Chapter One - My Curse

Hello, my name is Emma. I was cursed when I was born. A curse that will remain with me forever. One Hundred years ago a woman was raped by a Vampire, Count Dracula. He was just having fun with her. But to her is was not fun, for she got pregant that night. When it was time to give birth to this child, she feared that it would be a monster. She gave birth to girl, a girl that was beyond beauty. But she still feared her child, this girl, was part vampire and she would cause great amount of trouble. She brought he daughter to a church and ask the Priest to help her. He brought the child to the Rome so that she may be free for the devil. There she was raised by the priests and brothers.

She grew up loving God and wanting to serve Him every day of her life and she did. Her mother visited her weekly and she went to confession monthly. She had no sign of evil in her. Thrity years later her mother past away and she was torn apart. She loved he mother so much and she wanted to know were father was and why she was living in the seminary with the priest. She long to get out. But they wouldn't let her out because they feared her. Yet they never told her who she really was. She questioned this every day. But they never answered her. She seen many priest and brothers come and go thoughtout her life. But she would never die even tought she was older then them. she also remained young and beautiful. With her jet black hair and icy blue eyes.

It has been almost a hundred years since I was born and my good friend Van Helsing and Brother Carl are about to change my life forever.