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Golden Phoenix and Silver Dragon

Chapter One

The Return of Fifth Year

Thunder roared and lightning flashed in brilliance across the inky black night sky. Harry Potter sighed standing at the gargoyle waiting for Professor Dumbledore to come from the welcome back feast. The summer had been completely and utterly boring. Harry was happy to be back for his fifth year, it was better than being with the Dursley's and their constant ignorance and among other things.

Harry watched Dumbledore walk up with Professor McGonagall. The headmaster gave a smile, his blue eyes twinkling in merriment. McGonagall gave a nod in greeting.

"Hello Harry." Dumbledore greeted happily.

"Good evening, professor." Harry replied. Dumbledore nodded and walked towards the gargoyle.

"Sugar cane." Dumbledore said. The gargoyle leapt aside and the small group climbed on the spiral staircase. Harry walked into the large round office. The pictures of the former headmasters slept quietly snoring on the walls, books and scrolls were scattered across every available space and the fire blazed to life as Dumbledore walked past. McGonagall gestured to a seat in front of the headmasters' extremely messy desk. Harry moaned inwardly about the order but took the seat indicated.

"Harry how was your summer?" Professor Dumbledore asked curiously.

"It was fine, professor." Harry lied simply as it was now becoming easier to do over time. "I know, professor, that this isn't the reason why you asked me here."

"Right you are." Dumbledore said his eye twinkling with uncontained merriment. Harry waited but he realized that was all the information the professor was going to give him.

"So professor, why am I here?" Harry asked. Dumbledore grinned.

"I will tell you as soon as the others show up." The old wizard replied. Harry sighed. When would he get a straight answer from the elders he was supposed to obey.

The large door creaked and two sets of feet walked into the room. They stopped and Harry heard one person start to walk backwards until they hit the heavy door. Harry turned in his seat to see his potions' professor glaring at him. Harry's jade green eyes looked past the older man to come eye to eye with the sterling silver eyes of Draco Malfoy.

"No! Absolutely not! I refuse!" the blond exclaimed loudly no hint of the cold Malfoy mask.

"Now Draco, we have no other option." Dumbledore said trying to calm the young teen down.

"No! I refuse! I fucking refuse! Abso-bloody-lutely not! I don't fucking care if it's the only bloody option." Draco stated.

"Draco, watch your mouth." Snape said coldly. Draco gave a low growl at the head of his house and the man gave a surprised look.

"If I know why Malfoy was upset, I might have my own arguments." Harry commented. Draco's eyes flashed towards him.

"You haven't even bloody told him! Well isn't that fucking fantastic!" Draco stated. Harry sighed in irritation.

"Don't you ever shut that fucking pure blood mouth of yours!" Harry exclaimed. Draco stared wide-eyed at the ebony haired boy.

"The saviour of the wizarding world isn't so prefect after all." Draco muttered. Harry sighed loudly and turned to Dumbledore.

"What is going on? I want an explanation now." Harry ordered the headmaster whose eyes just twinkled. Silence rang in the room as Harry waited for an answer. His anger was rising steadily. Finally he growled loudly heading towards the large wooden doors. Harry heard a sigh as he reached the door and yanked it open with all his anger.

"Wait!" Draco yelled stopping Harry from leaving. Harry turned to him expectantly. Swallowing his pride, Draco walked forward. "They wish to put me...under your protection."

To Be Continued...

Descendant of Doom