Keeping an eye out

It's surprising really how no one beside myself seems to have noticed what's going on. You'd have thought at least Kakashi or even Tsunade-sama would have noticed of all people but either I'm the only one that sees what's going on or I'm the only one who actually acknowledges it.

Let me explain from the top. My name is Umino Iruka and I'm talking about one Uchiha Sasuke and his behavior when around one Uzumaki Naruto. Maybe I should start at the very, very beginning.

It started the day the Uchiha clan came into existence shortly after the leaf had been founded. A rouge member of the Hyuuga clan went crazy and in said crazy state used a forbidden jutsu to mutate the Hyuuga eye into the Sharingan, Then later in life married, had many kids and lived happily ever after. By the way if you were to ask either the Hyuuga or Uchiha (all two of them) about this they'll deny it to the ends of the world. It's true though I read it in an old scroll I stole from the third when I was younger. I still have it I think; maybe I'll show it to Naruto someday.

Anyway back to the point. Ever since the first Uchiha was created the ENTIRE clan has had one mental problem or another. I had an Uchiha in my class before Itachi killed him that had this obsessive-compulsive need to hoard his cookies. Don't ask I already told you the entire clan was crazy. Weather or not they could use the Sharingan was besides the point they were all a couple sandwiches short of a full picnic basket. Itachi being the most extreme example they're of.

Okay now on to Sasuke's behavior around Naruto. It's simple really, Sasuke doesn't share. It might have stemmed from having everyone he ever cared about brutally murdered by his older brother but like I said before, Uchiha's are crazy. So apparently he doesn't want to share Naruto to be more precise. Don't give me that look! I Practically RAISED Naruto! And Sasuke? You don't spend 3 years teaching a kid and not learn anything about him. I saw it from day one whenever Sasuke and Naruto were paired or put in a group together Sasuke would allow at maximum one minute for Naruto to be distracted by something or some one else before he would do something to get Naruto's attention back on him. It's why Sasuke doesn't much like Sakura. She has ALWAYS stolen the blonde's attention away from him.

It's only gotten worse as they've gotten older. Sasuke having to resort to more desperate measures to get his daily dobe dose. It makes me worry sometimes about what would happen if Naruto ever god forbid, get a girl friend. Sasuke just might kill her. I've seen it in his eyes some times. As far as he's concerned Naruto is HIS and no one is allowed to touch the blonde but him. At the same time I feel better knowing that Naruto's with Sasuke on missions. At least he has some one who will protect him all be it in a very disturbing way...Mind you I don't think there's going to be much of a problem later on in life if what I saw last week was any indication.

Sasuke had Naruto pinned to a tree kissing him and Naruto didn't look all that adverse to the attention. Ah they're growing up so fast! Well I'm done. For now this is Umino Iruka saying good night and warning you. Be careful The Uchiha's are a crazy lot!