Love Hina: Keitaro's Return

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The passengers of flight 545 seemed restless. Some were returning to Japan from their visit to the United States. Others were from America, on their way to see the sites of wondrous Japan, famous for tourism.

Many people were talking amongst one another, since people from Japan are so friendly; it was easy to start a conversation with anyone.

Even the Japanese attempted to talk with the Americans that were on board heading for Japan. One individual, sort of stood out from the rest of the happy go lucky people.

He lay there asleep, casually resting his head on the soft cushioned head rest. Dressed in his usual "water dragon" shirt and pants. Snoozing away without a care in the world.

Urashima Keitaro was obviously tired, for no one really knew him to be a snore type person. Usually, he would have dirty thoughts in his mind while sleeping, and get battered by a horde of females while calling out Naru's name in his sleep.

For those of you who are unaware of what this former kanrinin has been through, allow me to reiterate. Keitaro has just finished his 6th month in the United States, while studying at the University of California; for archeology, with Seta; of course.

He never realized he would miss everyone so dearly, even though most of them caused him harm, and usually sent him flying into the stratosphere. To think if Keitaro wasn't "gifted" with immortality, the results of his daily beatings, would be none the less, cataclysmic (if not already.)

Irregardless he missed everyone! He just laid there snoozing away, with an open book lying on his head to extinguish the light from cheating him out of a well deserved nap.

Attention passengers, Due to certain weather patterns in the area, flight 545 will be delayed to Tokyo Japan for at least one extra hour. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Damn, it was already 4:56 A.M in Tokyo. By the time Keitaro would reach Tokyo Airport. It would probably be somewhere around 9.00 A.M. Keitaro may have been a sleep, but the harsh reality of a delayed arrival would mean more disappointment. He just wanted to get back to Hinata Sou quickly.

Suddenly the plane seemed to veer off course, and to the passengers, it seemed the plane took a nose dive. People on the plane were in a state of panic, some screaming, others holding on to their lives, and women holding on to their children. The plane soon went back to normal, after a violent pull up.

Attention passengers, we are experiencing technical difficulties, everything is back to normal please stay calm. NO DON'T TOUCH THAT SIR!!

A lady was yelling at a thirty year old man, while pushing him out of the cockpit area, it was obvious to some that this man was responsible for the mishap of flight procedures.

"Please sir stay in your seat and no more shenanigans!" The woman said, as if she was scolding a little kid. Seta smiled his usual smile, obvious pleased with his ordeal. The passengers gave Seta a look of fury, as they feared their lives after that little, "stunt."

"Ha ha ha, what fun! Isn't that right part-timer?" Seta said laughing while holding his hand behind his head. Seta quickly saw that Keitaro was asleep and that his legs were caught on the arm rest, while his back was ceremoniously scrunched over the other arm rest.

"Keitaro-kun! Who did this to you?! I swear, if I find them I'll...." Seta was shaking his fist violently, obviously unaware that he was the cause of Keitaro's disfigurement.

Seta quickly moved Keitaro's body to where it resumed its' normal sleeping position. What Seta saw next made him grin.....Keitaro's journal lie at his feet, where it must of fell off of Keitaro's head from the plane dive.

Seta picked up the journal, examining it with a hint of curiosity, as would anyone else who would find the "key to one's mind." He sat down smiling as he looked at Keitaro one last time before opening it up to the last page, which was wrote just today.

The 6th month.

I am on my way back home to good ole Japan. I've never been more excited to see everyone again for the 1st time in six months. I miss everyone, and I mean everyone! Even those who gave me the most pain

Kitsune had always been a trouble maker to me. She was one of the people that was more interested in other peoples' lives, other than her own. I could never understand her personality, or what was really going on in her life. All I knew her for was a drunken, eavesdropping, fox like, troublemaker. To make things worse she is Naru's best friend. So Kitsune knew Naru more than anyone.

Kaolla was always, and I quote always a pain in the back. Whether it was mad scientist like creations being tested upon me, or it was her infamous "drop kicking" abilities. Kaolla and Sara was just a pain, a couple of kids who usually got me into the most trouble. Of course I was quite surprised to find the "other" side of Kaolla, the one that appears at the rare red moon.

Shinobu, Ahh Shinobu.....her cooking was remarkably delicious. That's an understatement of course. Shinobu is like a God send angel, she the sweetest most kindest person, I've ever met. She'll grow up and become very beautiful someday, but of course she is beautiful already. I don't care what unique foods they had in the U.S. Shinobu-chan's is the best, and forever will be. But what's more she's so mature, she doesn't even know it. She probably misses me the most.

Motoko was always the strong type. Constantly training and always carrying her burdens by herself, never allowing others to be involved in her personal affairs. Well except the time I helped her defeat her sister (sort of), at least I earned her trust by that. Although her personality is hard to explain, under her tough as nails warrior like attitude, lies dormant a caring and understanding person. That is, if you can get past her bone crunching sword techniques. But underneath it all, she is breathtakingly beautiful.

Mutsumi was always a kind hearted soul, a little on the slow side, but still I couldn't ask for a better friend. Through all the times I had emotional downs, she was there for me to cheer me up no matter what. That is a TRUE friend. Although I admit her beauty baffled me from time to time, I even questioned why I didn't just get hitched with her. But she had other plans for me, she tried so hard to get me together when the one that I loved the most. I didn't deserve such kindness, she is the most selfless person I know.

Aunt Haruka was always the responsible adult figure in my life. If it wasn't for her and Grandma Hina, I never would have been named Kanrinin of Hinata Sou. My life would be so different if not for her. Tokyo U seemed out of my grasp, but with precious study time at Hinata Sou, that all changed. However the only thing scary about Haruka-san, is her fury shown around Seta-san.

"Ain't that the truth," Seta said smiling, while turning the page. Seta froze as he caught Keitaro slowly moving, and murmuring in his sleep.

"Naru.....I'm" Keitaro said unconsciously while still sleeping. Seta closed his eyes, slightly smiling to his hard working friend. Once Keitaro ceased movement again, Seta continued his reading.

Tama is a turtle, and a constant companion of mine, she is always a kind mannered, cute little turtle. Now only if she and Motoko could get along. While Tama was given to me by Mutsumi-san. Tama isn't exactly your average, Hot Springs turtle. I think the one thing that I will never forget in my lifetime, is the word ,"Myuh!"

Seta continued looking on and saw something that baffled him, there were small wet spots on a certain section of the page.

Seta looked at what it was, and to his astonishment, it was pretty obvious who the next person was on Keitaro's List.

.....Naru...Narusegawa, God I miss her so much. There hasn't been one single day out of these 6 months that I haven't thought about her. It's true, I love her....

Seta looked over at Keitaro for the first time with a saddened expression. Despite Seta's lack of intelligence at times, he knew that Keitaro loved Naru very much. Of course he knew this by the fact that Haruka-san told him.

Seta didn't want Keitaro and Naru to turn out like Seta and Haruka's relationship, or lack of.

"Keitaro-kun.....Naru-chan still isn't so clean about her feelings...yet...even though you left," Seta thought to himself.

The whole reason Seta offered Keitaro to study overseas, is because he wanted Keitaro to see the world! Also, he would try to turn Keitaro into a man, a real man.

There was quite a bit on the page about Naru, most of it was common knowledge. So Seta skipped toward the beginning of the Journal. Coming to the page in which Keitaro's journey began.

The 1st Month

To be Continued

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