Author's note: Well, after watching the USA Network original, Frankenstein, my muse became obsessed with Victor and Erika Helios, and therefore, she wrote fic for them. This is the first one, and it's from Victor's POV. I'm not sure how well got his voice, but I'm working hard on making sure I get him and Erika right. So hopefully even if he's not perfect this time, he'll be closer next time. Anyway, please review. Reviews are GOOD.

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She was a beautiful failure, and she accepted it with dignity and grace, self-sacrificing, devoted, even to her death. Her death was for him. For herself as well. So she could find peace, so he could find perfection. She just never saw through the elegant gold plating, never realized.

It was all fake. As fake as she was. Something he created. Fake pity, fake reluctance, fake. Fake mask of calm and detachment.

Only two things in that room, in that moment, were real. Her want for death, his love for her. Even though her natural instinct kicked in and fought for life, even though he could not accept her attempts to be what he wanted.

Because he could not accept that he loved something less than perfect, and she was right in that. She was not perfect.

Pride, cruel, vain pride fed and fueled for over two hundred years would not allow him to love her, to keep her when she had given up trying. Or perhaps, it was because he loved her he let her go, as she wished.

Yet that act was tainted. It was not selfless, but more selfish. He knew what she did not. He knew he would have another, a better wife. One who could become that which he kept trying to create. One he could allow himself to love.


He could not love something imperfect. He could not allow himself, he was not capable of it.

This Erika was not the first to die. He hoped she would be the last.

Fake eyelashes fell to the bottom of the tub, and fake detachment left him empty.