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The girl was standing still, perched on top of the schools outer wall she surveyed the new landscape and scoped out the best meeting place. The lawn was expansive, the trees on the edge had been left alone; they stood as a testament to when the school grounds had once been a park. Students had begun to show, gathered together as they recognized friends from previous years, and they milled around as if acclimating themselves to their new environment. Those who had transferred in had done so from the closest schools in the area, and were, in some way, the best and brightest of those schools. The book worms, she noted, still walked with their heads cast down, while those with adventurous spirits gravitated towards other smiling faces. For once in her life she wasn't going to be late, she'd shown up early enough to scan the crowd and to syke herself up for the new year.

"Sakura!" a deep voice called from below her. Her auburn hair fluttered as wind brushed against a soft cheek when she looked down.

"Syaoran!" she giggled, green eyes twinkling in relief. "Hold on! I'll be right down!" She smirked as he lifted a brow, stepped back, and indicated that he was ready to catch her if she stumbled. But she had the pleasure of wiping the smirk off his face, the implied insult from his tree bark brown eyes, as she floated gently down to land softly on the grass beside him. She looked up with a happy grin.

"Good job." He admitted, brushing her bangs back before kissing her forehead.

"Thanks, I've been practicing. I barely need to ask anymore before the major cards help me." She pulled the WINDY card from her skirt pocket and smiled. The magical card glowed a happy pink before she slipped it back away. She looked up at Syaoran Li and for a second recalled when they had been the same height. He now stood a foot taller than her diminutive five foot three, and though she knew he was tall, it still always gave her a shock to realize how tall. Of course, his mother was almost his height, so she supposed he came by it naturally.

"So Meilin called me a few weeks ago." Sakura began as Li took her hand in his. They started towards the gate of the school together as he chuckled softly.

"Yes. She's told me she's bored in China. She wants to come back to visit." Li shivered suddenly, as if someone had just walked over his grave.

"Tomoyo!" Sakura waved as her friend walked up. Li nodded to the girl and noted the red light blinking on her camcorder.

"You two are so cute!" She tittered and skipped over. Li pulled one of her long black braids and tapped the camera.

"A bit of film making today, are we?" he asked their personal stalker/friend.

"Well, it is the first day of school... Sakura! Those clips are just so adorable in your hair! I knew they would be!" she referred to the fuzzy pink hair ties she'd given Sakura the previous day.

"I know! They are so cute!" Tomoyo grabbed Sakuras other hand and gestured toward the gates.

"So... first day, new term." She looked up at Li and laughed, "I can't wait to see what kind of surprises this year brings!"

Yuki Sohma yelled up the stairs as his pacing feet picked up momentum.

"Come on Kyo! Tohru! We're going to be late you two!" He hitched his book bag over his shoulder and caught a glimpse of his scowl in the hallway mirror. He rolled his gray eyes and smoothed his gray hair, smoothed his scowl into a neutral expression and opened his mouth to scream again as a blur of orange shot past him. His arm snaked out, grabbed Kyo by the back of his uniform, and tugged to tumble the boy at his feet.

"Now Kyo!" he growled as the teen hissed. Before Kyo could respond to his cousin they both heard the familiar sound of Tohru tripping down the stairs. Kyo shrugged Yuki off and shot out both hands to catch her by the shoulders. Her head rolled limply, her long brown hair hung from the ponytails and curled slightly at the ends as she let out a sigh.

"Thanks Kyo." She smiled, looking up at him and tipping her head to the side.

"No problem. Lets go, we'll be late, Klutz."

"Oh! Sorry!" Tohru grabbed her bag, which she had dropped at the top of the stairs, then tripped over, and grabbed both boys by their hands. They had resolved how to walk to school a long time ago, with Tohru in between the cousins didn't stop to fight every five minutes, and they got where they needed to go in time.

"Have a good day!" a singsong voice came from the library, where the boys other cousin, Shigure, sat working on his new novel.

"Thanks Shigure-san!" Tohru laughed, pulling the boys out the door with her. "A new school! Wow, I'm so excited!" she laughed, her good mood effecting the others the way a typhoon tore down a city.

"You would be." Kyo muttered, resolving to keep to his bad mood as long as he possibly could. It wasn't that he was still living in the same house with his hated cousin that made him so grumpy in the mornings, it was her hand in his... and knowing her other hand was still resting in Yuki's. He pushed the thought aside as they came up on the gates of the new school

He looked up and to the side as they passed the gates, a laughed comment made him swing his head around to locate the source.

"Holy mother of..." he muttered as he recognized the swinging black braids and the short cut brown hair.

"Kyo!" Li blinked, he knew he'd never seen that shade of orange on anything but the other boys head before.

Sakura swung around as Li's mouth dropped open in shock. "Kyo!" she laughed, skipping over to the boy. "Wow! You've gotten way tall!"

"You haven't changed a bit!" he laughed, looking down at the diminutive mage.

"That's not funny Kyo!" she shoved his shoulder and cocked her head to study the girl he stood holding hands with.

"Who's this?" Yuki asked, his voice bored, his manner cold. But his heart had almost stopped as the girl had run up, almost afraid she'd hug Kyo and release disastrous results.

"Oh!" Kyo looked down at his hand, as if shocked to find it connected to another's. "This is Tohru Honda. Tohru, meet Sakura Kinomoto, Syaoran Li, and Tomoyo Daidouji." Pointedly he ignored his cousin as Tohru bowed her head, the others following formally.

"Kyo, manners still appalling as ever, who's this? Yuki?" Yuki's brows arched as the tall boy smirked. Kyo talked about him?

"Yeah, he's that damn rat." Yuki almost swallowed his tongue at Kyo's admission.

"Kyo..." he hissed.

"Oh shove off ya wuss." He smiled down at Sakura and Tomoyo and chuckled. "Never told anyone else about our switcheroo, he doesn't know about you guys."

"Well, really Kyo, you've got to admit he's got a reason for being so worried. He probably thinks you've blabbed your family secret to every corner of the universe." Sakura looked over to where Li stood, flanking Yuki as if to keep the other boy from fleeing. "Don't worry, we had a little mix up a few years ago, ever since then we've known your curse, but don't worry, we haven't told anybody." She walked up to Yuki, stopping just before contact, and was a bit amused as he flinched away before regaining his nerve. "Just like Kyo hasn't told anyone about our secrets."

"Your..." Yuki began as the class bell rang.

"We're in class 3-A." Tomoyo giggled, "How about you?"

"The same!" Kyo laughed and tugged Tohru along, Yuki bringing up the rear as the braided menace gripped Kyo's other hand.

"Lets go then!" She grabbed Sakuras hand, who held Li's, and the group walked off toward the school.