Ahem, please note this is only three quarters of this chapter, the last part will be in Chapter 33!

Chapter 32

The Valentines Special

(although it may be a little bit late!)

God, it's been like, already one year and the way I see it, right at the start of the year in Domino was when I was the most immature and annoying self from that time. Most of the places and towns/schools etc I've been and lived for a year or more have been the most dull and boring but ever since I came across o' little town of Domino I just get the feeling that I have really experienced more of life. From the encounter with Bakura, the stupid accident with Tristan's bike, the other stupid plan of exorcism, double dates, flirting, and confessions and even up to Seto Kaiba to Marik Ishtar, most of the embarrassing parts to my 'life story' had redeemed me into a more powerful, stronger and confident half of me to stretch out from my usual puny self.

And no, unfortunately Yami and I did not get married.

So, the most important things in this part are; how am I doing and how is society around me doing?

Well, let me top things off, with the topics listed in order:

School/Education (I know, the thing I'd rather write last about is the first unfortunately)




Love Life/Soul-mate/Mr Right/Boyfriend

Well, let's get it started!


Got good grades in the Mother and father project. Done several more practice tests during that year for our real exams and actually done pretty well, I have to admit. Can you actually believe that I started studying from a couple of months before the exams for up to several hours a day? My family told me I was overworking myself sometimes, and sheesh, I was like, well you guys were always shouting at me to study and now you're telling me NOT to study that much?

It just pains you to know, education can be a bore and affect to your brain if you infuse too much at the same time. There was a time when I took a test – everything vanished from my brain and I was left with an almost empty-of-answers sheet of paper. But I didn't get a fail, but an ALMOST fail, thankfully.

But then again: Success is 99 percent failure – and I've had failure written over my face for a long time. (A/N heh, my own quote!)

Therefore – what else is there to write about education? Seeing how lazy I am and how I can't be bothered to take out a book at least- you'd better not be taking after in my steps!


Not too bad, not too good either. My body was weakened without Scylla inhabiting it along with me, but I'd manage to cope well in Physical Education most of the time unfortunately. And sometimes I get a lot of illnesses as well – big HUGE annoyance and another fact in my life, which I have to face up to. However dieting and exercise morally helps me in a way, but I cannot be bothered to also drag myself to take a walk for thirty minutes or pop down at the local gym to work out.

Sitting in front of the TV with huge bags of smokey bacon crisps and chocolate bars seem to be my thing to do. It's actually no wonder I've been staring at my mirror in the wardrobe door in the mornings and nights. Seeing that somehow I needed to tone down a little – probably at my thighs and arms… and around the waist….

Once I had worn a skirt to a date with Yami but I hated it. I mean, at school I have to wear a skirt and I detest that fact even more. Though Yami commented that I looked fine – I just got the feeling that he was being truthful this time – maybe doing only five minutes at the workout cycle does really help….

Friend Status:

What can I say? We are still one big group, marching around the streets, checking out shops, talking, eating and blah blah blah, stuff friends do. Marik, Ishizu and Odion are also thinking of moving back to Egypt – well, I wasn't, exactly very close with them, yet I felt as though I could be of more assistance to them, and the time when Marik took me home on the motorbike was quite fun. Yugi and Tea's relationship seems to have gone off the positive end too. So has Joey's and Mai's. Poor Tristan and Duke still fighting over one girl….. Ryou is still looking for his soul mate although he never brings up that term in front of us.

Family Status:

Grandma's moved away from the Shrine. Callista had broken up with her boyfriend after a small bit of conflict between the two and came home crying. She leapt into my arms and sobbed her heart out – I finally had the opportunity to become those kinds of persons who people could have a shoulder to cry on. But then again, who'd lent me a shoulder to cry on when I had experienced a break up, eh? (no-one, in fact)

I had done my best to act like a shoulder for her to cry on and had great results. She called her boyfriend a 'jerk' (plus some other nasty names that I will not write here) and claimed that she 'never wanted to see him again because he was cheating on her', and then I gave her a looong lecture about my relationship, and said that there was more sausages in the frying pan (or there's more fish in the sea). Hopefully, Callista had seen the brighter side of the world and she sucked back her tears and smiled at me.

Dad and mum have been working hard too. The clinic is going well, and stuff, yadda yadda yadda. I don't go to the clinic much often anyway. My uncles and aunties are all leading happy lives in their own worlds with their own kids and relatives and stuff. Well, what else can I say about my family?

Sometimes I do wish to rewind the clock and re-do one scene, but what has been done is done. Well, that basically rounds up everything.

Love Life:

Here's a topic I would like to cover first:

Grand Romanticism!

As you can probably see, I'm not exactly THE most romantic person on earth – of course, since I am a girl, and the most romantic thing I could only teach about are the things I had learnt during the Christmas holidays with Scylla and through other times I had been out on dates with Yami. Hmm, being romantic means a lot of things, like – being romantic is being inattentive, remembering it for your life, gallant, not being serious and idealistic. Romance is really significant. Women have expectations from men. Romance also means the communication between a couple; they can speak to each other as freely as they wish and talk to each other about almost anything.

What do I think was the definition love? Of course I was the naïve fool, and thought apart from crazed teenagers pushed against lockers or empty classrooms kissing each other hungrily, or the old family warm love, bonds between a mother and daughter, or father with son, or just parents and children; I would say communal respect and 'considering the other's emotions' to be more precise.

Love can bring us joy and also bring us danger as well as fear (I should know). Being in love is like a fool trapped in his/her own illusions. Love stories are always similar too – well in this case, it kinda went wonky for me but came out all right at the end. Most unsuccessful relationships bear the very answers to it, and they also leave questions for us, don't you agree?

Flowers also play an important role in grand romanticism. I used to know less than ten species of flowers, but now I all of them. Different flowers mean different things; take a look at some examples:

A Carnation means Joy

A Crocus means Gladness

A Daffodil means Respect

A Daisy means Innocence

A Fern means Grace

A Freesia means Trust

Heather means Admiration

Huckleberry means Faith

An Iris means Promise

There are heaps more, but different colours of flowers also mean something different too. For example:

Purple and gold are often associated with Royalty, wealth and opulence.

Green is associated with nature, ecology and the environment

Red associates with love, passion and courage

White is innocence, purity and secrecy

Yellow is joy, friendship and often jealousy

Light pink is grace, joy and gladness

The numbers of stems in bouquets also are important.

One stem means Only One

Two stems mean A World Of Two People

Three means I love You

Four means Undying Promise

Five means No Regrets

Six means Happiness and Satisfaction

Seven means Endless Good Wishes

Eight means Please Forgive Me

Nine means Eternity

Ten means Perfection

Eleven means One Heart, One Mind

Twelve means Heart to Heart

Thirteen means Secret Admirer

And can go on and on… and on….up to a thousand!

Well, I think that should probably be enough. I'd better continue on with my own things!

The incident with Scylla seems to have had a big impact on Yami and I. Yami and I have been closer to each other ever since, due to a sort of shared experience; we both understood more of each other and probably have become even more attached (more like me, actually who have been clinging onto him no mater what the circumstances are). Although he never seen Scylla, we seem to understand each other perfectly.

Anyway he was happy that I cared and worried over him – a lot; called me his 'little guardian angel' and other pet names I found outrageous and just so UN-like him to do so (really it was), yet it was hilarious and sweet, but embarrassing at the same time that I couldn't help but kiss his cheek and cringe uncontrollably. I'm happy that Yami is my boyfriend. I can kiss him, cuddle him, hug him, he'll get me what I want, I'll get him anything he wants, he listens to me, we both listen to each other, we respect each other, make decisions together, I can talk to him all day long and we hardly object each other – and about that….

Although the occasional conflict does come up between us, we both make up as soon as possible and do things together. Anyway, conflict between a couple is natural, right? Okay, maybe I am still as moany as ever, but I don't pester him that much – I think.

Of course the infrequent green monster called jealousy comes up too – which in this case, it's the angry Greek monster called Charybdis with huge ravenous teeth. Sometimes I see girls in my class often coming over to Yami while he's waiting for me secretly. Okay it used to didn't get on my nerves THAT much, but when it comes to almost everyday – I literally went mad and threw the girls over the horizon, orgetting a free tripto the moon. Yami wasn't those kinds who flirted with any girl in spite of the fact that he had a girlfriend anyway (F.Y.I -ME! He's MINE so there! HE'S ALL MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE! Don't you even think of laying a finger on HIM- over-protective Charybdis), so I didn't mind about that.

I actually realised Yami was rather over-protective towards me, and how over-protective I was too (er-hem, great example shown above in previous paragragh). WOW, I feel as though I've known Yami for life – well, if you think about, I am Scylla's reincarnation, and she was with Yami/Atemu back in the past – so… see the connection?

Well, how am I doing right now? I am late for a date as usual. I am still as irresponsible as ever. Running through the streets to the destination where I am supposed to be meeting Yami, however suddenly my stomach growled in protest and I paused. I hadn't had anything to eat since morning and it was already past three o'clock already! Sighing, I hesitated, and then pondered for a moment. I spotted a Seven Eleven shop nearby, then spotted Yami who was standing somewhere in the empty park a distance away seeming to have a problem with pigeons fluttering over to him (such a birdie boy, he is, yet so caring towards nature - and I am swooning again, grr!). I raised an eyebrow. He seemed a little too preoccupied to notice me. I stared at the shop again, and then back at Yami. Hmm, which one to pick? I could go over to Yami and then my stomach will digest itself, or I can snoop into the shop, get something to eat and come back out.

I stepped forward over to Yami's direction, but then suddenly my feet are carrying me off to the direction of the shop. So, should I go in, or not?

Afterwards, I re – emerged from the shop, clutching an extra large jumbo chocolate bar in my hand and a bag of other unhealthy snacks – what can I say? My love for junk food still exists. Anyway I ran over to Yami, waving my hand to him as he caught sight of me.

"YAMI? OVER 'ERE!" I shouted over, still waving my hands until I notice that several large crumbs of chocolate onto the floor around me and I stopped in my tracks.

Hehehe, whoops. Whoa. What was this? The pigeons had flown off Yami (who was covered in several feathers) and were flying towards my feet. I stepped back as they all ganged up on me, staring hungrily at the origins of the chocolatey goodness that had fell on the floor with their intense beady eyes and I sweat dropped. I thought pigeons flew off whenever people came over – well, guess they weren't shy after all... Thus, one thought had entered my mind: "Get rid of those pesky flying pieces of poultry!" But then I just realised how horrible I was thinking about my foolish actions, and instead, thought for a while and then broke a bit of my chocolate off and scattered them on the floor for the fat birds to peck at. I giggled at them and then smiled at Yami, who returned the smile and walked over to join me. We both sat down on the bench near the flock of pigeons and I broke a bit of chocolate for him, then for myself and we scattered more crumbs for them. Hmm, and suddenly our short precious time given away to feed pigeons who eventually fluttered away when some kid ran over deliberately somehow reminded me of a song.. About good times… civilisation and society…. Friends and life… and it goes like this….

You're everywhere and nowhere, baby
That's where you're at
Going down a bumpy hillside
In your hippy hat
Flying out across the country
And getting fat
Saying everything is groovy
When your tyres are flat

And it's hi-ho silver lining
And away you go now baby
I see your sun is shining
But I won't make a fuss
Though it's obvious

Flies are in your pea soup baby
They're waving at me
Anything you want is yours now
Only nothing is for free
Lies are gonna get you some day
Just wait and see
So open up your beach umbrella
While you are watching TV

And it's hi-ho silver lining
And away you go now baby
I see your sun is shining
But I won't make a fuss
Though it's obvious

And it's hi-ho silver lining
And away you go now baby
I see your sun is shining
But I won't make a fuss
Though it's obvious

And it's hi-ho silver lining
And away you go now baby
I see your sun is shining
But I won't make a fuss
Though it's obvious……