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'Vengeance'--A COM Fanfiction By Forever3330

It happened so slow that Daja wondered why she hadn't done anything. Then she remembered; it had been so fast. Fast-slow and terrible.

Duchesses didn't wear crowns. They wore oaths, meticulously pieced together and polished. Sandry wouldn't have wanted a crown, even if duchesses did wear crowns. She probably would have worn one if they did, though. She simply would have hated it and taken it off when given the chance.

One, the noble-born stitchwitch had explained, never argued with the sillier rules of nobility; one of power must save strength for the important ones.

There was Sandry, kneeling before a priest of a name Daja could never be bothered to remember. There was Sandry, sterner in expression then Daja could remember.

Sandry should have smiled. Daja wished she had; Sandry would have preferred to die smiling than stern.

But it was too late; the dagger was a part of her back, and there was so much blood, and there was a part of her too empty for words, a tie that was broken, the part of her that had been Sandry empty...

She wanted to tell Tris that killing the man would do nothing for Sandry. That he didn't deserve it. Daja didn't send the thought, though. Tris knew vengeance.

Calmly, she moved beside her friends, and took Tris's hand in her own, as Briar had already done.

There would be no slow deaths.


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