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Come Out, Come Out, Where Ever You Are

The man peered through his binoculars. The man he was watching walked into his empty house and locked the door. The man, named Drake, put down his binoculars and crept toward the house. When he reached the side of the house he walked around back. He opened the backdoor which was always kept unlocked and snuck into the house.

He walked down the hallway and stopped in front of the door to his victim's bedroom. He peered through the ajar doorway and saw the other man staring at his computer. He pulled out his knife and snuck into the room. He came up behind the other man and quickly sliced his throat.

The man's head hung limply against his chest. The murderer glanced at the computer screen. A file named "Quest out West" (I know it's lame, I couldn't think of anything else though) was minimized.

Using one of his gloved hands he shifted the mouse over the file and clicked. A word document popped onto the screen. He read a couple lines of the story then closed the document and shut down the computer, on impulse.

He quickly exited the house and hid in the bushes nearby.

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