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Chapter One: A Trip Down a Waterfall

Jiraiya dropped Naruto onto the ground. Slowly, Naruto began to regain his consciousness. He began to get up.

"Huh? Where are we?" Naruto asked. Looking around, there was what seemed to be a line of bushes. There were a few trees here and there. He took a look at Jiraiya's face. It was one of seriousness.

"Get up." There was no kindness behind it. Naruto quickly obeyed, knowing that Jiraiya wasn't a man to cross. He began to speak. "The training ends today... If you don't want to die then figure it out yourself."

"Wh-what?" Naruto was perplexed. He had just been taught the summoning jutsu, which he still needed to perfect. Why was Jiraiya ending the training now? His teacher slowly raised his hand and, using his finger, gave a strong push to Naruto's forehead. He flew through the line of bushes and saw what was on the other side.

Nothing. It was simply a place to fall.

And fall he did. "AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Jiraiya simply listened, hearing his pupil's scream slowly fade away.

'Now... Let's see if the power given to you is really meant for you or not...' Jiraiya thought.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Naruto was still falling. Seeing a rock ledge come into view, he summoned some chakra into his hands. He grabbed it, but to his dismay, he slipped and continued to fall.

'It's useless... The rocks are too slippery from the waterfalls. Plus, at that speed, you're not going to stick with a little bit of chakra...' Jiraiya thought after seeing Naruto's incorrect methods of saving himself. 'Naruto... You have no choice... You have to rely on the Kyuubi-s chakra. Use the key... this time from your end!'

'At this rate... At this rate... I'll surely die!!!' Naruto was in a full panic. He was hurtling down a waterfall and would soon meet his demise when he reached the bottom of it. He was sweating at the thought of him dying. All of a sudden, he remembers something about his summoning training.


He had just summoned a tadpole. A useless, small tadpole was just flopping around in front of him. 'Kuso, not again...'


End Flashback

"Die..." Naruto said. All of a sudden, time seemed to stop for him. Everything slowed down and he felt as if he was being pulled into another world.

Kyuubi's Cell

"Huh!?" Naruto swore that it looked like he was in Konoha's sewer. He was kneeling down. 'Where the hell am I? And how did I get here?'

"OOOOOO" A sound emanated from somewhere down the hall. Naruto stood up and followed the noise.

'This feeling... It's that chakra...' When he went through a passage, he looked up and saw a barred gate. On the gate was a piece of paper with the kanji 'Seal' seal written on it. Slowly, a pair of red eyes opened.

"Ugh!!!" 'Huge... What is it...?' Naruto thought. But the beast inside the gates thought differently.

"Kid... Come... Closer..." Naruto, letting curiosity get the better of him, slowly approached the gates, the gates that kept the beast from breaking free and escaping. Suddenly, several large claws went through openings between the gates.

"WHOAAA!!!" Naruto quickly backed away, intent on keeping himself from getting slashed into many pieces. The beast growled.

"I want to eat you but... this damn seal..."

The answer then dawned upon Naruto. Behind the gates was the demon that was sealed inside of him. It was behind these gates that the creature that kept the children from playing with him lived. Behind these gates was where all of his troubles started.

"Y...You're... the Kyuubi!" 'I get it now... That red chakra... It was his chakra...' Naruto was standing in front of the very demon that could have destroyed Konoha, the place that barely scraped by his standards as a home.

"For you to come here... What do you want?" Kyuubi asked. Naruto, remembering that, in reality, he was hurtling down a waterfall, donned a face of determination.

"Hey, you stupid fox!! I'm letting you stay in my body, so... instead of paying me rent, lend me your chakra!" There was silence. Silence so quiet it was unnerving. Then the booming voice of the Kyuubi shattered the fragile silence.

"GWAHAHAHAHA!!! If you die, then I die too eh? To threaten me like this... what guts..." The red chakra began to swirl around Naruto's legs. Slowly, it wrapped around Naruto's body. "Alright, I'll lend you my chakra." The Kyuubi gave off a foxy grin. "But for coming this far and having the guts to threaten me, I'll give you a few extras. Use them wisely."

"Wait! Aren't you going to teach me now?" Naruto asked.

Real World

(I'll teach you after you save yourself from dying a pitiful death.)

Naruto suddenly found himself falling again at hundreds of feet per second. 'This is the feeling...' Remembering his real reason as to why he was thrown down in the first place, he bit his thumb and did a few hand seals. "KUCHIYOSE NO JUTSU!!!"

Much smoke had filled the area surrounding Naruto. Several limbs shot out from the clouds and locked themselves onto the wall. Slowly, a silhouette of the summoned beast emerged from the smoke. Smiling, he landed softly on the body, completely caught up with the fact that he had summoned an animal. Slowly, he took a look around. "WHAT THE HELL?!?"

Jiraiya could see the puffs of smoke and knew that Naruto had successfully summoned a frog. "Good job..." He then faintly heard Naruto's voice, which sounded very much like, "What the hell?!?"

Jiraiya was wondering why Naruto yelled that out loud. He then saw some strange things. Being so far away, he couldn't see it clearly, but something was different. Rather intrigued by such differences, he took out his telescope, which he normally kept for spying on women, and looked a Naruto. "Wait a minute... Good Kami-sama!!!" He saw something rather strange about the frog.

What did Naruto summon? And what are the gifts that Naruto will recieve? Find out in the next chapter!