17 – The Life and Magic

Obviously, when Lily had jumped off her broomstick, her primary objective had been to catch the Snitch. However, her thought processes had sort of stopped there. What she would do once she had caught the Snitch was something she had not really though about in so much detail.

It was a dilemma that hit her while the fingers of her right hand were tightening round the small golden ball, but her brain did not even get very much further than that. It was as if all rational thought had taken one look at the situation and said 'Now you've done it! I tried to warn you, but would you listen? No-o-o! That's it! Now you're on your own!'.

On the bright side, a pleasant humming had taken the place of the mortal terror that you would have thought anyone would be feeling in her particular situation as the constant of gravity roped its arms around her and pulled her towards the ground. Being no stranger to life-or-death situations, (for examples, see recent inter-house guerrilla warfare and potential lynch-mobbing) Lily reflected idly that she probably wouldn't die, you know, all things considered. How she had come to this conclusion is questionable, but she thought she probably would end up in the Hospital Wing for a few weeks and she wondered whether it would be enough to make her miss her NEWTs.

Although, the ground was coming towards her at an alarmingly fast speed, (funny, that) and the faster the ground came towards her, the more time Lily predicted she would be confined to a bed with white sheets. It was beginning to get quite scary in that respect.

Now that she'd had time to think about it while the air rushed past her, making the folds of her scarlet Quidditch uniform shake to and fro, she began to panic. Whether she died or not, falling from this sort of height was bound to be quite painful, whichever way you looked at it.

Just when Lily was starting to fear she was going to be spending her whole life in the Hospital Wing, her course of movement changed rather drastically. It was a bit of a shock when something collided quite forcefully with something that was not the ground. This thing in fact, came at her from a ninety degree angle at fifty miles an hour, so you could see why this change was unexpected.

The circumstances themselves were also a bit of a major change. For instead of tumbling freely, nothing holding her back, out on her own, a toy to gravity, now she found herself in the rather confined space of someone's arms. This someone was quickly identified as James Potter.

Now there were things all around her. In front of her was James's chest, around her were his arms, underneath her were his knees and the handle of his Hurricane 5.

All in all, she had to say that her current situation was far better than the one she had been in three seconds ago, although she was afraid that her rib cage would soon collapse in on itself if James did not loosen the grip he had around her a little.

Because the Head Boy's arms were otherwise engaged, his broomstick slowed down and gradually drifted towards the ground so that he and Lily sort of tumbled off it onto the grass in one big bundle of limbs, Quidditch uniforms and shin pads. They ended up kneeling on the ground with James still retaining his death-grip on as much of Lily as he could get into his arms. Both of them were breathing as if oxygen was a limited edition chocolate from Honeydukes, in long, deep breaths that each of them could feel through the other's chest.

Lily heard James muttering something and she soon realised that it was the single word 'almost . . . almost . . . almost . . .' being whispered over and over again.

James thought that at that moment, holding Lily as close to him as possible must have been the only thing that was keeping him from going mad. It was hard to believe that he had caught her and that she was not being led off the pitch on a stretcher.

For a moment there, he had thought it had all gone wrong. He had thought it was all over. He had been shot in the heart with the sharpest splinter of terror that he had felt in his life. He had thought Lily was going to die.

Thoughts like this are often some of the hardest to wipe from one's mind. Even as James had felt the impact of his colliding with Lily and scooping her out of her dive, he found it hard to think of anything else apart from the fact that she had only been about six metres from the ground.

It was getting better though. Now he could feel himself clinging her, he could begin to believe it. Every breath that she pushed out against him was further proof that she was alive. Every slight shift of her arms around his neck banished the worst from his mind a little more.

There was a roaring sound in Lily's ears and it took a moment to realise that it was the sound of two thousand people standing up and cheering. It took another moment to realise why it was that there were two thousand people stood up and cheering. She pulled away slightly and in the four or so inches between them, she opened her hand to show him the Snitch, which was flapping its small, battered wings in a half-hearted sort of way.

James gave it a sort of dismissive look that said 'that's nice', before pouncing on Lily once more. The Head Girl rolled her eyes and smiled, never one to complain about being hugged by someone she quite fancied.

"I hope none of you closed your eyes for a second there," Remus said, sounding quite exhausted, "I hope none of you turned away or looked somewhere else, or sneezed or anything. If you did, I'll tell you that you just missed the most amazing stunt in the history of Hogwarts Quidditch, and you ought to be bloody kicking yourselves right now."

James began to contemplate the fact that he may well have to start thinking about considering entertaining the notion of letting go of Lily at some point when wave after wave of scarlet-clad fans started a full-scale invasion of the field. He and Lily scrambled to their feet, and Lily held up the Snitch and laughed as there was a new wave of cheering. She turned to James and grinned.

"Wave then," she said cheekily, and James raised a hand, blowing out a sigh in a kind of awe that made Lily laugh harder. Soon enough, they were swamped by the crowd and the sheer current of maniacal fans carried them off.

"Oh, we're going this way, are we?" James said conversationally to no one in particular.

"Fair enough," Lily added, between the ecstatic exclamations of various red-clad people who were shaking their banner in triumph.

As for the Quidditch cup, James did not particularly care for standing up on the podium and holding up the cup. True, he had been looking forward to doing it for six years, ever since he had started playing, but it wasn't the same with only himself and Lily. Sirius, Verity, Ainsley, Simon and Keith had all helped them to win the cup and he felt that they should have been up there too, standing in line, receiving the cup that Professor Dumbledore passed to them.

Everyone cheered when he and Lily were presented with it nonetheless (especially Professor McGonagall, amusingly,), but as James lowered his arm again, he had a fabulous idea. He waved for quiet as Lily watched and began speaking.

"So, er," he said casually when the crowd had quietened down a bit, "thanks very much, cheers. And er, everyone: party, Heads' Dorms, follow us, see you there!"

This was (predictably) followed by another round of cheering. James jumped off the podium and held up a hand to Lily, who leaned on it to hop down. Without any kind of explanation, he tugged her after him by the hand and they began a brisk walk across the grounds, followed, incidentally, by around three hundred fans and Remus who had abandoned his post behind the microphone and joined them at the front of the crowd, just as ecstatic as the rest of them.

Lily was grinning all the way. She could honestly not remember being this happy at any point in her life before. She hadn't even thought it was possible to be this happy, but apparently it was, and she was sorry that more people couldn't feel the way she did.

She thought it must have been the way James kept glancing at her as they walked, as if he couldn't quite believe they had won and needed to refresh his memory every five seconds.

There was a bit of a scramble to get through the doors to the Entrance Hall but they managed it. The portraits of Hogwarts must have gotten the shock of their iconic lives at the sound of so many rowdy students sweeping through the castle. Another round of Gryffindor singing had started up somewhere in the back and it wasn't long before the group had travelled through the corridors of Hogwarts (James severely pitied anyone who had intended to travel in the opposite direction of their little excursion group) and arrived at one of the turnings that lead to the Head's Dorms. Suddenly, James turned around.

"Hold on a sec," he said to Lily and twisted them both round. "Oi You lot!" he hollered over the crowd of Gryffindors, "we're just gonna take a small detour! Won't be a minute!"

A couple of people looked at each other and shrugged cheerfully and Lily was beginning to suspect that even if James had said something like 'You're all hideously ugly buggers and thick to boot', her housemates still would have cheered uproariously.

"Potter!" she yelled over the noise, "where are we off to?"

"Ah, you'll see!" James shouted back, and led them all the way to a stop outside . . . the Hospital Wing.

Up until then, all the Gryffindor players had been confined to the wing on Madam Pomfrey's orders. According to her, it was the best thing for repaired bones and healed cuts to be allowed to settle. She didn't add that she thought Quidditch was the bane of her existence and a sure shot at killing yourself, but the Gryffindors surmised this well enough from her tone.

Those that weren't confined to white-sheeted mattresses had crowded round the windows trying to scrape together a view of the Quidditch pitch, but their side of the castle was at the most annoying angle of looking out onto only a measly corner of the stands. Only about one in every ten words of Remus's commentary was loud enough to be picked out, so all the way through the remainder of the match, Sirius, Verity, Simon, Ainsley and Keith had been trying to work out which side was winning by listening to the cheers of the crowd. It was like trying to paint a scene of the sixteenth century troll wars with only a twig and some brown paint.

This was particularly exasperating when at one point, it looked like everyone in that little corner of the stands was standing up and a unanimous gasp rose from the crowd like steam from a coffee maker.

"What just happened?" demanded Verity, a little hysterically from her bed.

"Who knows?"

"Search me."

"No clue," Sirius, Ainsley and Keith said in turn.

When Ainsley spotted all the Ravenclaws climbing down from their end of the stands, he gathered that the match must be over.

"I can't take it," Verity announced, "'Give you knee time to fuse,'" she said, imitating the nurse, "what a load of rubbish. I'm off to find someone who can tell me what's going on . . ."

The Chaser had only just started to put weight gingerly on her knee when she got distracted.

The roar of the crowd was getting louder and louder by the second.

"Merlin alive," remarked Sirius, "d'you hear that?"

"Yeah," nodded Simon, whose midriff was in a cast to allow his newly repaired ribs to settle. "Sounds like a herd of stampeding Hippogriffs . . . that can sing Quidditch songs."

"I've seen it before, you know," Keith told him.

"We must have won," Verity said slowly, "it's only explanation. We won!"

As if to prove her point, the doors flew open and the mob spilled through into the room, their clamour filling the space like the smell of dungbombs fills the corridor on the last day of term, the white walls clashing impressively with their brightly coloured banners and painted faces. Verity screamed with glee and Sirius burst out laughing.

"You did it!" shrieked Verity as Lily fought her way over to the bed her friend was perched on. "I don't believe it! You did it!"

"Yeah!" Lily shouted back. "We did it! Gryffindor won!"

Not caring at all about her supposedly bad knee, Verity jumped up and seized Lily by the hands, dancing around and screaming like mad. It was probably lucky that Remus had fought his way over because this gave Verity someone to kiss squarely on the lips in happiness.

"But never mind about that!" Lily shouted to her. "Party! Come on!"

"Aw, this was almost worth getting temporarily crippled for!" declared Verity, "Fan-sodding-tastic!"

Once the remaining Gryffindor players had been rounded up (some of them had required active transportation due to the nature of their injuries), James had stood on one of the beds and shouted, "Right-o! To the Heads' Dorms, everyone!"

"I say!" came a screech from the doorway. Those nearest to the noise turned around with minimum interest to see Madam Pomfrey, who had rushed out of her office, looking livid. "What is this . . . this invasion? What are all doing in my wing? Haven't you noticed there are injured patients in the vicinity? Get out! Get out! You're all terribly unsanitary!"

"S'all right!" James called, waving a hand to the nurse over the crowd, "we were just leaving! Thank you!"

It was only once the lot of them had cleared out of her dominion that Madam Pomfrey realised she had been robbed of all her patients.

So the excursion continued back to the Heads' Dorms. Someone said the password and this further suggested that by now everyone in the school must have known it. They really must change it soon, Lily thought.

As soon as the first Gryffindors flooded into the room, preparations began to get underway. People were dispatched to the kitchens to fetch food and drink, someone had made the crucial decision to set up the magical gramophone in the corner and all the banners that had been waved at the match were hung up around the room.

"Aw, brilliant!" grinned Sirius, strolling into the room and clapping his hands together.

"I'm not sure what's better," Verity said, conversationally, as she skipped into the room, Remus behind her, "the match or the post-match party."

"Can someone put a decent record on?" shouted James, making to pull Lily through the door behind him as the music started up and people gave their official cheer of approval. But Lily suddenly stopped and tugged him back, letting a group of rather lairy third years past them.

As they both stumbled off to the side, no one took much notice of them, and James said cheerfully, "Lilo, what's up?" then cheekily, "there's a party just in the next room, if you hadn't noticed."

Lily was looking down, towards where both her hands were holding his. James hoped this didn't have anything to do with The Jump, as it was now known as in his brain. He hoped that she didn't think she had to apologise, or explain herself or anything. Let's face it, anything she did, he'd probably done worse. He found he didn't need to hear it anyway.

"I had noticed," she said slowly, "but I wanted to, you know . . . say thanks . . . for ensuring I wasn't going to spend the rest of my life in St Mungo's."

James squeezed her hand.

"It was nothing," he said. "Don't even worry about it, anyone would have done the same. Just . . . try to resist any urges you get to leap off airborne broomsticks in the future, all right?"

Lily only seemed to become more flustered.

"Yes, but, still . . . it was rather nice of you," she said, her voice speeding up.

"Well, I could hardly let anything happen to the Head Girl, could I?" James asked, teasing. "Then I might actually have to do some work around here."

Lily laughed briefly, but she didn't seem to have said everything she had queued up in her head.

"Anyway," she continued, "it won't happen again. I promise that's the end of my short-lived career in broom-diving, no more stick-leaping, ever."

"I'm glad to hear it," James said patiently, wondering whether there was in fact any point to this conversation, when he had a mind to ask Lily to dance when they joined the party.

"Because, you know . . . when you gave me that Seeker place, you were trusting me to catch the Snitch, weren't you?"

"I was."

"Not that I cared any at that point, because, you know, I didn't much like you and I was only doing it to get back at that cow, Skeeter, but I suppose gradually, I really started to care about it, because partly I really got swept up in the whole Quidditch mentality, and also partly because . . . well, I liked you and I didn't want to let you down because you really believed I could do it and I see now that that's why you gave me the position and . . ."

Lily was abruptly cut off at this point because James had suddenly taken it upon himself to put his free hand just below Lily's ear and bend down to kiss her.

Of course, Lily had already known that it was quite nice to kiss James Potter when his lips were blue with cold and he was half conscious. Now, however . . .

James didn't quite know what he was doing at first when Lily made a slight noise of surprise. But then she made another noise, one that sounded a bit like the one you would make when taking a first bite of a very good strawberry cheesecake, so he supposed that he must have at least been doing something right.

It then came to his attention that what he was doing might be in fact very wrong. Panicking slightly, he pulled back, keeping his hand on her face.

"I'm . . . sorry," he said. Lily only blinked as she opened her eyes.

"What for?" she asked, truthfully, thinking that if it were not for both of her hands holding onto James's, she quite possibly would have fallen over by now.

"We're friends," James said, surely, as if it were the only thing he could be completely sure of at that moment.

"We are," Lily agreed. "That's not going to change, is it?"

"No!" James said quickly. "No, in no way is that ever going to change. That's the last thing I would ever want. I mean, I don't know what I'm doing. That's why I told myself I wasn't allowed to kiss you."

Lily smiled a bit. He still wanted to kiss her, did he?

"Well, I don't know," she said, raising her eyebrows. "I'm not so sure I would mind."

James looked as though his whole world had just rotated through one hundred and eighty degrees. He didn't so much as move for a long time and it seemed as though he had lost all use of the muscles in his jaw.

"You what now?" he asked, in a low, quick voice.

"I'm not sure I would mind at all, actually," Lily continued, looking shyly down at her shoes. "I mean, of course we could still be friends. Would it really make all that much of a difference?"

James blinked several times. This could have denoted that he was rapidly loosing control of that little, but very important sector of the brain that makes sure you don't say anything fantastically stupid.

"I'm in love with you," he said. "I think you must know that, but in case you thought otherwise, I'm telling you now . . . Does that make a difference?"

Lily's eyes flicked back up and their stares clicked into place.

"I think it makes all the difference," trying to match the sincerity of her words to the sincerity of her eyes, "because actually, I'm quite sure I'm in love with you too." James breathed out the breath he had been holding, very, very slowly. A smile was growing on his face, but he frowned a little, as if he wasn't quite ready to believe it just yet.

"Joking," he said quietly, "you're joking, aren't you?"

Lily tilted her head to the left a bit and narrowed an eye at him. Then she decided to toss both her arms around his neck, stand on her tip-toes and kiss the life and magic out of him.

And James thought that if his arms hadn't gone around Lily's waist, he quite possibly would have fallen over.

"Does it feel like I'm joking?" the Head Girl asked him pointedly.

"N-not really, no," James replied, a flush blossoming under his eyes as he pushed his glasses back up his nose.

And just for that, he wanted to kiss her again.

Back inside the Heads' Dorms, the party only got better and better. The sofas, armchairs and other furniture got shoved to the edges of the room so that girls could drag boys by the hand into the middle to dance with them. Bottles, cans and cups were emptied, food disappeared from plates and the amount of time that passed from the point when the first students invaded the dorm was directly proportional to the noise level in the room.

When Lily and James ventured back into their habitat, they found that the party had progressed a fair amount.

Remus and Verity were sat on one of the sofas under the balcony windows, shoulder to shoulder, talking just under the music, their hands secretly clasped between them. Sirius was sprawled out on an armchair on the opposite side of the room, with a sincere expression arranged on his face.

"Well, I must admit," he was saying to one Harriet Wicket as she draped herself over the arm of the chair, paying the polar opposite attention of what she usually did in History of Magic, "when I first hit the ground, the pain in this arm was the worst I've felt in my life. But, you know, now with you here, it seems to be disappearing fast. Did you know there's room for two in these things?"

"Remember this day forever!" someone shouted, as they strode past in front of the Head Boy and Girl. It was Anita Skeeter, complete with camera, waving a bundle of photographs around in the air. "I've captured everything, goals, dives, blood and broken bones! Single copies ten Knuts! Three for a Sickle! Full set for just one Galleon!"

Over by the fireplace, a first year girl was standing on the coffee table, giving Simon, Ainsley and Keith an animated account of everything that had happened after they had been cruelly torn from the action.

"So she's flying and flying and she's going to catch it, right, but then that other Seeker bloke from Slytherin grabs a hold of her broomstick tail. So she gets up like this, right, and then she takes this great flying leap, right . . ."

James turned to Lily and grinned.

"Looks you're going to go down in Hogwarts history as 'that girl who jumped off her broomstick'," he told her.

"Well," Lily smiled sceptically, "only until the next person does it, and that'll probably be all too soon. Then I'll just be known as 'that girl who started this bizarre movement of jumping off broomsticks'."

"Oh, I dunno," shrugged James. He curled an arm around her waist and pulled her down onto a sofa with him. "I could live with that. Besides, I think it's far more likely that you'll go down in history as 'that Head Girl who did what everyone else wished they could and shoved Rita Skeeter off her high Hippogriff'."

"Urg," Lily pulled a face, fitting her hands in the Head Boy's, "I'm not sure I want to be associated with her."

"Yeah, you're right."

Lily surveyed the scene in front of them for a moment. She decided that it was definitely a good place to be. She thought that the number of smiles and sounds of laughter might have been the most she'd ever come across in one place before. Considering all the post-match parties she'd ever attended, she'd noticed that the amount of carnage left after the event matched up pretty closely with how good the party had been. With this fact in mind, she was somewhat proud to see that the dorm was now an absolute tip, strewn with bottles, packets, banners, streamers and various pieces of Quidditch uniforms. She pitied the poor sod who would have to clear up after them, but for the moment, it looked like a lot of fun for everybody.

"What about," she then said to James, "'that girl who realised far too late that James Potter had changed and had become particularly fond of him by the end of the year."

"Hah," James said in a long, thoughtful syllable, "I do believe I like it."


"It's not as good as mine though."


"Well, think about it," James said fairly, "I get to be 'that bloke who fell in love with "that girl who realised far too late that he had changed and had become particularly fond of him by the end of the year" and ended up receiving the best kisses of his life'."

It took Lily a moment to work it all out, during which a handful of balloons appeared in the room and started to float around above the students, magically spreading streams of scarlet and gold bubbles in their wake.

"It's not very catchy, is it?" she asked, reasonably.

"No, it's not very," agreed James. "All right, we'll shorten it. I shall just be 'that bloke who loved Lily Evans'."

Lily turned to look at him as a streamer flew overhead, landing on the top of James's glasses in a length of red ribbon. She picked it off his nose and smiled.

"I could live with that," she said, looping the ribbon around his head to bring their lips together.

At some point around two in the morning, there came a loud banging from the front doors of the dorm and the Gryffindors, thinking nothing could possibly spoil their fun, threw them open in welcome, only to find a foul-spirited Filch, accompanied, as ever, by his scraggy pet, Mrs Norris.

The long and short of it was that they all got thrown out and lost themselves fifty points for being out after hours. The longer and shorter of it was that the Gryffindors hardly cared. It had been worth it, and besides, fifty points was nothing to what had been won in the match.

So it was that Lily and James had to stand by the doors to see that all the students left so that everyone who belonged to their respective houses could be frogmarched back to them by either Filch or Mrs Norris.

This took rather a long time. After a lot of protest from those who didn't want the party to end, there seemed to be a lot of people who wanted to congratulate the Heads on a Snitch well-caught or a party well-thrown.

"Night all!" Sirius called, reaching up to give James a knee-buckling clap on the shoulder, obviously slightly tipsy. "First-rate shindig, nicely done. Best yet, I'd say. Yes, well done!"

"Glad you survived the year of Quidditch, Lily," Remus said to her, winking and making the Head Girl laugh.

"Only just!" she replied and gave him a brief hug before the school caretaker herded him out the door quite forcefully.

"See you tomorrow, Captain!" Verity said, saluting to James, though not as smartly as usual, probably due to the Butterbeer. Then, the Chaser pounced on Lily. "I assume you had a good time tonight," she hissed, (rather loudly) in Lily's ear, "and don't think I didn't see that business with the ribbon!"

"Oh," Lily said, through a sly grin. "Well, I think we should schedule tomorrow night as an ice cream in pyjamas night so I can tell you all about it."

"Too right we are," Verity replied as she pulled back and joined Remus outside, slinging an arm about his shoulder and following the crowd back to the Gryffindor Tower.

After Filch had threatened them with bodily harm if the dorm was not spotlessly clean by Monday and slammed the doors behind the last few stragglers, James sighed contentedly and checked his watch. Quarter past three.

Lily picked her way through the debris and started absent-mindedly gathering up bottles, humming the last song that had been playing before their humble little get-together had been gate crashed.

"'Salright," James said, ambling over to her and giving her half a hug while his other hand took the bottles gently from her clutches and put them back on the mantelpiece. "We'll do it tomorrow when we can blackmail any passers by to help us."

"Mm," Lily agreed, nodding sleepily. "Good idea." She collapsed back into the nearest armchair and laid her head on James's lap when he had perched himself on the arm.

"You off to bed soon?" he asked, in a tone that told her the answer had better be 'yes'.

Lily made a noncommittal noise.

"Don't make me resort to carrying you again, Lilo." James warned. "I will do it, you know."

"I bet you couldn't manage all those stairs," Lily cajoled him.

"All right, here we go then," James said cheerfully, and soon enough, Lily was leaning her forehead against James's neck as he removed her from the armchair and actively transported her up her stairs. It was a good deal easier, he thought, when she wasn't sulking about it.

As they reached Lily's room, the redhead released an almighty yawn that looked as though it had taken more effort than that which James had used to carry her up the stairs.

"Your room, Madam," James said politely, depositing Lily onto the purple carpet.

"Thank you kindly," she replied, rubbing her eyes.

James ran a finger along those bits of hair that brushed across her eyes, not really doing anything of practicality.

"That was something of a party, wasn't it?" he said.

"Yeah," Lily agreed, "the mess downstairs is a tribute to that."

"Night night then," James said.

"See you in the morning," Lily said, stretching up to kiss him.

Just as James had reached the door, thinking longingly of his own purple duvet on his four-poster, Lily turned to look at him from her place sitting on the bed.

"Potter," she said, and James stopped, turning with his hand on the door handle. "We did alright today, didn't we?" Lily said slowly. "Won a Quidditch match, rescued our team mates from Madam Pomfrey, threw a bit of party . . . We're a fantastic team aren't we?"

James didn't answer for a long time. Lily watched the biggest, most heartfelt grin spread out onto his face, and she supposed she must have said something meaningful, although James tried to reply as though he had known they would manage it all along.

"Of course, Lilo," he said. "We're a marvellous team."

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