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Author's Note: This chapter is short. And I do mean SHORT. Sorry, but it was just really hard trying to do Hiei in a humorous situation, so I kinda gave up. Hope you guys aren't too disappointed.

Yu Yu Hakusho: Halloween Humor

Characters: Hiei, Shizuru

- Take Four -

The black cloaked figure dodged the children who were dressed even more strangely than he was, as Kurama was always telling him. However, in the process of dodging the children, he seemed to have been mistaken for one, as he often was when those who did not know him encountered him. "Hn." He wondered what this strange Ningen holiday was that children dressed up like monsters and adults showered them with candy. He was not objecting to the candy, but being mistaken for a Ningen child was inexcusable. He wondered where he could hide.

Ducking through the shadows, the normally elusive fire apparition found that he had seemed to become.... well, a bit less elusive.

"Oh! How cute! That costume is simply adorable! You're hair is perfect as well!" An elderly lady spoke from the side and Hiei idly wondered when he had lost his touch. If he were on top of his game then the old hag wouldn't have found him out in the first place. Yet, here he was, having even more of the assorted sugary treats thrust at him.

Hiei wondered if there was someplace he could hide from these foolish Ningens. He seemed to have developed the ability of bumping into those who were determined to shower him with candy. He knew that most of his friends were out tonight, but maybe the Baka's sister was home and he could hide out there? He could only hope.

Hiei continued to dodge the children, but he still could not seem to dodge the adults. He ended up making a bucket out of his cloak, which was overflowing with candy. He liked sweets, but this was too much, even for him. He hoped that the Baka's sister was home. He knocked on the door, holding the candy up with an arm.

Shizuru opened the door and her first impression was that of a childsized figure in black. She assumed he was doing a vampire costume such as was a common enough costume. "Here you go, kiddo, cute costume, by the way." She dropped a handful of candy into the "kid's" makeshift basket.

Hiei glared up at her, "Now the Baka's sister is a Baka as well?"

Shizuru started, "Hiei? Is that you?"

"Hn," Hiei replied, "Can I hide here? I have been showered with enough candy to supply even myself for a year. I hate being mistaken for a Ningen, much less a Ningen child."

Shizuru laughed. "Sure, come on in, I see some children heading for the door, though."

"Hn. By the way, what is the name of this rediculous day?"

"It's called Halloween, Hiei."