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Note: Extremely depressed when I wrote this. My sister liked it though, so I'm posting it.

I Remember

Rape. It's something that always happens to someone else. Only problem is, you're someone else to someone else.

I can't remember much of the actual rape, nor the abduction. I was grabbed from behind. It was dark. And it hurt.

I remember lying on the ground. And I remember the others coming. I remember Tai saying he was going to kill the guy who did this. I remember Davis agreeing. I remember Matt telling them both to shut up. I remember being wrapped in a jacket. I remember Yolei crying. I remember blood, my blood.

They took me to the hospitable, where I am now. I'm curled up on one of those examination beds, wearing a semi-revealing hospitable gown. They've taken my clothes. Stuffed them in plastic bags. There's a doctor in here and a nurse. Jyou too. While the nurse takes samples, he explains things to me, hoping it will calm me down. But I still shrink away from anyone who tries to touch me. I'm scared.

Yolei's with me, holding my hand. She speaks but I don't really hear her words. They're soothing but I'm still scared.

My mom's outside, crying. She wants in. But the nurses won't let her. They say she's too upset. They say she'll scare me. If I wasn't too terrified to talk, I'd tell them I was plenty scared already. They offer her a tranquilliser. I think she takes it.

The police want in too. They want to question me, they say, while the 'incident' is still fresh in my mind. My friends keep them at bay, for now.

I don't know what to say when asked what happened. It was fast. Grab. Dark. Pain. Blood. I don't remember anything else. I don't want to.

Funny, even with all this din, the crying, the cursing, the soothing, the questioning, the fear, I can still hear Kari, ask in her soft, sweet voice, "What monster could do this to Cody?"

The End