Winter Love Song

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Chapter one:

Kagome looked outside her window and greeted the day. She was a sixteen-year-old girl living in Tokyo, Japan and as usual, late for the bus. She ran out of her house and got to her bus stop.

"Kouga! Kouga!" She yelled to her childhood friend at the bus stop.

"Kagome are you okay?" He asked smiling as she almost fell into his arms from all her running.

"Yeah, I'm fine, will we make it in time?"

"Of course."

"Okay…Oh there's the bus!" Kagome ran to the stop with Kouga right behind her. The bus was stuffed with people and Kagome tried to shove herself in. When she was finally in, her face was planted on the door while the other hundred passengers were very close together. Kouga couldn't get in but he yelled to Kagome, "It's okay I'll take a cab. Don't fall asleep!" And with that the bus went on its way.

Ten minutes later

Kagome sat in the back since a lot of people had gotten off the bus a while ago. Kagome yawned.

Another ten minutes later

Kagome's head was on the person next to her shoulder while she slept. The person next to her raised his shoulder trying to get her head off. Kagome opened her eyes but then closed them again. Then the person took his hand and pushed her head off making Kagome hit her head on the side of the bus. She woke up and rubbed her head while looking at the person next to her. He was about five foot nine wearing a high school uniform with silver hair.

After about a minute after looking at him she looked out the bus window and saw she wasn't near the school.

Kagome panicked and yelled to the bus driver, "STOP THE BUS!" The bus driver stopped the bus and Kagome and the silver haired boy sitting next to her followed.

"Where are we?" Asked Kagome as she looked around. The silver haired boy was standing right to her not saying anything. Kagome looked at him and asked, "Hey why didn't you wake me up sooner?" She started walking but stopped and said, "Come on, we can share a cab." She waited for him. He was taken back but after a while walked behind her.

Yet another ten minutes later

They both got out of the cab and Kagome ran to school. She stopped halfway and looked to find the boy. He was walking slowly and stopped at the fence post.

"Hurry up!" She yelled but gasp when she saw him light up a cigarette and take a puff.

She looked at her watch and she didn't have time to wait for him. Kagome ran to the front of the school when….

"Kagome Higirashi!" Was what her teacher said and told her to come to him, "So, I was wondering where my 'Ms. Tardy' was. Go join the others."

Kagome bowed and went to sit next to her friend Sango where they both had to hold their arms up for an hour and a half.

"Kagome, I was only a minute and fifteen seconds late. 'Mr. Tough' is really angry lately. You know Kouga is already here, why were you late?"

"This guy…" but before Kagome could finish her sentence…

A/N: end of chapter one. I know you hate me but I'll update later. (And by I, I mean my friend will type the next chapter up soon.)

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