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Yu Yu Hakusho: Halloween Humor

Characters: Keiko & Kurama

- Take One -

Keiko stood frozen, her eyes widening in horror at the large group of demonic looking figures before her. Sweat dotted her brow and her heart beat faster in her chest as apprehension swept through her. She swallowed nervously as she took in their hideously deformed features. More than a few had mouths full of sharp teeth that were dripping with a thick, red fluid. She took in their eyes and knew instantly that she didn't stand a chance. There were just too many and... and they looked hungry.

A low growl issued from the midst of the group. This... this wasn't good. This just wasn't good. At all.

'This is it,' She thought. She was so dead.

Then she saw him. Like a red haired savior emerging from the shadows to rescue her from her impending doom.

"Kurama!" She cried out, and as one, the multitude turned their gazes toward the startled kitsune.

"Keiko-chan?" Kurama replied, "What on earth..."

Keiko didn't even give him time to finish his statement. She broke into a run, sprinting toward him and latching onto his arm desperately.

"You've got to help me!" She pleaded, casting a panicked glance behind her.

They were closing in!

She looked back at Kurama and immediately her eyebrows furrowed as she realized he was laughing at her.

"This isn't funny, Kurama!" She chastized, "I need help!"

"Indeed, I see that you do." Kurama replied, even as they were surrounded.

"Then do something! Anything! Just make them go away!"

"Of course," Kurama replied calmly before reaching up...

...and pulling out the bag full of candy he was carrying with him in case of just such an emergency.

Immediately, the little demons pounced...

"TRICK OR TREAT!" The costumed school kids chorused from beneath their rubber masks, holding out their treat bags expectantly.

Keiko sighed in relief as Kurama distributed the candy amongst the over-hyper youngsters and they quickly dispersed, most likely intent of cornering their next victim. After the "danger" had passed, Kurama looked at the frazzled brunette beside him and smiled.

"I hope you have learned your lesson tonight, Keiko." Kurama said, thus earning himself a withering look.

"I sure did," Keiko grumbled unhappily. "Never get caught on Halloween night without candy!"

Author's Note: Just a random bit of silliness I cooked up for Halloween. Let me know if you guys like it. I have a few more in the works that features random YYH characters that I may post up sometime before Halloween.