The Story Of Michelle Rainey


By: Schizophrenic-Mort-Rainey (do not want to release real name)


A/N: Amy and Mort were married, but they didnt lose the baby in this story. Amy just simply put it up for adoption (adoption isnt simple....but you get the idea). Also, it is put in Michelle perspective. For example, she'll say. :: My dad hugged me and I cried. :: So, she is talking about it? Some of it will be in Morts POV too.


Chapter One: Finding Out My Past

Ever wonder why you can never remember your birth? Or why you cant remember anything from your first years of living? Dont you hate when you cant remember something really important? You know its important, but your brain will no comprehend? I hate it, and I suffer from it. I know nothing of my past, I'm lucky I know my own name. I dont know my mother, I dont know my father, and I havent heard from my relatives. I classify myself as a orphan. A lost soul looking for a path to guide her way. Please, listen to my story. So maybe you can find your path to guide you out of the mess I call life.


'Jesus christ Mitchel! What is it?' I yelled, pushing the blonde mat of hair out of my face.

'I found something in the attic! You should come see! Come on!' Mitchel yanked the blankets off my bed and I shivered. I slipped on my slippers, rob, and shuffled upstairs to meet Mitchel.

He was holding a gringy looking looking peice of paper, and he was staring at it like it was alien. I walked beside him and snatched the paper out of his hand and started reading it. It said that my name was Michelle Rainey...well no duh. There was something deeply wrong on the paper though, my father, it said that he was Mort Rainey. The author Mort Rainey? I thought it was just a weird coincidence that his name was the same of mine, I actully laughed about it. The idea of him being my father though was....very odd and suprising. It also said my birth mother was Amy Rainey, I had heard her name from one of Morton dad's books. Mitchel looked up at me and put a hand upon mine. For a eight year old, he's pretty mature.... most of the time.

Soon after the Birth Certificate inncodent, i went downstairs and grabbed a can of Moutain Dew. It was flat, but I needed some liquid. I sat down at the kitchen table and got one of my dad's books. I plopped it down and stared at his picture. I looked like him, now I know where I get my odd hair from....and my eyes. Upon from looks though, I didnt know anything of my father. I didnt even know how to contact him. Then the thought struck me though....the Operator. Surely the Operator can give me his home phone number, I mean....thats their job. I was hesistant to get off my butt and go over to the phone. I didnt want to hear his voice, and I surely didnt want to hear it after I explained the whole situation about me being daughter. Shouldnt he be trying to contact me though? I mean, he's my father, he has more responsibility than me. He should be calling! All of these thoughts raced through my head....I was confused and upset. I was happy and sad....all of these emotions at the same time. I finally had enough. I got off my chair and walked towards the phone. I dialed the Operator and asked her for Morton Rainey home phone number. She told me to wait a few minutes. Operators always have those funny voices, sounds like they're no is plugged. Well, this women sounded like everything was plugged. All of a sudden the phone started ringing, I drew in a sharp breath and wondered if I should hang up. I started to crack my started seizing up on me. I heard a groggy 'hello' emit from the phone. I whimpered a little and finally got the courage to talk.

'Hello.' I said while biting my fingernails.

'Who is this anyway?' His voice was gruff.


There was dead silence on the phone for about a minute. Then I heard laughing, it was not what I expected.

'Yeah right, and what am I supposed to be? Your long lost cousin?' He chuckled through the phone, I didnt find it funny.

'No....your my-my-my father.' My stuttering was not helping, I do that when I get nervous.

'I-I-I dont belive you, why would you play such a joke?' He sounded scared.

'I have a Birth mother was Amy Rainey.'

'No...this cant be happening.'

'Well is happening.' I felt like I was going to cry.

'How do you know? Is there proof? Can you send it to me?' His was asking questions a mile a minute.

'I wouldnt send them over the mail Dad....' I said Dad with a snobby tone.

'Where do you live? And how old are you anyway? This is so overwhelming.' I could hear a deep sigh come from him after he said that.

'Well...I live in New York. I am twenty five. Would you like to know my eating habits too?' My joking wasent helping me, nor him.

'Do you know where Tashmore Lake is?'

I nodded, but remembered I was on the phone. 'Yes, I do.'

The next hour Mort....or my dad, gave me directions to his house in Tashmore Lake so that I could show him the Birth Certificate. It made me a little angry that he didnt trust me, but in a way I could understand. He's probably not sure of me, he probably gets alot of these people claiming they are his relatives so they can get money. It's already Monday and I have my whole week planned, I'm going to spend my whole week with my dad. It wasent my idea, it was his. He said if he found out it was all true, he'd spend some quality time with me. I dont know what the 'quality time' is going to be, but its gotta be better than seeing him and just leaving.

So after the long conversation on the phone, I slipped into my pyjama's and tried to clamber up the stairs. When I got halfway though, I thought the couch would be easier so I crashed there for the night. I also had the weirdest dreams ever.....all I could see was a black hat.


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