Summary: This is a version of Romeo and Juliet but with Harry Potter characters and it takes place in Hogwarts. I know it's been done but I've had this idea for a while and before I even knew that other people had done it. If anyone knows what the Slytherin Quidditch captain the trio's 5th year's first name is (last name Montague), please tell me. Thanks. Takes place trio's 7th year. Rating is PG-13 for now but may change to R later due to violence or intimacy.

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(A/N: I know some of the lines are incorrect; I've changed them. I'm reading out of Romeo and Juliet as I type, though, FYI) Two houses, both alike in dignity, in Hogwarts, where we lay our scene. From ancient grudge sprouts new mutiny, where civil blood makes civil hands unclean. From forth the fatal loins of these two foes, a pair of star-crossed lovers take their lives; whose unfortunate pitiful overthrows do with their death bury their teachers' strife. The fearful passage of their death-marked love, and the continuance of their teachers' rage, which their student's end could not rid, is now the two hours' traffic of our stage; those of you with patient ears attend, what here shall miss, our toil will strive to mend.


It's a cool day in mid-October at Hogwarts. Students are sitting outside, basking in the sun or lying in the shade. Crabbe and Goyle are situated half under a tree, half in the sun discussing their Potions homework when suddenly someone walks by and disturbs them from their calm puzzlement.

Crabbe: Oh, God. Here comes a stupid gang of Gryffindors.

Goyle looks up and sees who Crabbe was talking about. Ron Weasley, Harry Potter, and Dean Thomas have just shown up and sat down at a tree a few feet away.

Goyle: Great. We're trying to do our freaking homework and here these stupid bastards come! Why can't we get a moment of freaking calmness for one second?

Crabbe bites his thumb in the Gryffindor's direction. Harry notices.

Goyle (sarcastically): Nice move, dumbass.

Harry get up and walks a few feet, so he is right in between the two groups.

Harry (menacingly): Do you bite your thumb at me?

Crabbe: Um... I bite my thumb.

Harry (growing steadily angrier): Do you bite your thumb at me?

Crabbe turns to Goyle worriedly.

Crabbe: Is it in my favor if I say yes?

Goyle: No, stupid.

Crabbe (turning back to Harry): No, I don't bite my thumb at you.

Goyle: Are you trying to pick a fight with us?

Harry (slightly taken aback): No.

Goyle: Because if you are, I'm ready.

Harry: Oh really?

Harry already has his wand out, and he waits for Goyle to take out his before shouting "Expelliarmus!" at him, causing Goyle's wand to fly out of his hand and glide through the air. Crabbe reacts quickly despite his slow brain.

Crabbe: Engorgio!

Suddenly Harry's head becomes three times bigger. He clutches it to stop the swelling but nothing will prevent this spell from continuing. The Quidditch captain, Montague (A/N: What's his first name? I don't care if he's already graduated or something...) sees what's going on and rushes to the fight to stop it.

Montague (livid with anger): Stop! You don't know what you're doing! A teacher is going to see you and give you another ten weeks of detention to add onto your list!

Ron, who was standing behind Harry, is now just as livid as Montague.

Ron: What are you doing?

Montague: I'm just trying to keep the peace-

Ron: Peace! I hate that word! I hate it as much as I hate all Slytherins. Densaugeo!

Montague's teeth begin to grow larger than Harry's head, and a fight breaks out. Harry is still able to put the jelly legs jinx on Crabbe despite his gigantic head, and Dean quickly stuns Goyle. The brawl grows larger and larger until finally Professor Dumbledore notices and takes the whole group to his office. He is beyond angry. The steam is practically visible emitting from his purple ears.

Dumbledore: This is the fourth fight you lot have had this whole week! If you ever do this ever again I will expel every single one of you. I don't care who started it. I don't care who tried to stop it. You all will be expelled if this keeps up. For now, I'll let you off with two weeks of detention to add to the seventeen weeks you already have. I expect to see you in this office at seven-o-clock tonight as usual. You may go.

The students exit the room, the Slytherins with their heads hanging. They stop at the Hospital Wing briefly to reduce the size of Montague's teeth. When they enter their common room, Professor Snape immediately discovers them.

Snape: Not another brawl, I hope?

The three don't respond and Snape sighs unhappily. He's given up trying to stop them; he's tried every way imaginable. And he can't help but enjoy seeing Gryffindor students in the hospital wing.

Snape: Where's Draco? I haven't seen that boy in ages. It seems he can only be found during classes.

Crabbe: Even we haven't seen him in forever. He always is off hiding somewhere, doing something weird.

Snape made a face of discontentment. Draco used to be his top student, and now he was rarely anywhere to be found most of the time.

Snape: I want you two to discover the reason for his obnoxious sadness and avoidance of us. I won't put up with it any longer.

Crabbe and Goyle nod almost mechanically and exit the common room. They find Draco outside as they have frequently in the past.

Goyle: Draco! Buddy! Where've you been? What's up with you, you're always off somewhere.

Draco looks up and is upset that people have found him. He wanted to spend even more time alone.

Draco: It's nothing.

Crabbe: Oh, don't give us that crap. We're not always that stupid, you know.

Draco (laughs quietly): Unrequited love.

Crabbe: Okay, we're not always stupid, but we're stupid most of the time. What in hell does that mean?

Draco (laughs quietly again. It's as if he refuses to show signs of happiness): That's actually not quite true. It's... Something else...

Crabbe: Is it because Pansy won't sleep with you?

Draco remains silent, not letting his dignity fall but not responding to Crabbe's blunt remark.

Goyle: Well, there are other House Elves in the manor, aren't there? Don't be all glum about one stupid girl. Another lady will come and she'll be better than stupid Pansy.

Draco finally laughs more loudly, but it doesn't last long. Goyle and Crabbe realize that he wants to be left alone, and finally do leave him. Draco sighs with unhappiness.

Draco (thinking): I've always gotten everything in my life, but suddenly I feel so sad constantly. There must be something more than the fact that a whore like Pansy won't sleep with me. Why is it affecting me so much? I'm so used to girls lining up at my feet just to be with me for a night, maybe this new change is too much for me to handle?

He sits down and lights a cigarette, alone in an empty area of the Hogwarts grounds. He's glad that no one is around and deeply breaths in the smoke of the cigarette, hoping it'll calm him down somewhat.


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