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Chapter nine:

The day went on and Inuyasha and Kagome had a lot of fun. If fun included riding a one seating bike. Inuyasha rode the bike with Kagome sitting on the back. And Kagome, being so carefree, stuck out her arms feeling the wind up against her face.

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It was getting darker as Kagome and Inuyasha walked down a path of fallen leaves.

"What's your dream?" Kagome asked as they kept walking.

"Well…maybe taking naps like you, I'll dream more." At that remark they both laughed.

"Did you find who you were looking for?"


"Who was it?"

"My father." Inuyasha said as he looked at his feet for a moment.

"He's not dead?" Kagome said looking at him. Inuyasha did not answer. "How did it feel to meet him?" There was a pause.

"I don't know. I had no feelings in the beginning. I was just curious what he was like…"


"Well… he didn't recognize me at all… I guess it would have been nice if he had." They continued to walk in silence. "I guess I'm still harboring feelings of hatred."

"Even so, it's good to have a father." They looked at each other then Kagome looked away. As it got darker, they ran to the ferry home.

"Wait!" Kagome yelled running with Inuyasha next to her. "Wait!"

A half an hour later

Kagome and Inuyasha walked up the hill, almost to Kagome's house with Kagome once again in smiles. The smile soon faded when she found Kouga walking down the concrete stairs.

"Kouga…" Kagome said looking at him. He had his school bag and autumn jacket on. In his hands were Kagome's bag and jacket. He looked at Kagome, then Inuyasha. He looked a little disappointed. He looked at Kagome once more.

"I brought your things." He said handing them to her. "Check and see if I missed anything. Notes from the study session are also in the bag." Kagome looked at her stuff.

"Thanks." She replied. Kouga looked at Inuyasha.

"If I had known you were with Kagome, I would have gotten your things too." Inuyasha looked at him.

"Kouga." They looked behind to find Kouga's father.

"Hi dad." Inuyasha looked away.

"Oh, you're already here."

"Hello." Kagome said bowing.

"It must've been hard preparing for the memorial service." Kagome gave a shocked look.

"Oh that's right, it's father's service today! My mom's gonna kill me." She started up the stairs then stopped and said. "Inuyasha, see you tomorrow."

Kouga's father looked at Inuyasha but he turned away to walk home before he saw him.

"Is he from your school?"

"Yes. Let's go in." As Kouga went up the stairs, his father looked back at Inuyasha. Then shook his head.

Inside Kagome's house

Kagome and her mother were on their knees in front of a small coffee table with a picture of Kagome's father on it, surrounded by flowers, food, and candles. Kagome lit some of the candles, stood up and bowed.


Inuyasha sat on a bench. Sighing, he took out the picture of his mother and father.

Back at Kagome's house

Puinsesusu looked through the photo album in her room. Kagome opened the door and kneeled down beside her.

"Purinsesusu, what were you doing? Aren't you hungry?"

"I was looking at daddy's picture's. Sister, who is this lady?" She pointed at the black and white picture. It was two men and a girl in the middle. One of the men was Kagome's father. The woman had her arm around him.

"Daddy's girlfriend." Kagome said with a smile.

"Really?" Kagome nodded. Purinsesusu looked down sad. Kagome chuckled.

"They're just high school friends." Her younger sister smiled. "Let's go eat."


Inuyasha sat on the bench looking at the picture wondering what ever happened for the picture was burned on the right side.

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Outside Kagome's house

Kouga and his father exited the house with Kagome and her family. They said their good-byes and went inside as Kouga and his father walked. Kouga's father put his arm around his son. Inuyasha, from behind a wall, looked at them together and had that empty feeling again.

The next day

Kagome walked up the stairs to see Inuyasha coming from the other way. They both stopped to look at each other. Kagome smiled as Inuyasha smiled. They entered the classroom together.

"OOOOOOOOO." The classmates said as they both entered. Kagome looked at the chalkboard to see "Kagome and Inuyasha" in a drawn heart. Kagome blushed when they started to sing "the wedding march" as she sat down telling everyone to shut up. Inuyasha sat down as he saw the mad look on Kouga's face.

Everyone hurried to there seats when Mr. Tough came in and said, more like yelled, "BE QUIET!"

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