Ryan's name.

"Fine, but I ain't taken' these losers home, got that?"

Marissa let Seth get in first, then allowed her self the seat next to Seth and behind the front seat, Luke felt a little unsteady have his girlfriend in the backseat and this other guy in the seat next to him.

As Marissa was climbing in the truck Ryan tried not to make the fact that he was checking her out too obvious. Marissa might have noticed his hand right on the small of her back as she got in, but it was quick not a long thing the fucking boyfriend was right there.

"Get in kid." Luke saw Ryan's eyes on his girlfriend and snapped him back to reality. 'I'll take care of this kid later.' Luke thought.

At the Party

"Sum!" Marissa yelled when she entered the huge house, which was the size of Ryan's whole neighborhood back in Chino. Seth had told Ryan before about his crush on some chick named Summer, who Ryan figured was this dark haired skinny girl running into Marissa's arms.

"Coop, umm why is this kid here?" She was referring to Seth who was to busy drooling on himself to notice Summer's comment.

"I dream about you...I mean," Seth squeaked.

"Seth, lets get some kind of drink in you." Ryan said as he grabbed Seth by the arm. As he passed Marissa he let his free arm run along her side as long as he could.

'My God, why did he do that? And why did I get goose bumps? Did he know I got goose bumps, did Luke notice it? Of course Luke didn't he ran in way before Marissa could even undo her seat belt. Should I talk to Ryan, I mean just get to know him? What could it hurt?' Marissa thought.