Experiment Bandicoot:
Chapter 1:

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Castle Cortex, an exceptionally beautiful piece of real estate. Back during its prime, it housed the location of a scientist who has had his fair shares of madness and tragedy. The man sported some of the greatest inventions never known other then himself and his close colleagues.

Hundreds of years had passed since anyone has last set foot in this castle. What we have here are files of studies and research, as well as observations, from one Dr. Neo Cortex and his cohorts. The research of one experiment of is dubbed "Crash Bandicoot." There are photos everywhere of Cortex with this furry being. Cortex seems to hold this "Crash" like a father would to his son. These files contain both the research and personal life between the two…


Year X, Day X
I divulged myself in the world of science, ever since I could remember. I spent many a day tinkering with chemistry and gadgets. Obviously, as a scientist and an ever growing interest in my love for science, I would be willing to play God and create things that should never exist.

Now, I've made a handful of machinery, but I've always wanted to dabble in the fields of biology. Using my knowledge behind it, my colleague, N. Brio and I, manage to create the Evolve-O-Ray, a machine that turned small normal animals into living walking, talking two legged creatures. I believe they are referred to as "Anthros". In honestly, there are a fair amount of anthros that I manage to find in my stay on the small islands of Australia. In fact, it was due to these anthros that I was interested in creating more. I saw the population of the anthro species. There were hardly any of these exotic beings, I wanted to help them.

Our machine took many months to make and many wasted money, but we finally created it in due time. Of course, between the finished model and the beginnings, tragedy has befallen onto me.

A family lost
I've lost two families. I was born Matsuki Ichigoya of Tokyo, Japan. My parents were two of the richest beings alive in Japan. My father owned an electric company and he would take me every chance he got and taught me the values of money, ruling, and generally business tips. Because I looked up to my father, I listened to every word he said. My father was a greedy, power hungry man, but unlike most business men of that sort, that was his strength, not his weakness. My mother wasn't unlike most mothers. She didn't care or nurtured me, no, that was the maid. My mother was strict and sharp tongue, quite heavy into manners and proper etiquette. My little sister was Hanako. She was a saving grace in my life with my parents. A kind, sweet, polite girl, she followed me everywhere, her "big brother".

I was born with yellow skins and short height, so I was rather looked down by my parents and family, but my father still made it my business to learn his way. I was the oldest, the next to own the family mansion and the electric company. My life in school wasn't any better. Because of what I looked like, I was picked on and bullied. My little sister kept my sanity intact throughout the years. She was my biggest supporter, the one to talk with when my life turned blue, the one whom I could cry in front off (father would never forgive me if I cried in front of him).

By the time I was 17, I became rather bitter and cynical…until I met the lovely Candy. Candy Williams. An American who came to Japan to study. She and I were roughly the same age. I volunteered to show her around Japan when she came to my school. She was a witty woman, as well as smart and clever. She looked past my appearance and saw the real me. I was madly in love with her that I asked for her hand in marriage in only the small two months I've gotten to know her. I was surprised when Candy said, "yes". I eagerly announced out engagement to the family and my parents were startled and upset. Me, marrying an American commoner. It was unheard of. I cried to them, shouting that I was sick and tired of their petty rules and regulations. After that long argument, I ran away with what little money I could gather (saving is important), said good-bye to my sister (14 at the time and crying her eyes out), and left. I was born rich, but I left nearly penniless, but I didn't care. Anything was better then staying with my parents.

I got word from a close ally that three small islands in Australia were being auctioned off. I went in and took the dive to win it. With the money I had, I soon gained the lease for the three islands and made our way there. With my remaining money, I rebuilt an old castle that the previous owner lived in. It must've been around for some time, the entire place was dilapidated and dusty. No care was given to this ancient figure. I rebuilt it with hired help, than named it Castle Cortex. It sat atop a giant hill. I then also helped govern a small town into a giant city just below: Citadel City for the island lacked any means of technology.

It became the home to many of these anthros who took notice of my reign over the island and settled there. I lost one family, but I gained another when I married Candy.

Some of the inhabits of the island, humans and anthros, liked my ruling over them, others did not. I've gotten many protestors as a result, but the people who have enjoyed my stay thanked me for giving them better health and technology. I tried to be a benevolent ruler, although I didn't realize I was going to be "Emperor" to three small islands at first.

Over time, I hired colleagues Dr. Nate Gin and Dr. Nitrous Brio as my colleagues and partners (as well best friends) on my experiments. I trusted them with all my heart. And as the years passed, my Candy gave birth to our son, Akio Ichigoya. I didn't want to repeat the same mistake my father made, so I treated him right. My son, Akio loved animals, and generally got along with the anthros, although some he didn't (mostly the big ones with fangs and giant claws). But it was Akio who would be the one who changed my life, for better…and for worse…

A life taken, A life Given
Now, my son was born rather skinny and pale and he remained skinny and pale throughout his short life. We could feed him nothing but McDonald's and he'd still remain a stick figure. Not only did I do regular check ups on the poor boy, but we took him the best doctors money could afford. Nothing. He was cold, he was pale, but the doctors didn't seem to know what was wrong with him. It was as if a ghost had inhabited his body. Our concern grew deeper.

Akio, however, paid no attention at all to the fact that he was sick. He just smiled gently and stared at Candy and I, asking us to play with him, to watch cartoons with him. I wasn't sure if he knew he was sick, but I had a small hankering he did. Akio seem to accept the fact that he might die, yet he still smiles, despite his ghost-like appearance. His black hair is starting to become more stringy and hard, his eyes holding bags underneath, his energy level dropped below, yet he still retain his little obsession over animals…

During my work on the Evolve-O-Ray, Akio came with a small dying animal.

A bandicoot…

"Will he die?" was the first thing he asked me. Apparently, Akio saw a dingo trying to eat a family of bandicoots. The mother and most of her babies died, but Akio saw one defenseless baby barely trying to protect itself. The dingo had it in mid bite until Akio chased the dog away with a large stick. The bite mark was clearly showing on the bandicoot.

"I don't know if he'll make it, son." I told him. The look on Akio, however, got me to wrap up the little creature and place him in a shoe box with warm blankets. I sighed and told my son to just wait it out.

"If he survives the night, he'll be okay." I told him. I wasn't too sure myself, I'm not a veterinarian. The baby bandicoot did survive, but he was still suffering. Akio reluctantly went to school.


As the baby bandicoot held on for dear life on each passing day (I had him placed on a tiny respirator), Akio would come up to him everyday, begging for him to survive.
"I might not live, but I want you to."
I shook my head in sadness. He knew.
And I confirmed that when he slowly died in bed with a soft smile on both Candy and I.
"I'm going to dream about happy things…our entire family together next to the gates to the AfterLife. You'll be there, mommy, next to Grandpa and Grandma (I never told him how much hate I had for my parents and merely told them their names and a picture), Aunt Hanako, you, Daddy, and the little bandicoot. I named him…Hiroki."
"That's a wonderful name for a bandicoot." I soothed him.
"I dream…we'll all…be there. I'll be there…"
His last words meant little at that time, but it seems more meaning to me now…


We buried him near the castle. My grief was spent on the Evolve-O-Ray. It was the only way I could keep myself from crying. I never cried after the funeral. It's as if I did drop a hint of tear, my father would immediately come forth with a baseball bat, beating me, telling me to stop crying. As months passed, eventually my wife left me as I ignored her and concentrated only on the machine. I lost another family. I regretted it, but my grief wouldn't let me stop from building this machine. It turned into a terrible obsession. Eventually, I was done with it, now knowing how much this wretched device would cause so much pain and suffering. But what would my first experiment be?

I was alone at night when I was thinking this. Rain and thunder made the only sounds in an otherwise quiet environment. My colleagues were asleep at this point. I then heard a sound. It was the struggling gasp for life. The little bandicoot was making it. It was so close to dying, yet it managed to clung onto life for months, I was impressed. It wanted to live again, it listened to Akio's words…by golly…it shall live.

I thought all that as I placed the little one into the machine. Dictations from the machine its bandicoot blood and some slight dingo blood from its battle with the dingo. A hybrid. A pureblood would be hard enough on this machine, but a hybrid…now that was a challenge. I then got to thinking. My son, Akio…I've missed him so. I was desperate for a family member. Someone to love. I took out a small amount of my own blood and placed them in the blood container. Then using the machinery, I made a desperate gamble, hoping it'd work.

The machine made its noise and overtime, something manages to pop out in the glass tube filled with liquid to help the creature grow. It was a tiny embryo. Success! I created life! I leaped up and down to celebrate! This was it. In about 9 month's time, the tiny being will grow to be a walking...talking baby bandicoot…with some small dingo blood in the mix (so he might develop quite large teeth). But most importantly, he had my blood. I created more then just a small creature…I created my son.
To Be Continued…


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