Chapter Thirty

The Final Battle

Harry had unleashed a ball of magic at Voldemort causing the snake to fly back into the crowd of Harry's army. Then out of the corner of his eye, he saw green light engulf Draco. Harry spun around in horror. His mind screamed out to Draco but his mouth didn't move. Riddle laughed wickedly in the distant corner of his consciousness. He ran toward the settling dust and to Draco. Harry rushed to Draco's side to find the other boy still standing his silver eyes unblinking. Harry felt his knees wobble before crumbling to the ground with pearly tears streaming down his cheeks. Harry closed his eyes crying into his hands.

A hand touched his shoulder making him look into silver eyes. Draco sighed as he crumbled to his own knees in shock that he was still alive. Harry looked twice as shocked as he wrapped his arms tightly around Draco. Before pulling back and smirking at his lover.

"Now I'm not the only one who gets to be looked at for the scar on my forehead." Harry said. Draco's eyes widened in horror and reached into his robe to pull out a mirror. His eyes widened further as he stared at the thin lightning bolt scar on his forehead just hidden behind his bangs. Fire flared up in his eyes and he turned a cold glare towards Riddle.

"No one fucking mars my face! You will fucking die for this!" Draco yelled at Riddle. Harry shook his head before seeing a flash from behind Draco. He quickly pushed him out of the way taking the full force of the cruciatus curse. Harry screamed in pain as he felt the blood in his veins burn and his body turn ice cold. Pain coursed through every inch of his body, Harry stumbled before standing straight throwing off the curse. Voldemort stood shocked before him; Harry lifted his head a little allowing his piercing jade eyes to stare directly at Voldemort. Voldemort stepped back unsure of what to think of the boy. Harry smirked slowly forcing his aura to build outward around him, engulfing a foot on all sides of him. The air around him swirled, sparked and sounded off sonic booms as he rose above the battle. The phoenix screeched flying around him causing flames to ripple and become a part of his aura.

Draco picked himself up off of the ground, grumbling at his lover before dusting himself off. Riddle laughed heartily at him before gasping as a small ball of pure magic skimmed his cheek. Draco gave his patent Malfoy smirk before shuddering at the sonic boom of his lover's aura. Riddle grinned before throwing the cruciatus curse at Draco. Draco ducked to the side allowing the curse to bounce off of Harry's aura and send it at a group of Death Eaters to the side of them. Draco launched a ball of magic at Riddle; the silver dragon sped along behind it to crash full force into Riddle. Riddle screamed in pain before the magic dispersed and smoke rose slowly from his crumbled body. He moved to stand glaring up at Draco through one eye. The dragon came wrapping itself around Draco's body. Riddle glared at the blond and Draco just smirked back allowing his own aura to engulf him. He built his energy in between his two hands allowing a silver ball of magic swirl and grow in his hands forcing all of his magic into his last attack. Riddle's eyes widened watching the amount of magic being forced into the ball. He started firing rapid spells to throw off his concentration; the dragon's tail deflected each one with a flick sending them off into the distance.

Draco gave his Malfoy smirk before sending the magic flying with the dragon following behind it again. Riddle was hit directly and dust built up. Draco covered his face at the explosion of dust and watched as the dust to settle to only find a crater where Riddle had once stood. He collapsed in exhaustion at finally getting rid of Riddle.

Harry smiled before allowing the phoenix to take flight towards Voldemort. Voldemort threw spell after spell trying to stop the magical bird from ascending. Before it hit, he threw up at barrier. The phoenix kept bashing at it with its beak and clawing it trying to get it. Harry threw a dispersal spell at the barrier causing it to break and the phoenix picked up Voldemort. He yelled at his minions to get him down but they were too preoccupied with the army. The flames started engulfing his body and he screamed out in parseltongue and threw a few more spells at the phoenix before his body went up in flames. Harry waved his hand and the phoenix dropped Voldemort in front of him. Harry leaned down at the still alive but extremely burnt man.

"Don't ever come back. Not now, not ever. I never want to see your face again. Goodbye Tom Riddle." He said quietly to Voldemort before allowing pure magic to explode in his face. Voldemort fell backwards and didn't get up again.

Harry looked around and smiled seeing Draco sitting down on the ground catching his breath. Harry ran up to him and wrapped him in a hug. Draco smiled at his lover and hugged back just as fiercely as his lover.

"It's finally over. We both made it through this time. We are both alive." Harry said. Draco leaned over and gave Harry a passionate kiss. Harry pulled away with a smile.

The Death Eaters gave up once they realized both their leaders had fallen. Lucius Malfoy's body was found with a hole in his chest, dead. Draco was surprised when he had found out it was Harry that had killed his father in revenge for him, that had earned Harry another kiss. The Death Eaters were taken into custody and sent to Azkaban. Sirius' name was cleared of all charges when Pettigrew was presented. Fudge was also sent to Azkaban for betraying his own people. The whole wizard community had celebrated for days at the victory.

Harry and Draco hadn't left each other's side since the final battle. They surrounded themselves in the celebration with their friends and family. Finally able to sneak away, Harry dragged Draco back to their room in Hogwarts.

Draco looked confused as Harry paced back and forth in front of the fire. Harry had stopped Draco from speaking more than once before sitting down beside him.

"Sirius has offered me to go stay at Grimmauld's Place with him over the summer. He is allowing Aunt Petunia to come also." Harry said. Draco's silver eyes saddened suddenly realizing they wouldn't see each other all summer. "And what I was wondering was if you wanted to come stay with me?" Draco raised his eyes at him in shock before wrapping his arms around Harry happily.

"Of course silly, I wouldn't want to be a moment from your side." He said but suddenly sat back confused. "What about my mother?"

"Sirius already asked her. He needs Petunia and Narcissa to help clean up the place. I hear it's still a mess since I was there in the summer. Plus Remus and Severus are coming as well. We can also go visit everyone if you don't mind." Harry said.

"Mind, I would love to." Draco replied giving Harry a fiery kiss.

"So I guess we'll finally get our happy ending?" Harry asked. Draco smiled.

"Of course until the next threat comes along and the next and the next." Draco replied. Harry laughed before pinning him down tickling his lover's sides.

"Well until then, at least I finally get to have you." Harry stated. Draco laughed as Harry mercilessly tickled his sides.

"Of course you have me, my Phoenix." Draco said. Harry stopped looking down at Draco with love.

"I love you, Dragon." Harry said. Draco smiled softly up at Harry.

"I love you too, Phoenix. Never forget it." Draco said leaning in to give Harry another kiss sealing their fate; that they would always be together no matter what. That no matter what happens to them in the future; they will always have each other because their love would last forever and that they would always triumph over any evil that wanted to destroy their love. Their destiny would last throughout time along with their story as the Golden Phoenix and the Silver Dragon.

The End

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