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Deus Ex

Liberty Island, Decker

"Come on, come on!" yelled Decker.

"Let's go! He aint gonna make it!" Young shouted.

But Jack wasn't a man you should underestimate. He was weaving through gunfire like an eagle, dodging, sweeping from side to side. Jack was the best agent the NSF have ever had according to some.

"Run you bastard! If you make it, I'll buy you beer for the rest of your life!". Decker was screaming by this point.

"God damn terrorist!" yelled one UNATCO troop as his assault rifle spat out tonnes of lead at Jack. There were about 4 UNATCO troops, all unloading clip after clip of ammo at the north dock. NSF snipers from the tower started taking shots. The peacekeeper's numbers began dropping. 3, then 2. Jack made a spectacular leap onto the boat. He twisted his body through the air, narrowly avoiding the hail of gunfire.

"Start her up, lets get moving!" Young screamed. Decker also wanted to leave now. His security system in the statue was hasty, but secure enough to hold the UNATCO troops off for awhile. The whole statue operation was to distract the enemies from Castle Clinton, the base for NSF operating in this area. If UNATCO stayed at the statue for a little longer, the ambrosia would be in Hong Kong by tomorrow, and that Tong fellow would be making a cure before anyone could figure out what was going on. He just hoped his gas traps and turrets would keep the UNATCO away for long enough.

Somewhere At Sea, JC

"So this is your first mission?" asked the chatty boat driver. JC wondered if he would ever shut up. "Yeah" replied JC. He thought what the mission would be. He knew his destination was Liberty Island. But that was it. All the information he had was a single transmission from some guy calling himself Alex Jacobson. He remembered how the little window popped up into his view, with a picture of a geeky looking guy in it, saying about some trouble at HQ. JC was immediatly on a UNATCO boat back to HQ.

His mind was full of thoughts. Killing terrorists, being the hero, saving the day... "You got any equipment?" The boat driver's question jolted JC back into reality. "I got an electric prod, it's some sort of taser thing" he answered. He hadn't had any training in the use of melee weapons, which he thought was odd, since UNATCO always tried to persuade agents to use stealth and non-lethal tactics. "You won't last two seconds with that little gizmo boy, you need some firepower." The boat driver handed him a pistol. "9mm pistols aren't much in the way of firepower" JC said, as he examined the weapon, "one clip of ammo?".

"It's better than that cattle prod your packing" retorted the boat driver. JC knew he was right, but the hoped UNATCO would give him some proper weaponry before the mission.

Liberty Island, Paul

Where is he? Paul had been waiting for ages for JC. The troops were getting impatient. " Vhere is your brother Paul?" screamed Gunther. He was always impatient and aggressive towards Paul and he thought his brother would be another example of how poor nano agents perform when compared to a mech such as himself. "The order is to hold back Gunther. Even your dumb mech mind should understand that HQ wants to test JC".

"I vill not stand here and be insulted by a puny little runt. I do not hold back. I'm going in!" Gunther charged into the island. "I'm going with him!" shouted another soldier. As soon as the soldier stepped onto the path leading to the statue he was killed in a hail of gunfire. "Idiots! Come back Gunther!" yelled Paul. "These NSF are nothing! I vill kill them all!" Gunther looked like he would live up to his promise. He grabbed one NSF and used him as a human shield. He killed two NSF with his assault gun and then snapped the poor shield's neck. But a group of NSF got him from behind. He was shot in the foot 5 times and in the chest 6 times before he was stunned by prods and tranquilisers. The NSF saw a prisoner would be useful, so they dragged him into the statue.

Paul and the Corporal standing next to him looked on in amazement. "If they can subdue Gunther so easily, this will be one heck of a test for your brother". Paul knew the Corporal was right. Although he knew Gunther to be the type of guy who couldn't even work a soda machine, he also knew he was an excellent fighter, even though he didn't follow orders too well. "Watch the coast Collins, I'm going to HQ to get a security bot, if the NSF raid the dock, we will be outnumbered 5 to 1." Paul ran off to HQ to get the bot. Collins looked out to sea and saw a boat coming towards the dock. He thought it could be NSF, but then he saw the guy in the passenger seat. The one that was wearing sunglasses and a baggy coat. "I hope your ready, Denton. This will be one heck of a challenge."

Castle Clinton, Decker

"Young, we're nearing the castle, get the troops ready to disembark the boat". Decker was the smartest member of this ragtag group codenamed 'cobras'. They had Jack, the best fighter in many years. They also had Young, an amazing leader, and they had Decker himself, a superb hacker and defense maker. In a few minutes at the statue, he had turned it into a UNATCO death zone. They had left Leo Gold at the statue to command the troops, but he was only there because he was a bad commander. The troops at the statue knew they wouldn't survive the night. Only the oldest NSF were allowed to stay. The boat docked at it's destination. NSF troops hurridly jumped off the boat, and Decker opened the small keypad box attached to the wall. He punched in the code, and the soda machine slid to the left as usual. He noticed one kid watching, but didn't think of it as a problem. "Ok men!" Young yelled "let's get this ambrosia hidden, and lets get the other 3 barrels moving. You know the route. This is when we split guys, team 'python', you're taking 2 barrels to La Guardia airport through the tunnels as planned. Team 'cobra' your staying here to guard the castle." Cobra included Young and Decker. Decker knew the risk he was taking, but he would sacrifice himself to help the NSF. Troops all over were getting their positions while Python team went to battery park. There they would split again, and some would guard the subway, probably taking a few hostages while they're there. Everything had to be quick and desicive. He was startled when Young tapped him on the shoulder. "Huh?" he asked, confused.

"Decker, set up a security grid downstairs. A few cameras and turrets will do. I've had a radio transmission from the statue. Apparently the UNATCO still haven't entered the building. They're holding out longer than expected. Stupid UN lackeys. They take years just to figure out how to storm a building." Young was convinced that UNATCO were just planning and generally being idiots, but Decker wasn't so sure.

"So you don't think they've got a trick up their sleeve, like another mech, maybe 2 this time? Or even one of those nano people!" Decker remembered the nano soldiers. Paul was the only one they knew, but there was much suspicion that he had a brother, who wasn't as smart as Paul, and would probably stay at UNATCO. Paul hadn't spoke about it, but fear was instilled in the heart of every NSF. They'd seen how Paul could operate before he realised UNATCO was a sham. He could kill an infinite amount of NSF and still be ready to kill more. Young wasn't as scared. It was kind of his duty as leader, to look calm at all times, even when the situation looked so grim, it was suicide.

"Paul will talk this 'brother' into joining us. Trust me. Nano people aren't mindless killing machines like mechs. They're much more advanced, too advanced for a corrupt organisation like UNATCO to handle." It was getting late, and Decker still hadn't started on that security grid. All he could do was hope Young was right. Because if he wasn't, this nano man could wreck the NSF's plans forever...

Liberty Island, JC

"Last stop, Liberty Island" shouted the boat driver. JC leaped off the boat. His coat flapped as he flew through the air. He hit the wooden floor with a thump, and examined his surroundings. Everything looked and sounded peaceful. Corporal Collins, a good friend of JC's was checking the sea for any activity. A security bot was on patrol. Why didn't UNATCO just storm the island? He approached the Corporal. A window popped up into his view. It was Jacobsen. "Heads up JC, your brother Paul is on his way to meet you at the dock. The NSF are raiding the island and shots have been fired. I repeat, find Paul. I will monitor your situation from HQ." The window closed. "Paul?" JC asked himself. JC was aware that Paul was on a mission in Hong Kong, but he didn't expect him here. But then, Paul was a masterful agent. He probably completed the mission much faster than expected. He collected a crowbar nearby and smashed open 2 crates. One contained a useful lockpick and the other contained some binoculars. He collected the lockpick but left the bioculars were they were. "Paul! I thought you were in Hong Kong" If he could speak in more than one tone, JC would sound surprised. But he didn't.

"Welcome to the coalition JC. Might as well start using your codename. Think I'd miss my brothers first day?" JC was still surprised, although since he had no facial expression and only one tone of voice, it didn't show. "Didn't think you'd have a choice" he replied "whats going on?".

"The NSF" Paul started his sentence, but JC didn't need him to finish it. When the NSF are involved, you can expect hostages, gunfights and usually one team left standing. You or them. "They hit one of our shipments." Shipments? Of weapons? Or chemicals?

"Shipments of what?" JC interupted. He was confused.

"We'll talk about that later. Anyway, a few got away but we trapped the rest in the statue." JC was confused about the shipments, but not about how UNATCO should handle this.

"What are we waiting for? Sounds like a textbook assault."

"Our orders are to hold back and send you in alone. I think someone high up wants to see how you handle the situation." JC thought about this, but then remembered his equipment issue.

"All I've got with me is a pistol and an..." Paul interrupted him.

"Where'd you get the pistol from?" He asked.

"The boat driver" JC answered "why?"

"Usually UNATCO supply you with just the prod on your first mission, and they see if you're good at collecting ammo during the mission"

"Looks like I got a headstart, but I am still lacking in weaponry for an encounter with a bot or a mass battle"

"Stick with the prod. It'll stun your opponents or knock them unconcious. Just in case though, Manderly wants you to pick an additional weapon. A sniper rifle, a GEP gun, or a mini-crossbow." JC thought about taking the sniper rifle, but he knew the NSF had trained snipers. But GEP guns were a little over budget for some rag tag terrorists. He wouldn't find one of them on the island. "I'll take the GEP gun" he answered.

"The GEP gun might be useful. They have a security bot guarding the entrance to the statue." JC was now getting impatient and wanted to start the mission as soon as he could.

"Great" he replied, rapidly losing patience "whats the first move?"

"I'm going to give you a map of the island. There's an informant on the north dock that can get you inside the statue. He'll respond to the phrase, 'iron and copper'. You could avoid a lot of fighting though, if you found a back way into the statue." JC thought Paul wasn't exactly a stealthy person, and suggesting such a sneaky method wasn't his character usually.

"I'll see how it looks onshore" He thought that he could go now, but Paul still carried on talking.

"Your primary objective is the makeshift command centre the terrorists have at the top of the statue. They've also captured mech man himself, Gunther. He's probably being held on the ground floor, but if I was you, I'd leave him. He shouldn't of disobeyed orders like that." There was a long standing rivalry between Paul and the mech man, as he was known. JC hated him simply because Paul did, and Paul doesn't make enemies easily.

"Unlike you Paul, I like getting my op bonus, and if I rescue Gunther thats an extra 250 creds for rescuing a UNATCO agent. He can do his own thing after getting out though." Paul sighed. JC liked money a little too much, but it was good he was following orders.

"Fine, rescue mech man if you want, but the primary objective is more important. Find and question the leader, we don't yet know why the terrorists would risk an open assault."

"I'll do that" JC finally got to begin his mission. He made his way to the statue. A lot of NSF were guarding the pathways. Alex began talking to him again. He told JC to remember stealth, and use headshots if things get messy. JC sneaked in behind some crates. There were two NSF around the crates. He decided to go gung-ho and lay the smackdown on them. Two headshots in two seconds put an end to they're lives without any resistance. He saw the bot Paul mentioned. Unsophisticated, lightly armed and an easy target for a GEP gun. He fired one rocket and the thing blew into pieces. What junk. JC saw that the statue had a security console that could turn off the cameras and open a few doors. He hacked the console and turned all the turrets to attack enemies. On the camera he noticed a gas barrel. He memorised its location and unlocked the front door. He then dived into the door, kicking it down and sliding on it like a skateboard. The NSF soldier ran to the alarm, but was limping after getting shot in the leg by a turret. JC was still sliding on the door, and shot the gas barrel. He then leaped off the door as it crashed into the model thing in the hall. The alarm was ringing, but one terrorist was dead from gas fumes. Many more poured into the hall, but never went into the clouds of green gas. "Fascist! I'm gonna get this pig!" was shouted out by around 5 NSF all surrounding JC. He reloaded his pistol. And began firing...

Castle Clinton, Decker

Decker had finished the security grid. The camera whirred as it examined it's surroundings. The castle was bleak, and grim. It was eerily quiet, as all the NSF had taken up their positions. Young was hiding in a shadowy window, he was invisible unless you stared hard. The camera's whirring noise sounded like a commotion, as Decker had been surrounded by silence for the last 10 or so minutes. No one talked. There was a grim, miserable, agonising atmosphere lingering around the castle. Decker was convinced he would die tonight. But his death would not be in vain, he hoped. He went upstairs to tell Young about the security grid. Young looked captivated in sorrow. He was much more miserable than anyone else. Decker asked him what was wrong after telling him about the security grid. "The statue's been invaded by a lone agent. They're saying he's a nano person. The transmission was cut off a few minutes ago. I think I'm right when I say the statue operation is over. They held out for longer than expected, but I didn't expect it to be this hard. Leo was like a friend, even a brother. We've been through it all, thick and thin, but we've always stood by each other. Do you think I should've stayed with him? Is it my fault? Why did I choose to sacrifice so many? Should we pull out now?"

Young's voice was a hoarse whisper. Decker tried to comfort him.

"You did what any other right-minded person would've done. Leo's death will not be in vain. And you needed to come with us. The troops here need a leader, and you're the best there is. Now the pressure is on us. If you start to crack like that, then UNATCO have won, and I'm freezing my bollocks off here for nothing. Why don't you tell the troops about the statue though?" Decker had to be strong. If Young had cracked under pressure, the pressure would be hard. The pressure would be on him. And if he cracked, it would be over. Young answered his question, "It would demoralise them to much. We need them strong, and ready. The atmosphere is already like death looming around us. Telling them would just make it worse." Decker understood, and took his position. He was also hidden in a shadowy window, armed with a buck-shot shotgun and around 5 shells. All the troops had such meager ammo, and the fight would probably end sooner than it did in the statue. But Decker would not give up until he knows it's over.

Statue Of Liberty Prison, Gunther

"You stay here robot, while I go see what the fuss is." The guard had little respect for Gunther, and ran out of the room. "I vill kill him personally ven I get out of here" Gunther said to himself. He had tried bashing the door with his fists but it was little help. The guard simply laughed at him when he tried that. He had heard gunshots a few seconds ago, and wondered what was going on. Suddenly, a trench coat wearing figure burst into the cell, and obliterated the door with a GEP gun rocket. "Agent!" Shouted Gunther. The agent ran into the cell. JC was surrounded by smoke and fire, and was looking weary. "Glad to see your not hurt Gunther" JC threw him a pistol. Gunther caught it with his right arm and loaded it with ammo off a terrorist corpse. "Command should not have left us to be surrounded." Gunther was filled with rage as he remembered how he was caught. "Risk is part of the job, guess you lucked out this time" said JC as he watched for any more terrorists. Gunther stood up, his pistol was fully loaded and he was ready. "I do not retreat agent. Ve vill go up to ze command centre together, and kill ze terrorist leader." Gunther liked the thought of killing whoever was responsible for the raid.

"The order is to capture him Gunther. And my orders are to go in alone. You secure the ground floor, I left a few outside for you to kill."

"Excellent" shouted Gunther as he ran out, triggering the laser alarm as he went. Terrorists poured into the building and Gunther took great joy in killing every last one. He watched as JC ran up the stairs. "He vill not be like his brother" Gunther thought as he gunned down terrorists. "He knows ze procedure of a good offensive".

Statue Of Liberty Upper Levels, JC

As JC climbed the stairs, he noticed a lone NSF standing next to an explosive crate. "It doesn't take a genius to figure out what to do here" he thought as he reloaded his pistol. The NSF was a little too far away from the crate. JC fired a warning shot. "Fascist!" The NSF ran over, but JC was swift, and he hid downstairs. "I thought I saw someone, a guy in a coat" muttered the NSF as he walked away. JC ran back up and took aim at the crate. "Closer... Closer..." he whispered to himself. JC fired and the room lit up. Gibs and organs flew all over the room, and the walls were red with blood. "Quiet! I think we got cops!" yelled NSF as they ran down the stairs. 3 Uniformed guards and a mercenary poured into the corridor. "What a mess" moaned one NSF. "We should pull out!" shouted another, younger soldier. He was nervous, JC could tell. He walked up the stairs. "Lock and load!" shouted an older terrorist. He began taking shots. His aim was wild. JC let him fire 3 bullets before retaliating. He ran up the stairs and jumped over the 4 terrorists. Even without speed enhancement augs, he was quite athletic. As he spun through the air he unloaded an entire clip into the NSF group. With quite a fast refire rate, the pistol unloaded its magazine in around 4 seconds. JC landed. 3 bodies hit the floor. The terrorist who didn't die was the youngest. "No! I dont want to die!" he screamed, pleading for his life. JC was trained to be a cold blooded killer. But, he was more like Paul than Anna. He didn't exactly like killing. "When the guards begin sweeping the statue pretend your dead. And when you get a chance, run. But never fight for the NSF again." The terrorist nodded, and JC used his riot prod for the first time in the entire night. The young soldier dropped like a stone. JC continued up the stairs, towards the leader...

Liberty Island, Paul

"Your brother's approaching the commander. Now is the true test. After he's done he'll meet you at HQ. Your orders are to wait for him at the front door." The window closed out of view. Paul had been talked to by Alex a thousand times using this method, but rarely spoke to him in real life. He knew this would be the test for JC. Was he another AnnaGunther type killer? Or did he follow orders? Paul knew JC had a tendency to be rash. He killed a few hostages in target practice, but he wasn't as bad as a mech. The mechs both killed every target, civilian or otherwise, in the training. But now would be the moment. The real test. "Corporal, watch the dock, I've got orders to return to HQ".

"Yes sir" replied Collins, as he patrolled up and down the dock. Paul wondered if his nano augs were worth it. Collins could fit in at any bar when off-duty, but Paul had glowing blue eyes, and wires running up and down his arms. He would never fit in at a normal party. Were the powers really worth it? He decided they must be, as he is the best agent at UNATCO. He has the best mission success rate, snatching the title from Anna a few weeks ago. He thought about all this as he switched on speed aug and leaped onto the island, and then sprinted to base. It took him 3 seconds. It would've took Collins a minute. "Yo Paul, I'm hearing your brother cleared the place out." Paul looked where the voice was coming from. It was Kaplan, a cool guy, but a nutcase. He reguarly took weapons from the corpse's of enemies and sold them off. Kaplan called it the perks of the job. Everyone else called it thievery.

"Well even if he did, I'm sure glad he didn't buy anything off you" Paul replied.

"And how do you know he didn't?" asked the tech sergeant.

"Because my brother isn't stupid" Paul answered, and then walked to the door.

"Afraid base is under lock-down until the danger's clear Paul" Kaplan shouted. The door opened. Paul knew Alex would pop into view any second, and tell him if JC followed orders. A window came into view.

"Paul, your brother rescued Hermann and has secured the statue. He has questioned the terrorist leader, and has left him unhurt. He did well." The window then disappeared out of view. Paul was relieved. He now knew he had a good brother and not a murderer. He waited for JC to return...

Liberty Island, Gunther

"There are a few terrorists on zis dock. Ve vill kill zem all." Gunther whispered to the troops following him. Gunther ran onto the dock, unloading rounds from his assault gun. "Agh! My chest, it hurts!" he yelled as he took about 10 tranquilisers in the chest. "Ugh" He was almost unconcious before another troop tossed him a medpack. He used it, and was instantly back in the action. He poured lead from his gun into the terrorists. Then once they were dead, he went back to base. He went to the break room to get some orange soda. He put in his money. A can popped out. "Vat is zis? Lemon lime?!?" he yelled, as he tossed the can aside. "Anna vill know vat is going on here" he thought as he went to find her...


Paul didn't like the fact that JC killed so many terrorists, but seemed pleased that he didn't kill the leader. JC was tired and thirsty, so he decided to go to the breakroom to get some food from the vending machine and a soda. "Are you sure you pressed the right button?" he heard Anna say as he entered the break room. "I do not make mistakes of zat kind" he heard Gunther reply. "Your hand might of slipped" Anna didn't trust Gunther's intelligence. "No! I vanted orange! It gave me lemon-lime" Gunther was yelling by this point. "The machine would not make a mistake!" Anna shouted back. "It's za maintenance man! He knows I like orange!" Gunther was angry now. "So you think the staff has some kind of plot?" Anna knew it was Gunther's mistake, but he had other ideas.

"Yes, zey do it on purpose" Gunther began to wonder about killing the maintenance man, but saved that idea for another time. JC walked into the kitchen area. "My new partner JC Denton. Don't tell me your going to wear those sunglasses during a night operation." Anna thought she had another retard to deal with now. "My vision is augmented" replied JC, he would smile if he could because a mech's vision is nowhere near as sophisticated. "At least it is a vay zat we know it iz not Paul" interrupted Gunther. He was trying to lighten the mood. "I do not expect you to perform as well as agent Hermann, but the mission will require us to do more then frighten the NSF with our baggy coats that make us look bigger than we really are!" Anna was furious. She thought of nano agents as show offs and hippies. But that was only based on Paul. She knew nothing of JC, other than he passed her stealth course on his first try, with a record time. He even beat Paul's time. "He vill not be ze equivalent of his brother. I have seen zat he know's the procedure of a good offensive." Gunther again interrupted. He knew JC was capable, and would surprise Anna as much as he surprised himself. "Let us hope you are right" Anna said, as she left the room. JC thought of her no more than she thought of the mech man. Both nowhere near as good as him, although she had more brains than Gunther. But he was stronger. Gunther told JC that Anna had every life to give for her partner, but JC was skeptical. "As if" he thought. He entered his money into the vending machine and got an orange soda. Gunther looked on, and was furious. He picked the machine up and launched it into the wall. It shattered and broke in an amazing explosion. "What a nutcase" JC thought as he sipped his soda.

Battery Park Subway Station, Jake

"Please let me go! I thought the NSF fought for good! But why would you do this to me?!?" Jake thought the other hostage would never shut up, and probably get them both killed. He knew the NSF took hostages, and he didn't exactly like it, but he had been in UNATCO before. He knew that NSF never exterminated hostages. They just make some traps, and if UNATCO soldiers set them off, it's UNATCO's fault. TNT crates were scattered across the station. He noticed the NSF carting barrels of ambrosia through the train station and into a phone box. "Probably taking it for themselves" he thought. But now he was simply waiting quietly. The other hostage wasn't as smart. "Why!?! Why are you doing this?" she pleaded. The NSF soldier guarding them raised his pistol to her head. She went silent. "Shut up, or I'll pull this trigger, you stupid bitch." Jake knew that would be how the terrorist reacted but he didn't agree with it. He was getting more and more frightened. Would they kill him? Why wasn't anyone trying to rescue them? He asked himself these questions over and over, but couldn't find answers. His mind was full of thoughts of death and execution. He thought he wouldn't last the night. He had to take action. "Hey bro". He addressed the terrorist calmly, trying to keep the mood light. "What do you want?" the NSF soldier asked. "Just a cigarette please" he answered. "Ok, but promise you'll both shut up after you get them". The woman remained silent. She was probably thinking about how she could've so nearly died. "I hear ya bro, just chill and pass the cigarette." The terrorist handed him a cheap-brand smoke. He gave Jake a lighter. Jake lit the cigarette, and quietly slipped the lighter into his pocket. The terrorist simply turned around and didn't think about it again. Then Jake grabbed a hair spray can he noticed earlier. He began shouting. "Right, I got myself a flamethrower here, and a hostage of my own!" He grabbed the terrorist who was guarding him moments before. "One wrong move and this man dies." Jake sounded confident. The female hostage was amazed.

"Punk, your plan aint gonna work" the terrorist said as he pressed his gun into the side of Jake's head and pulled the trigger. Jake dropped to the floor. "Get another hostage, and get rid of the body!" shouted the man in charge. The female hostage was overwhelmed. "Why didn't I help him?" she asked herself. "Because your smart" one of the terrorists answered. And it seemed he was right. The corpse was dragged onto the tracks, where it would rot.