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Chapter 1: The Necklace

Tea Gardner had just woken up on the first day of summer break. Everything looked beautiful, the sun was shining into her room giving it that golden tint. She slowly rose out of bed a stretched.

"Today is the day", she thought, "The day I decide if I want to go with my parents to America for a month."

To be honest, Tea didn't really know if she wanted to go or not. Her parents were making such a big deal out of it. But they had every right, Tea's parents were work a holics, she never saw them and when she did it was for no more than 30 minutes. So their whole plan for this vacation was to spend it like a family. Of course Tea had gotten used to her parents not being around and now they were like complete strangers to her and she didn't really feel like spending a month with strangers.

She had told her parents she would think about it, the plane was leaving tonight and Tea had told them that if she wasn't there at the airport waiting for them she wouldn't be coming.

Tea took a quick shower and was fixing her hair in front of a mirror. Her chocolate brown hair had gotten longer and now was almost to her mid back. She decided to keep it down today and wear a nice summer dress. The dress was a soft yellow with orange flowers on it. She put on her yellow flip-flops, grabbed her purse and headed out the door to the Game Shop.

Tea spotted the shop and went inside to be greeted by Yugi (a short boy with spiky multicolored hair.)

"Hey there Tea" he greeted. He lead her to the back room were Yugi's Grandpa was. "Good day Tea" he smiled.

"Hello Mr. Moto!" Tea replied. She took her sandals off and walked over to the couch. Yugi took the seat next to her, "Listen Tea, the reason I wanted to see you today was to give you this," he held out a necklace in his hands. It looked like a black diamond on a silver chain.

"Oh, Yugi... it's beautiful," she hugged the short boy and then turned her back to him. "You have to put it on." She quickly removed her hair from her back leaving it bare. Yugi's face grew red, he has had a crush on Tea for quiet some time now, but there was something about her that said she only liked him as a friend. So as carefully as possible Yugi leaned toward her.

Yugi wrapped his arms around her neck to put the necklace on, his hand brushed her skin and he turned an even brighter red. Tea giggled, she knew Yugi liked her. She could just picture him trying to put the necklace on as carefully as possible and when he touched her she knew he was blushing.

Tea noticed that Yugi was much shyer around her now. She had liked him when she first met him but now she thought of him more along the lines as a really really good friend.

When Yugi was done Tea got off the couch and headed for the bathroom to take a look at the new necklace. "It's supposed to be a wish fulfilling necklace. If you make a wish at noon it will come true." Yugi stated this as if he rehearsed it.

Tea turned toward him after admiring her necklace for a couple of minutes. "Really? Any wish?"

Yugi nodded, "Any wish."

"But why would you give this to me now?" Tea took her seat next to Yugi once more and his face started to turn red.

"B...because, I think it would be a good idea if you went with your parents. And now you can wish for the vacation to be fun. Think of it as a going away present." Yugi gave Tea an encouraging smile.

She sighed, "You really think I should go?" Tea hadn't made up her mind yet.

He nodded, "They're your parents Tea. You really should go."

Tea looked Yugi straight into his big purple eyes, she mentally sighed, "He really has a way with manipulating people."

"Alright, I'll call them when I get home. To let them know I'm coming."

Yugi smiled and nodded, "You're a good person Tea. You won't regret it."

"Yeah, yeah but I hope you know I'm not going to respond to any of your e-mails." She flashed a grin. As did Yugi.

"Whatever you say Tea, just have fun okay?"

Tea stepped out of the shop and onto the sidewalk, "I'll try!" She waved and started to walk away when Yugi's voice rang out, "Don't forget to make your wish!"

Tea turned and gave a thumbs up and waved for one last time before she walked out of sight.

Tea took the long way home, walking through the town and around buildings. Yugi's last words still fresh in her mind. "A wish huh? What do I want to wish for?"

Tea was lost in her thoughts as she crossed the street, she wasn't aware of her surroundings until a screech was heard and Tea jumped back and fell on her backside. She was staring at a black sports car that no doubt had to be expensive. She got up and dusted herself off, getting ready for her apology when the owner of the car stuck their head out the window.

"Watch it Gardner."

Tea froze at the voice, it was so cold so ruthless it had to belong to the one and only Seto Kaiba. The apology quickly vanished as anger took over Tea, "You watch it Kaiba! You nearly killed me!"

"To bad I missed, then I would have done everyone a favor!" He shot back.

Tea could feel her face burn up, "Your just lucky I didn't get hurt or I would sue you up the ass!" She yelled back.

Kaiba smirked, "Oh I'm so scared, now get out of my way Gardner I'm late." He pulled his head back into the car and as soon as Tea was out of the street he zoomed past.

Tea was sending his car a death glare for as long as she could see the black speck. "Stupid Kaiba! Argh! I hate him!"

(Meanwhile in the background some town clock strikes twelve.)

"I hate him I hate him I HATE HIM! I wish I could live to see the day that Seto Kaiba was nice. Argh!"

Tea stomped off to her house when suddenly she felt the ground under her shake, "What the- Whoa!" She fell back on the sidewalk, she immediately tried to stand back up. But she noticed a black smoking coming from her necklace. "My Wish?!" She gasped.


I wish I could live to see the day that Seto Kaiba was nice.

(end flashback)

"Oh no!" Before Tea could do anything else the black smoke engulfed her and she blacked out.

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