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The students have yet to be informed of the terror that has taken place just moments ago. Ginny sits innocently and unknowingly on her bed after dinner, thinking about Draco. When the students are brought down to the common room to be told the shocking and horrific news, Ginny is too busy thinking of her fair Draco to join the others. Hermione later enters Ginny's dormitory, in tears, assuming that Ginny already knows of her brother's death.

Ginny (shocked and puzzled): Hermione! What's wrong? Why are you crying?

Ginny embraces Hermione and let's her weep desperately onto her shoulder.

Hermione (between sobs): He's dead! He's dead!

Ignorantly, Ginny automatically assumes that it is Draco about whom Hermione is sobbing.

Ginny (quietly): Can this be true? Can Merlin be so spiteful?

Hermione: No, but Draco can!

Hermione leaves Ginny's shoulder and rests her head in her own hands, wiping her eyes as her hair creates a curtain, masking her face. Ginny is now confused. She doesn't want to believe what she is hearing.

Ginny: Did Draco kill himself? (No response, just sobs) Just give me a simple 'yes' if he has, or 'no' if he has not. If you answer me 'yes', will curse myself right here and right now and put an end to a life without him. Has Draco killed himself?

Hermione: I don't even remember the last thing I said to him! Why is this happening! I can imagine him, lying so completely still. At least he died painlessly, that is something to think about. But Avada Kedavra! How can he have used such a curse? How can this have happened!

Hermione continues her sobs and heaves and weeping. There is now a puddle on the ground beneath her eyes. Ginny is now convinced it is Draco that she is speaking of.

Ginny (tears slowly sliding down her face, now): How can this be? Draco is dead? My sweet, dear, beloved Draco! What have I done to deserve this? What crimes have I committed that make me deserve to have the life of the only man I live for taken away from me? Stripped completely from me with no remorse! (Quietly) My heart is broken.

Hermione: Oh, Ron! Oh, Ron! My dearest friend! My true companion! Ron! (Hermione's cries dissolve into gasps and heaves)

Ginny stops crying now. Obviously she is upset and stunned to hear that it is her brother Hermione is mourning, but she is still confused about what is going on.

Ginny: Who is dead?

Hermione wipes her eyes and sits up straight.

Hermione: Your brother. Ron.

Before Hermione can continue Ginny starts to sob all over again. The idea of the man she loved dying was hard enough, but her brother? Her flesh and blood? Her kin? Her friend? Her protecter? Ron? It was unbearable.

Ginny: Oh, Hermione!

This time it is she who is crying on Hermione's shoulder, wetting it with her weeping that soaks through Hermione's clothing, so the salty tears touch her skin.

Ginny: He's so beautiful on the outside; who knew he was so terrifying and evil on the inside. What has become of this school…?

Hermione finally pulls apart and looks in Ginny's eyes to tell her something.

Hermione: Ginny, there is something you have to know. Draco killed him. He's been expelled.

Ginny (her voice barely there): What?

Hermione nods sadly.

Ginny (now angry): Why did you wish such terrible things on him! You brought this upon him! Look what you've done! You've taken away my one and only reason for living! First my brother and now the only person left for me to love? What have you done!

Hermione knows that Ginny is just shocked and upset, so she ignores her insults. But deep inside she truly does feel sadness for her best friend. It is sad to her that Ginny doesn't realize that she is there for her and she always will be, even when Draco and Ron are not.

Ginny (standing up, her face soaked and shining red with tears): What reason is there left for me to live, Hermione? Why am I still here? (Grabbing her wand) I should just curse myself right here, right now, and take all this pain away!

Hermione snatches the wand out of her friend's hand, fearing the worst.

Hermione: Ginny, do not do this to yourself. Draco is not dead, just expelled. (Lowering her voice) I will find Draco. I will go out into the Forbidden Forest, into Hogsmeade, wherever he may be, and I will find him. I will bring him to the Prefect's Dormitory and you will meet him there.

Ginny nods, wiping her eyes.

Ginny: Thank you.

Hermione nods and leaves without a moment's hesitation.


The first to visit Draco at his hideout is Professor Snape. He knows he is not supposed to go there; he is a teacher, Draco has been expelled, and he should be helping the students recouperate from the shaking loss that they just lived through. But he knows he must inform Draco of the horrible gift he has just received.

Draco is sitting alone in a patch of the Forbidden Forest. He has gathered plants together to make himself some sort of a makeshift bed. He knows that he can't go to Hogsmeade, for he is a killer, and the news will spread like wildfire. Although he'd somewhat rather be there than in the middle of the place that has haunted his nightmares ever since he was a small boy. The Forbidden Forest is full of creatures no one wants to encounter. It is full of fear.

Snape (appearing from within the darkness): Draco, you are married to chaos.

Draco jumps up in his little nest.

Draco: Professor, do not scare me like that. (He pauses) What are you doing here? Have you come to take me back?

Snape (shaking his head): I have some unfortunate news to tell you.

Draco: What is my sentence?

Snape: Expulsion.

Draco collapses with anger and frustration into the earth. He wants to weep again but he can simply weep no more.

Draco: I would rather suffer death than expulsion! What will my parents say, what will my father do to me when they find out this dreadful news!

Snape: You should be thankful for expulsion, Draco. Dumbledore was merciful on your behaf! Most people would love to be in your position! What if you were sent to Azkaban?

Draco (sitting up again): That is true… (Pause) But now, if I'm expelled, when can I be with Ginny? It is torture, not mercy. (The reality beginning to hit him) What am I to do? Sit here and rot in the wilderness? I can't survive living in the middle of the bloody Forbidden Forest! It's not like I can go to Hogsmeade with the fact that I've just murdered somebody, either!

He now falls onto the ground again in a messy heap. He can't seem to stop crying, stop feeling terribly for himself and his sentence. He can't imagine life without Ginny, without the woman he has given his heart to.

Snape (keeping his cool): Draco, calm down. Let me talk with you.

Draco continues to sob, but sits up once more as he starts to talk, explaining his reasoning and the torture he is going through to his teacher.

Draco: You can't talk about what you can't feel, Snape. If you were in my position, if you were in love as I am now, you would feel this pain. We have known each other's true feelings and true compassion for, what, a day? What has it been? Being as madly in love as I am, and being banished, being expelled, having a sentence where you know you can never see her again is killing me. I have just died.

Hermione, panting, finds the two in their argument. She steps between them.

Hermione: Stand, Draco, I have a request for you.

Draco obeys her, knowing her relationship with Ginny.

Hermione: I have news, from Ginny. (She ignores the fact that there is a teacher standing near her as she tells Draco his instructions) Meet her in the Prefect's Dormitory as soon as possible. The password is 'mutiny'.

Draco quickly leaves, sprinting off, the darkness enveloping him instantly.


Harry, Dean, and Seamus sit in their dormitory, staring at Ron's empty bed. They dry their eyes and try to discuss happier things, knowing now that their dear friend is in a better place.

Harry: I can't ask Ginny out, what with what has just happened.

Harry was planning on doing so for a few weeks now, but he never worked up the courage. Now it is too late.

Seamus (shaking his head): A boyfriend will make her happy. She'll want comfort aside from Hermione. She needs a companion and a shoulder to cry on. And besides, you two are already close.

Harry chews on his lip and finally agrees to follow his friend's advice. He'll ask out Ginny tomorrow.


Ginny begins to cry again when Draco enters the Prefect's Dormitory. She has been waiting patiently on the end of the bed for him to come, her hands shaking profusely all the while. She leaps into his arms when he steps through the door.

Ginny (into his shoulder): Oh, Draco. I thought surely you were dead. I thought someone caught you and killed you and –

Draco: Sssh. It doesn't matter.

He kisses her lightly and then she pulls his head closer and embraces him passionately. He carries her over to the bed and lays her down.


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