Author's Note: Randomness thought up while working on Solids Mechanics homework. Deflections, beam bending, and... CSI! Thoughts are in italics. Mild GSR

Motion to Adjourn

Gil Grissom tuned into the conversation around the conference table. His head pounded furiously and he didn't know how much more of this he could take. Sighing he remembered the look on Ecklie's face as the dayshift supervisor strolled out of the lab earlier that afternoon.

"Lots of cases tonight Grissom. Guess you get to prove night shift's superiority again, if you're up to it." Ecklie had given him an "eat crap" grin as he passed Grissom. "Have fun!"

Ecklie hadn't been lying. It was like the entire city of Las Vegas decided to kill a friend that night. Half of them had succeeded (as was evidenced by the record 19 DBs to be investigated) and half of them failed (multiple break-and-enters, robberies, assaults and batteries).

So now Grissom was nursing a furious headache, trying to sort out the arguments going round the table. Most of his crew wanted the simpler cases. Simpler cases meant a shorter night. It had been a long week and Friday night was definitely the coup de grace.

The back of his mind registered that someone was calling his name. Catherine I believe. He paused while rubbing his forehead and decided not to deal with them yet. If he was lucky, they would all vouch for different slips, take the cases and leave him alone. Hmmm... Right.

"Grissom! I don't think he's paying attention to us," Nick said.

Sara leaned onto the table, sifting through the paper slips. "Okay then I claim the DBs at the Mandalay Bay. The murder-suicide 6th floor splat is mine."

Nick protested and it came out almost a whine. "No, I want that one, I need the experience."

Catherine waved her hands in front of Grissom, but he had his own hands covering his eyes. "Gris! We need to start this!"

Warrick slowly commented "He's gone guys." At Sara's burning glare he modified that with "And girls..."

Greg sat upright in his chair, having woken up from a brief nap finding the situation exactly where it was before. "I know what'll snap him out of it!!!" Finding the others looking at him in anticipation, he cleared his throat.

"Ahem. Grissom. Sara loves you."

Oh. My. God.


Sara loves me? And Greg knows? Who else knows?

Grissom's head shot up from his hands and his crystal blue eyes riveted on Greg's dark brown. During a horrifying moment of silence each CSI mulled over their ability to outrun or outfight Gil Grissom, quickly coming up with an escape plan. Secondly they all began planning aid for Greg, as he would probably need an ambulance after Grissom was done with him.

Catherine recovered first, barely able to hide a grin. "Motion to adjourn?"

"I Second!" "Third!" "FOURTH!"

Three CSIs and one chagrined labrat bolted out of the room, leaving a table full of still-spinning chairs.

Sara sat paralyzed, too embarrassed to move. Her cheeks glowed red-hot and she stiffened, grasping the table for support. That table was the only thing keeping her upright and conscious. Please don't let him say anything, please let him go, let him let it go, it was just Greg and he says things without thinking maybe he'll ignore it maybe he'll...

An eternity of jumbled thoughts later, Grissom swiveled his chair towards Sara, pursing his lips.

Nodding briefly he coughed once, then announced "I love you too. Meeting adjourned."

He gathered his files and left the room quickly. Behind him, Sara crumpled to the table, hyperventilated but with a thousand-dollar grin on her face.


PS Random no?