Disclaimer: At this point, I'm not sure I even want to own Reload. Hat-boy is seriously galling.

Notes: Everything I know about 'Even A Worm' I learned from Kagenami Q's anime summaries. Including how to get to the manga scans that inspired this little drabble. Oh, and before I start, let me just mention the name Rikudo so it's fresh in people's minds.

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Bones of the Matter

a drabble (100 words)

by Nightfall


The desertion was feeble blackmail; he won't be influenced by it. He can do without the constant ruckus and second-hand smoke. He can definitely do without the way his seatmate braces over the steering wheel with a plastic smile lately, without the nervous slither of hooded eyes as he hunches over food he passes untouched to the bottomless pit, without the occasional skittish flicker of fingers over a wrist another righteous, holy man once seared to bare muscle with only a touch.

This is not why he will act.

It comes to this: Hazel is a murderer of free choice.