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We landed lightly on the ground under the open sky. The stones around us were covered in light vines. Sunshine poured down upon us and I could hear a wind in the trees. Glancing at my brothers and sister I sighed.

"We've come this far..."

Ryu looked at me like I was crazy. " Kaori... we're in Feudal Japan!"

I rolled my eyes at him. "So.... wasn't that what we jumped in the well for?" Yoshi giggled at me.

He glared at her. "People don't just pop through wells to the other side of time!"

"Mom used to do it all the time." Tsuyu piped up. Ryu growled at him. "What?" he asked, hands wide.

"It's not natural!"

"Look", I cut in, "if you're so scared, why did you come along?!"

"But... I... I'm not scared!" Ryu sputtered at me.

"Oh yeah, I can tell," I rolled my eyes at him, "which is why you aren't sha-"

"Mama's waiting you guys." Yoshi cut in quietly. "We came her for her." Ryu's eyes softened, and I smiled. Kiyoshi was the baby of the family- we all knew it. It was usually her stopping the fights we frequently had.

Muttering a bit, Ryu turned around and allowed me to climb on his back. Taking a deep breath he leapt out of the well, shortly followed by Tsuyu and Yoshi. I slid off and took a moment to absorb the sights and sounds of the forest. The Forest of Inuyasha. Who could be our father. Whom we came to find. Tsuyu was staring off in the distance. I went over and took his hand, squeezing it, comforting him. He looked at me and pointed, drawing my gaze to the Sacred Tree, where just that morning my mother had "come out"- of her clothes that is. I shoved the thought away, turing to Ryu.

"Well? Which way's the village?"

Gently he sniffed, then pointed. Nodding, I gathered my bags, took Yoshi by the elbow, and headed in the direction my brother pointed.

Walking through the woods was heavenly. The birds were singing, the wind was blowing through the trees, somewhere a brook was laughing.... and I was distracting myself, pure and simple. I sighed, drawing a look from Tsuyu. There was just to much going on to fully appreciate nature, beautiful though it was. We came to the edge of the forest and I turned to Ryu and Tsuyu.

"Check the perimeter for any other demons. You never know what could have happened in the last 16 years."

They nodded at me, and sped away, faster than anyone I knew. Of course, I didn't know that many demons... so who was I to judge how fast a normal demon ran? There was a lot about demons I didn't know... and there I went, distracting myself. Cursing lightly I berated myself. I had important things to accomplish, and that couldn't happen if I kept doing this. I had to take care of Yoshi, make sure the boys didn't pick a fight with some all powerful demon, make sure we found Lady Kaede and Inuyasha, make sure that Mom....

I grabbed Yoshi's hand as we walked towards the village. She was my baby sister- never mind that it was only by minutes - and I had to take care of her. It was early morning, and the village seemed to be deserted. She pointed to a shrine, similar to the one we had called home for our entire lives. Cautiously, we climbed the steps. A large courtyard was spread before us, Yoshi pointed to a small shrine not far away - grave marker by the looks of it. She went to investigate.

Not long after, I heard footsteps around the corner of the sanctuary. I walked toward the sound. A man was kneeling before a statue, saying his daily prayers. He was young, or at least middle aged. He had dark hair pulled back in a pony tale and dark purple robes. I moved toward him silently. He had power, quite a bit... not all of it good. I felt distinctly uncomfortable about his hand, the one wrapped in cloth.... something told me I should recognize him.

I reached out and put a hand on his shoulder. He spun around to face me, eye's growing wide. He sat there, staring at me, mouth hanging open.

"Kagome...?" he rasped Then, looking closer at me, he narrowed his eyes. "Kikyo."

My brows furrowed. "Did you know Kagome Higurashi?"

"Did I know- who are you?!" His face went from sickly pale to fire-engine red in the blink of an eye. The knuckles of his right hand had gone white, he was clutching the staff so hard.

I turned, sensing Yoshi's presence enter the room. He stared at her, then back at me. Standing up, he grabbed his staff and backed further into the sanctuary.

"Who are you?" he repeated, voice hard. I looked at Yoshi.

"Did you know Kagome Higurashi?" she asked slowly. His face turned red with anger.

"And if I did?" he demanded.

"Then we would ask if you could direct us to the Lady Kaede." He looked at me suspiciously

"Kaede's dead. Who wants to know?"

I sighed.

"We do." Lil' sis announced.

I glared at Yoshi.

"And who is we?"

"Does it matter?" I retorted. She glared back. I conceded. Mental sparing. Not good when you aren't sure about you're surroundings.

I stepped up to the man. "My name is Kaori Higurashi. This is my sister Kiyoshi. Kagome was our mother."

He looked at us suspiciously. "Where is sh- what do you mean was?!"

"It's... well... she's not dead... " he looked relieved, "... yet... but... it's a long story." Yoshi nodded emphatically.

He nodded, and turned to exit the courtyard. When we didn't follow he asked, "There are... people... who want to hear the story as much as I do. We're going to the village." We followed.

I shifted. We had gotten strange reactions out of the villagers, and the stares were making me uncomfortable. Yoshi wasn't faring much better. We drew to a little hut - well, it was bigger than the rest of the village. A woman came out wiping her hands on a cloth. She looked away from her husband and made eye contact with me. The cloth hit the ground. She took a step towards me.

"Kagome?" she whispered, whipping her head to the man we had followed. The man shook his head at her.

"Her daughters." he whispered, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder. She stared at us.

"Who... never mind." She walked over to Yoshi and embraced her. "Kagome's family is my family" she announced, before extending her arms to me.

I accepted the gesture gratefully; it had been a long time since I had been held by a woman. Releasing me, she ushered us inside, sending her daughter to go find something to eat.

"I'm Sango," she introduced. "And this is my husband Mirokou."

"You're the lecher!" Yoshi gasped. Mirokou looked indignant.

"What exactly has Kagome been telling you guys?" He demanded. Oblivious to our downcast looks he turned to his wife. "I wasn't that bad was I?" Sango shushed him, gesturing towards us. I was sagged against the door frame, and Yoshi looked ready to cry.

"So," she said, "how hungry are you?" We warned her that our brothers would be returning soon, and she set out the extra plates. She introduced her children: Haruko, who's not much younger than us, his nine year old brother Jiro, and their two year old sister Chika.

Conversation lagged, and silence overtook the small hut. Yoshi sat up straight and I stiffened, feeling like a bucket of ice had been dumped over my head.

"Are you girls all right?" Sango asked, before looking towards the door. "Inuyasha, come in."

I could hardly believe it. The great Inuyasha, hero of countless bedtime stories, hanyou guardian of my mother, and possibly my father was standing there staring at us.

"Kagome?" he whispered, face pale and eyes wide. Sango shook her head.

"Her daughters."

"Daughters?" His eyes got really wide, and he stepped back, looking scared. "Who's... what.... how?"

He took a step toward us, but just then two blurs ran in the room. Inuyasha stood defensively in front of us,

"Kaori!" Ryu panted.

"I see you found the youkai." I remarked dryly. He glared. Yoshi joined my teasing.

"Us poor girls were about to be mauled by the great Inuyasha, and our brother's weren't even around to protect us!" She mock pouted.

"Inuyasha?" Tsuyu whispered, staring at the white haired newcomer. Inuyasha looked at him.

"You're Kagome's too?" he asked. Ryu nodded guardedly. Inuyasha turned to Mirokou. "You wanna explain this?" he demanded. Mirokou shrugged, and Sango defended him.

"We didn't know anything more than you did, and you know it. The girls only just arrived, and this is the first time we've seen the boys." She turned to me. "Would you mind explaining everything?" she asked kindly.

I looked at my brothers and sister, debating. We had never told anyone before. It caused problems; strangers can't be trusted. I looked at the faces around the little cabin and saw genuine concern. Yoshi put her hand on my arm.

"We have to explain sometime." She assured me.

With one last look at my brothers I took a deep breath, and began.

After I was done, Mirokou took over, explaining what had happened the night Mom disappeared.

It was evening in the feudal ages, where Kagome helped find shards of the Shikon no Tama. She was 16 years old, to young for most girls to be out in youkai infested woods, but Kagome would tell you in an instant that she was just fine. After all, she had the great Inuyasha to protect her.

It was a pretty normal night. They had been traveling for a week or so, and had bedded down. Everyone was asleep except Mirokou, who Inuyasha had asked to stand watch while he checked the perimeters. Mirokou glanced up, sensing a presence missing. Scanning the camp he noticed that Shippou was curled up alone in Kagome's sleeping bag. Just as he turned to wake Sango up Inuyasha came back.

After demanding to know where Kagome was, he announced that he was going to find her.

The next morning the camp was in a ruckus. Shippou was throwing a fit, having woken up alone. Sango was trying to calm him, while alternately smacking Mirokou's hand away.

Mirokou walked around the campsite keeping his hands busy in an effort to hold his thoughts. Kagome couldn't be in any trouble, Inuyasha was with her.... right? They'd been gone all night...... but Sango and Shippou didn't know that, nor did they need to. For all they knew the two were off....... doing Kami knows what. As long as he didn't have to think of any excuses, he was fine.

Just then, his eye's beheld a most unusual sight. A certain Hanyou stumbled into the clearing completely disheveled, with tattered clothes, bloody hair, and bruises galore. He stood there oafishly, blinking at the sun before collapsing into a heap at the bemused monk's feet. His bewilderment increased however, when a certain wolf, in no better and probably worse shape than our beloved hanyou, followed and collapsed beside his fellow canine.

After they woke up and everybody was situated, they went to find Kagome. Inuyasha and Kouga followed her scent to the well, so they knew she had gone through, no blood, so she had been alive when it happened. Inuyasha told everyone how he had found Kagome, when Koga had shown up, drunk. They had gotten in a fight, and he had lost control. The last thing he could remember was him grabbing Kagome by the arms.

Koga remembered little more. He had been drunk (how he had gotten drunk, he refused to say) and had gone in search of Kagome, trying to convincer her to come back to the pack with him. He had found her with Inuyasha and had started a fight. The last thing he remembered was pulling Inuyasha away from Kagome. They were "discussing" their memories (while throwing insults every other word) when both had sniffed at the air, turned and run back to Lady Kaede's village. The other's followed them, but neither canine would tell why they had left.

Koga left, and life settled down again into a new pattern. For the next sixteen years they wondered what had happened to Kagome to make her leave, but their wildest guesses couldn't be further from the truth....

"That's it?!" Ryu exclaimed, "That's all you know?!" Tsuyu shushed him.

"If they don't know, they don't know," he consoled. "Where do we go from here?" he asked, looking at Inuyasha.

"Well," I said slowly, "you know how they say people with amnesia need to visit places they used to frequent? Maybe it would help Mom if we brought her hack here -"

"Out of the question!" Inuyasha interrupted, "Kagome deliberately stayed away from this place, there has to be good reason."

"It's not like she wouldn't be safe, " Yoshi disagreed, "After all, she has you guys, and us to protect her.

"Maybe she was just too overwhelmed with the pregnancy to come back? And then can you imagine lugging four toddlers around Feudal Japan?" I ventured

"Or maybe it's your father." Inuyasha countered. "Maybe I did something to her and she hates me now!"

"So you're our father?" Tsuyu asked, as we leaned towards him.

"I... I don't know." the hanyou looked confused, "I don't remember... I might be..."

I sighed, "Tell us something we don't know. I for one, think that Mom would be happy here. She might act more... like herself if she's surrounded by her old friends. Besides, she's the only one who knows now. Maybe one of you can drag it out of her."

Tsuyu looked up from the ground. "But the most important thing is getting her back."

Mirokou put a hand on his shoulder. "This must be very hard for the four of you."

Tsuyu looked at him. "There's only one person in my life who's always been there for me... who's never too busy to listen... who reassures me when I'm scared... comforts me when I'm sad... and who showers me with endless love, without ever asking anything in return. Somehow, even with four children, she managed to give us every thing, to be our world. And it's killing us to lose her like this." He finished, voice audibly cracking.

Inuyasha sagged, Mirokou sighed, and Sango looked ready to cry as she pulled Chika to her bosom.

Then, with a wave of his hand, Inuyasha dismissed us.

We four stood up, and left for the well, intent on bringing our mother to a time when enemies were many, and friends were dear.

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