Chapter 1

The Secret Diary, Bought and Used!

I closed my book shut as soon as I had finished writing in personal details in my new diary. I just got it from the bookshop in town after school.

There it was sitting on the stand next to some booster duelling card packs, watching me with its bold gold outlining that said 'diary'.

I was drawn to it like a fly to honey. Lifting it off from the shelves felt wondrous. I could write my own personal story in this book. It was about 4.5 inches thick, and A5 sized, complete with a bookmark and even a space for addresses and phone numbers.

"Whatcha' got dere, Gurlie?" Joey asked me as I stood gloating over it.

I covered it, not letting him see. "Nothing, Joey. Are you going to stand there and watch me or are you going to get a new notebook for school?" I asked smiling.

"That's why I came up to ya', where's all the pads? I've been lookin' everywhere." He said.

"Follow me." I said and I manoeuvred my way through the other stands and people with Joey following behind me. I directed Joey over to the huge shelf next to the entrance of the shop, which said 'Notebooks and refill pads all half-price'. The size of the sign was enormous.

Joey grinned sheepishly and I left him be to look for Tea.

I found her gazing at a thick book about dancing. She closed it abruptly as I stepped over to her.

"Oh, hi Charybdis. I didn't see you there." She said.

"What's that?" I asked.

"This? A book about dancing…" She replied cheerfully.

Tea had a hobby of dancing – I've never seen her dance though.

"Cool, are you gonna get it?"

"No, it's too expensive." She said disappointedly. "What about you?"

"I found something useful." I presented my 'soon to be' diary in front of her. "Where's Yugi? I thought he was with you." I added.

"He went to find some duelling cards on display. I'll go look for him." Tea said, as she put the book back on its place.

She disappeared round the tall book shelf and I immediately sauntered after her and went in her opposite direction to check up on Joey.

It was a Monday afternoon; Yugi, Joey, Tea and I had made plans to go to the Domino Bookshop to get some stationery for school. Tristan and Duke had detention once again because they were talking (more like arguing) in class for the whole period. I'd never understand those two. In fact, I'd never understand all boys.

Hunh? I stopped in my tracks after wandering around to see a particular short boy with wild spiky hair. I tiptoed up behind him, and then peered over his shoulder.

"Argh! Charybdis! Don't do that again!" Yugi shouted as he stepped to the left.

I giggled. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean that. I thought Tea might be here."

"I haven't seen her yet." Yugi replied.

I just noticed how short he actually was. I was only taller than him a few inches and I had to look down to see him. Still, his soft purple eyes and that innocent face wanted me to pinch his face or give him a big hug, but I managed to stop myself in time.

"Are you thinking of buying cards?" I asked.

He shook his head. "I've got a game shop, I'll get them there."

I grinned as soon as Joey came bounding over to us. "I've been looking all over for ya. Where's Tea?" He asked.

"Over here guys!" Tea shouted.

We all turned. "Tea!"

She was standing next to the counter. "I was going to look for you guys."

"Well, looks like you did find us." I said.

We soon bought our things and were heading home. We walked past a large sort of looking dark house, with a large gate in front.

"Oh well guys. I'm home. See you tomorrow." I bid my farewell, before fumbling for my keys and sticking them into the gargoyle on the door's mouth. I turned it clockwise, and the gargoyle's head turned in the clockwise direction until a large clang was heard. The gate snapped open and the doors opened automatically in front of me.

Joey shivered. "Your house is huge."

"Yet scary." I added.

He nodded. "No offence or anything."

"None taken, I find it scary too." I replied before disappearing into the front yard. The gates closed behind me. Why is it scary? Probably because there were stories around the neighbourhood that someone died in here…

"I'm hooooooome!" I opera-sang into the living room.

Mum was in the kitchen washing the dishes, dad wasn't home from work yet and Callista was sitting in the dining table looking at her Psychology book.

Callista turned over a page. "Back home, Charybdis?" She asked, not looking up from her book.

I nodded as I put my bag down. "Uh…. I'll be in my room."

I snatched my diary quickly, and ran up the stairs to my room, locked the door and pounced on my bed. I uncovered my diary, and soon began to scribble stuff in with my ball pen.

I am…

Name: Charybdis

Age: 16 – 17

Nickname: 'Gurlie', according to Joey

Date of Birth: 4th December

Hobbies: Watching TV, playing computer console games, annoying people, reading manga, books or magazines, drawing, fantasising of non existing people and BOYS!

Heroes: Game Freak, Orlando Bloom, Brad Pitt, Mario and Yoshi and Yugi (ultimate duelist)

What I'll be when I grow up: No idea yet, but I would like to be beautiful, confident and adored by people around – right now I'm a scrawny looking girl.

Personality: Shy, awkward, boy crazy (sort of, not really… okay, a bit), bad athlete, sensitive, creative, caring, kind, gentle and afraid of anything

Worries: Exams, illnesses, depression and school

Gender: Female

Height: Lost the measuring tape and rulers don't help…. But I'm pretty puny standing next to Tristan and somehow a little taller than Yugi when I'm standing next to him

Weight: The scales broke, but I assume I'm about 7 stones

Hair colour: Blackish red, I dyed it

Eye colour: Brown

My Family….

Name: Sara (my mum)

Age: Probably about 39 or something, but she looks as if she's 20 years old

Date of Birth: 6 May

Job: Works with dad as a psychologist

Weight: I don't know

Hair colour: Black and pink

Eye colour: Purple (contacts)

Personality: If she weren't 39 years old, she'd be cool, fashionable, posh and mature. But since she is 39, she's moany half the time, loud and impatient.

Name: Conner (my dad)

Age: Probably 40, but looks like a 60 year old

Date of Birth: 1 April (Poor dad, his birthday present last year was a whoopee cushion I set up under the pillow of his armchair)

Job: Psychologist

Weight: No idea, but he's getting spare tyre and I think it's made him heavier than usual

Hair colour: He's almost bald

Eye colour: brown

Personality: Childish, immature, makes rude jokes and tries to be cool when he's not

Name: Callista

Age: 21

Date of Birth: 25 November

Job: Student at University

Hair colour: Blackish brown

Eye Colour: Brown

Personality: Bossy, loud, impatient and rude sometimes


We had a dog named BooBoo Knees who was a cocker spaniel and only about a few months old but he threw up on the rug during his first month in our house, and mum had to give him to someone else.

We've also had 10 goldfish during three years but they all died one by one…

Best Girl friends

Name: Tea Gardner

Age: 16

Personality: Nice, kind, always funny, can help me out and totally reliable

Name: Serenity

Age: Forgot since I don't see her that much, Tristan and Duke pull me away when I try to talk to her

Personality: Has a BIG heart (no wonder guys go ga-ga over her), caring and unselfish

(Um... I only have two female friends? O.O;;)

Best Guy Friends

Name: Joey Wheeler

Age: 16

Personality: He's a Street punk to me, cool and tough

Name: Yugi Moto

Age: 16

Personality: He may seem short but don't underestimate him, he's rather shy and a friendly boy

Name: Tristan Taylor

Age: 16

Personality: Funny, smart, responsible.

Name: Duke Devlin

Age: 16

Personality: Manly, gentle. Urgh…. Yeah.

Name: Ryou Bakura

Age: 16

Personality: A big softie and a true gentleman. His face just wants me to hug him as well!

I was giggling when I wrote about Ryou. True, he was sweet and caring. And Duke…. Okay he sort of had an electric flash in his eye when he spoke or looked at me, well, diaries are supposed to be where all your personal secrets are, right?