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The next morning Marissa awoke to a seemingly empty pool house, she peered over to the couch, and saw Ryan asleep. She got up and walked over to him, his breathing was so rhythmic that every little hiccup in his pattern made Marissa jump. She got on her knees next to the couch, and saw his eyelids flutter with dreams. She moved his blonde strands out of his face, and watched him slowly open his eyes.

"Light sleeper," Marissa whispered.

"I have to be," Ryan smiled and moved to the back of the couch as she climbed on, her back against his chest.

"I…" Marissa started.

Ryan moved his hands to wrap around her waist, "you don't need to say anything."

Marissa turned toward him, looking at his deep-sea colored eyes, "I'm not going to be perfect, I'm going to have breakdowns, and I'm not going to be good enough for you," her eyes began watering.

"Marissa, no one is perfect, and we all have our breakdowns, but you…," he struggled with his words," you are what I want…you are who I want to eventually spend the rest of my life with." Ryan smiled at the sound of his own words; he never was a 'cheesy guy.'

"Ryan, I've been through so much, and I'm not sure if I will get better…to tell you the truth, I don't want to give up drinking, drugs, or even cutting."

"I love you, and I'll help you get through this-"

"You have so much you could be doing with your life than taking care of me."

"…that's what I want to do, to be able to see you- you smile again, laugh and enjoy life, and I for one think you can get better."

"I'm a mess-"

"I don't care," Ryan held tightly to her.

Marissa let out the air she had been holding in, "are you sure…are you okay with the drama that I drag along with me, are you okay with the many times I will scream that 'I hate you', are you going to forgive me for what I've done, and will do?"

"Marissa, I don't need to forgive you for anything, none of what happened…I mean none of it was intentional…and honestly….," Ryan beamed," I love the drama."

Marissa smiled, and kissed him hard on the lips, it was meant to be a short kiss, but Ryan needed more than that. He let his tongue explore where it had been so familiar with, he loved her, he just didn't and wouldn't understand what goes on in her mind, when she just let's her blood drip.

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