Prince Squall

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Chapter One

In Deling City, the four members of the Royal family of Esther sat in their seats at the head of the long banquet table. It was the King's birthday and the rest of his family had surprised him by booking a small holiday to Deling. The King happily smiled while eat his food, with his wife and two beautiful children beside him. The whole city had turned out of the party. A long dinner table had been set up in the Town Hall. The King stood up and held his glass to make a speech.

"I would like to thank everyone, for this wonderful surprise. I have been informed by my wife that there will be dancing in the other hall when we're all finish. So eat up, and enjoy the evening." The King sat down and finished his meal. When everyone had finished, they all made their way through to the next hall that had seat around the entire room. It was large and could fit everyone in easily. The King and his family stood at the door once everyone had entered. The King kneeled down in front of his children. "Ellone, Squall why don't you two join the dancing." Both nodded. The King leaned forward to whisper in his daughter ear. "Teach Squall how to waltz." Ellone nodded and pulled her little brother, by the hand, onto the dance floor.

The King stood up and stood beside his wife. "I'm so glad they don't look too much like me, Raine."

"Why's that, Laguna?" Asked his beautiful Queen.

"The wouldn't have a chance with anyone." He joked. Raine lightly pushed him and shook her head.

On the dance floor Ellone stood with Squall in front of her. "Put that hand on my waist and hold my left hand in your right." Squall nodded and did as he was told. "Now, follow my feet." Squall lowered his head ad watched his sister's feet and tried to follow. "Ow." He had stepped on her foot.

"I'm sorry." He said walking away.

She grabbed his arm and pulled him back. She smiled brightly at him. "Let try again, okay?" He nodded. "Don't look at my feet. Just move when I move. Okay. One two three, one two three." This time the seven-year-old boy didn't stand on his sister's feet.

After they had finished dancing Squall ran towards his mum and dad. "I did it. I can waltz."

Laguna leaned down and picked the boy up and held him in his arms. "Well done, Squall." Laguna kissed him on the forehead. Laguna walked to his chair and sat Squall on his lap. "I have a present for you."

Squall's steel eyes widened, in surprise. "Really? What kind of present?" Laguna reached into a pocket in his pulled out a jewelry box.

Squall looked at the box with a strange look. "Daddy, I'm not a girl."

Laguna chuckled a bit. "I know that. Don't worry it's okay for a buy to wear. I'll show you." Laguna opened the box and the little boys face shined with amazement.

Meanwhile just behind the father and son, a small blonde boy walked into the big dancing hall. The small boy watched the King hand his son a shiny necklace in the shape of a lion's head. 'I wish I had a dad like that.' Thought the little boy.

An arm grabbed him from behind. "Zell what are you doing out here? You know you should be in the kitchen." The little boy was picked up and carried away, as the Prince put the necklace around his neck.

"It's kinda big, daddy." Said the Prince looking at the giant necklace.

"You'll grow into it. Look at the back." Said Laguna.

Squall turned the necklace and read the inscription. "Together in Esther." The little boy looked at his dad confused. "Are you going away?"

Laguna laughed. "No. It's for if I'm ever away on business. The necklace will remind you of me."

The Prince wrapped his arms around his father's neck. "Thank you. I love you, daddy."

The King hugged back. "I love you too, Squall." They both broke the embrace and Laguna pulled out the other object in the box. A ring. "This is for you too. I know it's big and won't fit you but I wanted you to have it."

Squall looked at the ring. It was the same shape as the necklace, a lion's head roaring. It also had the same inscription on the inside of it. "I have an idea. Why don't you wear the ring until I can?" Laguna nodded and put the ring on his finger. "What about Mummy and Ellone?"

"I bought Ellone a bunny rabbit ring and necklace. It has the same message on both. She also gave her ring to Mummy." Laguna put this thumb on his chin, thinking. "It's weird that you both thought of the same thing."

Squall chuckled then shivered. "Daddy how did it get so cold?" Laguna looked at the other end of the hall. The door to the outside was wide open were a female figure stood. She had a very strange look to her. She wore a brightly coloured dress.

Laguna stood up holding Squall. He looked for his wife and daughter. He found them and motioned for them to come to him. Raine lifted up Ellone and walked over to her loving husband. "I'll look after them." Said Raine, sitting on the seat with Ellone on her lap. Laguna put Squall on her lap and started to walk to the other end of the hall.

"Daddy!" Shouted Squall, reaching out his hand.

Raine hugged her children. "It's okay, Daddy's just going to talk to someone."

As Laguna walked the music stopped and the woman at the door entered and walked towards the King. When they about two meters apart the King spoke. "I thought I banished you, Ultimecia?"

"You had, but only from Esther. You can't do anything to me here." Replied the woman, smugly. "You and your family will pay for the injustice towards me."

"Guards!" Shouted Laguna.

Guards from around the building came running in and dragged the woman out of the hall. "You will pay for this! I will not rest till the Loire line is all dead!" Shouted the woman as she left the hall.

In his room, a little brunette boy slept peacefully. That was until he awoken by a bomb explosion that seemed to shake the whole house. Squall jumped out of bed and was just about to walk to his door when it was flung open. His dad stood there slightly panting.

"Daddy, what happening?" Asked Squall, scared.

"We need to leave, Squall." Laguna picked up his son and jogged out the room. They meet up with Raine, who was holding Ellone.

"My necklace!" Squall climbed out of his dad's arms and ran back to his room.

"Squall!" Laguna turned to face his wife. "Take Ellone and get to Esther. I'll get Squall and meet you there." He kissed his wife and he kissed Ellone's forehead. Raine took off in one direction and Laguna in the other.

Laguna caught up with Squall just as the little boy put on his necklace. "Come on, Squall." Laguna picked up his son and walked back out of the room. Another bomb went off closer to them. After the dust had settled Laguna saw that the way was blocked.

From out of nowhere a little blonde boy ran up to the pair. He tugged on the King's jacket. "Follow me." The boy ran off and Laguna followed, carrying Squall. The little boy opened up a hidden door in the wall. "Go through here. Follow it to the end and you'll come out in the town center. You can get the train to Esther from there." Laguna thanked the boy and put Squall down. Squall hugged the blonde boy and thanked him. Father and son entered the passageway. They both missed the pink tint that went across the blonde nose and cheeks. The blonde closed over the door and ran to other passageway out of the building.

Laguna and Squall exited the passageway, and ran to the train station. Squall ran after his dad but fell when something caught his ankle. "Daddy!"

Laguna turned around and saw Ultimecia hold his son with a knife at his neck. Laguna ran up to her and punched her in the jaw. Her with the knife slipped and cut a diagonal line from the little boy's forehead to his cheek. "Ahh!"

Laguna picked up his bleeding son and ran to the train station. Squall clung on to his dad and cried into his shoulder. "It'll be okay, Squall." Said Laguna as he jumped onto a train. Squall looked at his dad, blood running down his face. Laguna put Squall down and was about to rip a part of his jacket off when someone bumped into Squall. Squall fell off the train and landing on the platform. "Squall!"

Laguna was about to jump after him when hands stopped him from moving. "It's not safe your Highness."

Laguna brushed the man off. "I don't care. Squall!" The train speeded off and Squall lay on the ground almost motionless. "Squall!" Shouted Laguna just before Squall became a dot in the sea of people.

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