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It was the morning of our fifteenth birthday. We, me and Mama, my big sister Kaori, and my big brothers Ryu and Tsuyu, were out having a picnic under the Sacred Tree. Mama stood up, stretched, and announced that she was going to have a bath. Then, right in the middle of the front yard, she began undressing. Kaori - always the brave one - walked over and took her hand.

"Mom? You can't undress in the front yard." Tears were welling up in her eyes. "You have to wait until you get to the bathroom."

"Oh", Mama cocked her head, and turned around, strolling into the house muttering about shampoo. Kaori turned back to us, tears flowing down her face as she gripped her yellow kimono. Turning to Ryu they nodded at each other before turning to us. Tsuyu shrugged at me, before standing up, taking my hand as we walked to the old well house. Inside were four backpacks, chock full of survival gear. We each picked one up, and I tossed one, nervous glance at Ryu before we took each other's hands, and jumped into the well.

Mama wasn't always like that. A long time ago she was... well, she was never normal, but she wasn't crazy. I think Princess Leia summed it up when she described:

"She was very beautiful. Kind, but, sad."

She never told us why.

Mama never hid our demon heritage from us. I don't remember ever thinking I was human. She trained us in controlling ourselves, and would tell stories about demon's she knew, both good and bad. Grandma never liked it. She thought that Mama should have waited until we were older, so that we didn't get scared. I don't remember the conversation, we were barely three, but Ryu says Mama looked at us, and then back at grandma. Her eyes got all shimmery, like she was gonna cry. She pulled me over and put me in her lap. She was shaking when she took Kaori's hand and looked Grandma in the eye, a single tear cascading down her face.

"Young children are sometimes frightened of the world. That doesn't mean we should let them stay in their cribs. Children are a lot stronger than you think. As long as they know you love them... they can handle just about anything life throws at them, you know?"

She never talked about our father, not even to tell us his name. The official story was Mama had gotten drunk, had a one night fling, and couldn't even remember his face - that's what Uncle Sota told people anyway. But we knew she remembered. Sometimes, one of us would say something, or do something, or look a certain way, and Mama would go all misty eyed. Sometimes she would go to her room and cry, and sometimes she would just laugh it off, proclaiming we were "just like your father", and "it must be the canine in you".

The canine in us. Our demon blood. She never blamed it. She never praised it. Never good, or bad, just a fact of life. It was a part of who we are. We were the pups. The four not-quite-demons, but not-quite-humans. Two girls and two boys. We all looked like Mama, she made sure of it. She had put a jewel shard into each of us when we were born, in order to hide our appearances.

No one was allowed to see us until we all had black hair, brown eye's, and decidedly human ears. She had given birth to us alone, in her bedroom, no one helping her but one old midwife, who had been paid a hefty sum. Just to be sure though, Mama changed her memory. Handy things, miko powers.

Two of us looked like our father, though we weren't sure who. If it was me, I hadn't seen my true form. Mama hid our demon scent - we all smell exactly like her - which can get confusing when you're trying to say, sneak an extra hour of T.V. in, and you can't tell if it's your mother coming home, or just a harmless sibling.

Our aura's were different too. Kaori and I are miko's, which pretty much overcomes any demon tendencies anyway, but the boys are demon through and through. Strength, speed, agility, they had it all. And every month on the new moon Mama would renew the spells on them, to "hide their demon beacons".

She always made sure we knew that being demons isn't a bad thing. Once, after a particularly scary story involving a demon called Sesshoumaru and his hanyou brother Inuyasha, I started crying. I couldn't understand why Sesshoumaru was so mean. Was it so bad to be both demon and human? Was I a monster? A mongrel? A good for nothing freak? Ryu asked Mama why humans and demons hate each other. Tsuyu asked who started the fights.

We were older now, pushing nine, and she had already started to go wrong in the head. She had times when she would just go inside herself, sometimes for days. Now Mama got real quiet and Kaori started to look worried, reaching up to touch her face. Mama took her hand gently and started talking, her voice soft and soothing.

"You know what I think? A long time ago, demons and humans lived in peace. I don't think they lived together in one big happy family, but they probably lived without trying to kill each other. But you see, the funny thing about humans is that they're afraid of what they don't understand. And the lifestyle of a demon is completely alien to them. They knew that there were beings that could kill them in an instant, with little or no effort. That could slaughter their families, and their children, and never break a sweat. And since they couldn't understand how demons think, they couldn't be sure that they wouldn't try. So, who do you blame? The villagers who, in their minds at least, did nothing more than defend themselves? Or do you blame the demons who probably did nothing more than growl at the wrong person at the wrong time? Rarely is hatred clearly defined in black and white..."


That was the mother we knew growing up. But the older we got, the more distant she became. She stopped training us, telling us stories, making sure we were wearing clean underwear. She never told us anything about who we were, and where our father came from - not that she ever had. Finally, when we were twelve, we turned to Grandma.

She didn't know much, but what she did know blew us away. Our mother had traveled through time? Had been friends with the great Inuyasha? Most of the stories were about him; we had figured Mama had read a good scroll from the archives or something; it had never occurred to us that she had lived those adventures. We knew about the Shikon no Tama - after all, part of it was in us. But we had never known about a quest.

As her narrative drew to a close, we eyed one another, daring someone to ask. Finally Tsuyu took the initiative.

"Grandma? Who's our father?"

We were shocked to find out that she didn't know. All she knew, was that one night mama had left the camp, Inuyasha had followed her, Koga had shown up, there was a fight, and Mama had come home pregnant with us.

"So you have no idea?" Kaori asked, disappointment clearly written on her face.

"It's probably either Koga or Inuyasha. She never told me, and the look on her face.... I didn't want to press."

"But why hasn't Inuyasha come through the well for her?" Tsuyu asked, his voice betraying a bit of anger, "It's not like he ever seemed to have a problem with it before..."

Grandma shrugged, and turned back to making dinner. Creeping back to our room, we sat in a circle on the floor, right hands held in the center, left clasping the scar's in our sides where the shard's resided. It was an old habit, one we had had all our lives; a way to remind us that we had each other.

That night we planned. If Mama got to the point.... we didn't know what point.... but if she got to the point ....we would go through the well - trusting that her blood would carry us through- and get help. We weren't sure from who; Inuyasha, Koga, Lady Kaede or anyone else. Anyone who could help. Anyone who could bring Mama back.

The next day we began researching. Over the next three years we learned everything there was to know about Feudal Japan. Our history grades skyrocketed. We slowly packed bags full of the necessities. And the day Mama lost all sense of modesty we knew it was time.


Star Wars, Episode VI, The Empire Strikes Back. She's telling Luke what she remembered of her mother from when she was small.

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