Author's note: And here's the second piece I wrote for Frankenstein. I know, they're short, but my muse has gotten into drabble writing. The next fic will probably be longer though. Anyway, this is a companion piece to Fake, from Erika's POV, set right before she alerts Victor of her presence. Please, review, reviews are so good for writers.

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Jade green eyes watched him as he worked, and Erika Helios knew she was holding him back. She could see it in his stance, his posture. She was not satisfying him any more, not exciting him anymore. She had not been his but for a year, and already she had bored him with her meek attitude and desperate tries.

She had come in all black. An elegant black dress, hair perfect, simple jewelry that would please him. She was dressed for her own funeral.

This place, it made her feel cold and feel small. She recognized it from her nightmares, haunting dreams of a demented birth. It was unpleasant and oppressive, no light or love or kindness in it. She knew that was how Victor wanted it.

Erika loved him. She was devoted to him. But she could never be what he wanted, and it was killing her inside. She was failing him, and she could not bare it any longer.

Neither of them deserved it.

He would take convincing. He would not want to kill his own wife, not at first. But she knew he would see that her reasons rang true, and then he would do it, for both of them. He would see the logic. Sometimes, all he saw was logic.

Logic and science. Means of perfection. No religion or flights of fancy, no circular reasoning or answers that did not answer. No mystery or intrigue, no room for imagination, no feeling or emotion, no humanity. No imperfection.

But Erika was an imperfection. She was, too human.

He had made her his perfect creation, his ideal bride. And while she still looked the same, still appeared to be the same creature born in this foreboding place, she was in truth no longer that pristine Eve.

She had fallen, even while trying so hard not to stray. But now her Adam and her God had to cast her into shadow. It was time to meet oblivion.