What the hell was that all about, Yugi wondered for the millionth time as he and Seto walked the Shadow Realm. Bakura had kissed him and he had kissed him back -that thought made a blush creep up on his face. Had the other yami done that just because he was rambling and wanted to shut him up or because he wanted to? Yugi sighed in frustration.

"You know, if you keep blushing like that you're face might stay that color."

Yugi smiled sheepishly at Seto. "Can't help it."


"Can I ask you a question?"

Seto shrugged his shoulders, looking around the inky darkness for any sign of the opening they were looking for.

"How do you know if some one likes you…" Yugi ducked his head, shyness creeping in. Even though Seto had softened up some towards him over the years, this was still something uncomfortable to talk to the other about. Normally he would go to Atemu but that was impossible right now. "..you know LIKES you likes you."

Seto blinked and stopped in his tracks. "And you're asking me this, why?"

"Ummm," Yugi began to wring his hands together. "Well, Bakura came in and I went to him and sort of rambled on and on, I think about Atemu….you know I'm not sure what I was talking about now…. and then he kissed me."

Yugi waited for the explosion that he was sure to take place, but when it didn't happen, he looked up and saw the creepiest smile on Kaiba's face that he had ever seen. Gulping, he backed up, away from the other. "Kaiba?"

"Ah, the Tomb Robber has a crush does he? And on little Yugi of all people. Oh this is good." Seto began to twirl his Sennen Rod, a far away look in his eyes.


"Umm," blue eyes turned back towards him. "To tell you the truth, I'm not sure. I didn't even realize things like love existed until I got Seth's memories. It was then I realized what I was missing."

"Oh," Yugi's shoulders slumped, "I guess I'll just have to figure it out on my own."

"Or you can ask Atemu once he wakes up."


They continued to walk quietly, each lost in their own thoughts while looking for the portal.

"Don't look at me like that. Yes, I kissed him. Yes, I enjoyed it. Yes, I like him but that doesn't mean you can just lay there and not look at me!"

Bakura growled loudly and pulled his hair, relishing in the familiar sensation of pain before spinning on his heals to face the comatose spirit.

"This isn't working. You can't fuss at me or try to kill me for what I'm telling you if you are laying on the bed with your eyes closed! I need you to give me a spill about how you're going to send me to the deepest, darkest pits of hell, Shadow Realm or Peggy-Poo's Toon World if I hurt your hikari – which I'm not going to, well, unless he lets me that is. Wait! I didn't mean if he lets me hurt him…unless…"

Bakura plopped himself down on the bed beside Atemu's head. "Hey, Pharaoh. You don't think Yugi's a closet masochist do you? I mean if he were then he would let me hurt him and thoroughly enjoy it too. I could pull out my whips – they haven't been used in a while – ooh my chains too. Chain's are sexy! I could even steal him some new ones….they would be gold though. Nothing but the best for him after all."

His hand reached down and began to stroke golden bangs, "And new leathers too. He looks hot in that. That cute little ass, all perky and firm. I bet he does butt-clenching exercises. Him and some muscle bound perv on the TV squeezing their butts in time with some upbeat, god-awful music, going 'and squeeze and release and squeeze and release'" Bakura laid down on the bed and flipped over on his stomach so he could demonstrate in time with his words. "Squeeze real tight now! And release and soon you will be able to snap a stick in two."

He snorted. "Bet Yugi wants someone like that huh? Not a thief, or someone who gets a thrill out of spilling blood or ripping out souls." He sighed, smothering his face into the pillow.

"Oh, I don't know, I think you could win Master Yugi over with that little show."

Bakura groaned. Figures. "Mahaado, your timing is terrible. And next time knock first!"

The once Priest just smiled, amused and smug that he had been the one to catch the cold-hearted Tomb Robber in an act of pouring his heart out and doing butt exercises. He could die happy - again. "Wonder what Master Kaiba would say about you doing things like that on his bed with his husband?"

Growling, Bakura flipped himself over, sending the Dark Magician a glare, which the purple-clad figure just shrugged off. "Tell anyone of this and I'll kill you again."

"If memory serves me correctly, I believe I killed myself. "

"Who cares about the finer details?

Snorting, Mahaado crossed the room coming to stand beside the bed, laying a hand on the Pharaoh's head. "Any change yet?"

Bakura frowned, closing his eyes, extending his senses into the Shadow Realm. "No, energy drain is still the same. So either they haven't found it yet, or they can't stop it."

The magician hummed to himself, thinking as he gently opened Atemu's eyes looking at the irises flickering before he straightened up. "I think I'll see if I can lend them some assistance," he said as he waved his hand and opened a portal.

"Won't you get sucked in if you get to close?"

Mahaado quirked an eyebrow, "Tomb Robber? Is that concern I hear?"

"No!" He voiced a little to quickly with a scowl on his face. "I just don't want to have to hear the Pharaoh over here bitch at me for not stopping you."

"I see," Bakura could easily hear the smugness in the other's voice. "Well, then, don't worry. I'll make sure Master Atemu knows that you were opposed to my leaving then," and with that, he left.

Chocolate eyes blinked at the closing portal. He shook his head, standing up from the bed and walked over to the door, opened it up and grumbled to himself as he walked into the hallway. "I'm getting way to damn soft for my own good."

"Mahaado? What are you doing here?"

Seto and Yugi both looked at the purple-clad magician through the corners of their eyes, not really wanting to take their sight off of the strangle looking 'hole' they had found in the Shadow Realm just minutes before. Both the Sennen Rod and Puzzle had settled into a dull glow in response, as if the items too were studying the magic draining portal.

"Came to offer my assistance of course."

"But you shouldn't be here anymore than the spirits!" Yugi cried, finally tearing his gaze away from the opening to look at the Dark Magician.

Icy blue eyes settled on the Pharaoh's partner, softening slightly in regards to the young man. "Don't worry Master Yugi, I have a strong connection to the Pharaoh. That should help me stay grounded."

"Be that as it may," Seto interrupted. "Atemu would kill all of us if anything did happen to you."

He quirked an eyebrow, "Are you afraid of him?"

Seto growled, turning back to look at the portal once again. "Hell no, just don't want to sleep on the couch. Damn thing is lumpy."

"Anyway," Yugi began, drawing their attention back to the matter at hand. "We have a job to do. And I for one want my dark back, soon."


Mahaado lifted his staff, Seto the Rod and Yugi holding the Puzzle in one hand, his other out stretched, palm up. Together as one, they sent their magic into the hole, and around it, hoping it would become unstable enough and collapse on itself.

"What the hell!"

The ground quaked, the building that housed the monsters and magic portal shook with such viciousness, that all the occupants struggled to remain upright. Lucius Malfoy swore under his breath and he grabbed onto the sides of the wall to keep himself from falling and slowly tried to make his way down the hall to the one room he could literally feel strong dark magic leak out of.

Behind him, Wormtail whimpered and yelped as another 'quake' shook the building again and Lucius could do nothing but sneer at the whimpering mess of man. Carefully, he made is way down to the building, avoiding falling debris and when he got to the room, he found the door open and a wild wind rushing out of it. He squinted against it, grabbing the head of his cane, giving it a twist and pulled his wand out, aiming it at the crackling portal. Behind him, Wormtail seemed to hover slightly, his head low and his shoulders curled. Sneering at the yellow-backed Death Eater, he turned his attention back to the power radiating before him even as several other Death Eaters gathered around him, their wands also aimed, ready to fight.

"We have to keep it from closing!" Lucius shouted over the wind, "Focus on the center!"

Yugi gasped when the first stream of eerie green light shot out of the opening and straight at them, only to be stopped by a wall of shadows inches from his face. His breathing slowed as they curled around the spell, effectively snuffing out the modern magic. Glancing out of the corners of his eyes, he noticed that Seto had an angry sneer on his face even as he seemed to push more power from the Item into the portal and Mahaado, stoic as ever at the face of an enemy, simply seemed to let it slide by him as if he expected such an attack.

Protected by the living shadows, the three continued to poor their magic and energy into their mission, wanting to close the gaping hole off before it could cause any more damage. As they did, more spells came into the Realm, their magic too intensifying with every second.

Yugi's head whipped around when Mahaado suddenly stepped forward, closer to the one thing that had effectively pulled the Shadow Creatures into another world. "MAHAADO!" He screamed, slightly panicked at what the purple-clad magician was doing. Beside him, Seto too seemed a bit worried, with his slightly wide blue eyes and his tensed form.

The Dark Magician turned his head, giving his little Master a small smile. "I must go into the portal. There magic along with ours is causing it to open further, not collapse. I should be able to fix that from the other side."

It was true, once it was pointed out to him, he could easily see how it had grown in diameter. Together, the flow of two magics were having the opposite effect from what they desired.

"What the hell can you do about it?" Seto hissed; his voice muffled slightly by the shadows surrounding them.

But the Shadow Creature didn't respond, just stepped closer to the opening, feeling the tug on his very being stronger than before. Closing his eyes, he ignored Yugi's and Seto's shouts and let himself be carried away, his mental voice echoing in their minds as he disappeared.

Forgive me and protect Him with your lives

Several minutes passed, leaving two human males gaping, astonished at what had just happened before the portal completely seal itself.

Wormtail yelped again, cowering behind the white-haired Death Eater as a human-like monster appeared from the other side of the Realm. Dressed in purple armor, a large staff held out in front of him, the dark ball in the end crackling with pure dark magic. Icy blue eyes regarded them like filth beneath his feet; his voice seemingly echoed throughout the room.

"No more will you take what is not yours. No more will you cause my Master or the other Shadow Wielders harm. This stops now!" And with that, he spun on his heals, his staffed raised and pointed at the opening, his whole aura flaring to life.

The Death Eaters were too stunned to move, to counter his last magical spell that was sent straight into the heart of the portal, causing it to collapse within itself. Once done, the strange powerful creature turned to face them again, an eyebrow raised in sheer cockiness.

"Now then, as they say in the movies: Take me to your leader."