Normal POV Meanwhile, Carl ran to see Van Helsing. There in the lab was a Big black werewolf, whihc was Van Helsing. Carl took out th steak and said "God forgive me" as he ran towards the wolf. But Van grabed he's arm and stopped him. Carl saw that Anna had given him the cure. Then he saw her dead, Van Helsing has killed. "She's Dead" said Carl. The werewolf picked her up and howled to the moon as he changed back to his human form. He held her crying.

Carl Stood there and then reallize that Emma was not there. He looked around, to see if she was behind him. She was not there; he remember that she was a vampire and in killing Dracula, they would have killed her. He ran to the enterence and saw a body laying on the ground in front of the caslte. He ran up to the body and saw that it once was Emma's. She died and she died alone. Her skin was as pale and cold as the snow. Her limp body, made her look like a doll. She was no more then 90 pounds and was a little over 5 feet tall. Her red straighter red hair was laid softly on the ground. Her eyes were open, there were no long her green eyes, but a light gray. Her pale pink lips thats one were red and plump are now dried out. Carl longed kiss them ever sine he met her, but he was a friar and could never do it. Tears ran down Carl's face."Emma" he cried " No, you can't be gone" he pick her up and held her in his arms. "God, why, why take this child of yours, she has done nothing but love you and served you, she doesn't deserve to die." he cried. He put his head on hers and sat there for what seemed like forever.

He remember the time they first met, Father Andrew introduced them. He was just a student at the vatican, the first time he saw he fell in love with her smile. Her smile was so pure, so radiant it lit the whole room. But he wanted to be a friar and to serve God, so he was just friends with her. Also the time when he was reading in the library about Count Dracula and who he is, and Emma tiped toed behind him and jumped behind him and grabed his shoulders. Carl screamed like a girl and the everyone eyes were on him. Emma burst out laughing. She had a great laugh, a laugh that Carl loved to hear. But now he wouldn't hear it again. These and more memorys of Emma were raceing throught his mind.

The dark clouds parted and the sun came throught them, the rays were on Emma and Carl. Carl look up towards the heavens. He could feel Gods presence, Gods grace. Then it started to rain."Carl?" said a timmed voice, Carl looked down at Emma, he touched the side of her face, it was warm. He smiled, Emma was okay she was back in his life thanks to God. 'Emma" Carl said with excitment. "You scared me, I thought i lossed you. I'm going to do what I should have done, when we first met." he bent over and kissed Emma on the lips. Emma looked into his eyes and she was finally happy. She felt free and she was, she was no longer prison to her fathers past.

They both stood up and gave eact other a big hug. "Where's Anna and Van helsing" she asked Carl. Saddness took over his face. "She's gone, Van Helsing accidently killed her when he was a werewolf." Just then Van Helsing walked out of the caslte carrying Anna. They could tell he was sad.

Emma, Carl, and Van Helsing stood at the foot of a cliff and watched as Anna's dead body burned. Carl had is arm around Emma and Van Helsing stood a couple feet away.

Eight years later in a small village in Rome

"Mom! Anna destoryed the wooden horse the uncle gave me." Said a young boy who about 6 years old. "Gabriel, she is only two years old, she doesn't know any better." Said the mother. "But mom, that was thing that uncle gave to me before he left. Now I won't have anything to remind me of him" then a man walked into the room. "Emma, guess who I saw to day?" said the man. "I don't know Carl? Who?" she walked over to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "The one and only Van Helsing, and h is coming for dinner." "Uncle is coming for dinner, but he wasn't supposed to be back for another 6 months." said Gab,he was so excited. Anna smiled and went to the other room to pick up Anna from the wooden play pin. Then Van walked through the door and Gab ran nan jumoed in to his arms. "Uncle, I'm so happy to see you." then he got mad."Anna broke the hosre you gave me." "Oh is that so, then I'm going to have to get you a new one" Said Van with a smile, so did Gab.

They all sat around the table, said their grace, and diged in. Emma was watching all those around her, her family and her friend. She was lucky, God gave her a second chance. She thanked God every day for saving her, so that she could be with the ones she loved. Her life was no longer Cursed, but Blessed.

Emma Died at the age of one hundred and fifty (A/N: she was over a hundred when she got married) She had fifty wonderful years with her Husband Carl and their Children. They both die happy.

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