Experiment Bandicoot
Chapter 19:

Duties Stripped
"You've done quite a lot of damage, Tropy."

"Yes, I know."

"Foreshadowing events to Cortex, letting that bald headed man survive when he was suppose to have died in that Akio event, and most importantly, letting Crash die. What do you have to say for this?"

"I have no regrets. Crash's death sets upon a chain of events for something much greater then this."

"But he was suppose to live. I know it's for a much greater good, a much higher goal to score, but it is not their business neither yours to squeeze into another galaxy's business."

"This will benefit both Cortex and Coco who's hearts have broken."

"Does that talisman on your forehead mean nothing to you? We control you with that and you do your duty for us! How on Earth did you regain a free will?"

"…I…I don't know."

"He gained it by showing off his care for the greater goods and the people around him. As much as a machine Tropy is, he possesses a growing heart in his organic side and is showing his concern for those lesser then us."

"So…Tropy, you have mortal feelings."


"You let emotions get in the way of your duty. We should destroy you on the spot."

"But you've done us a great service for hundreds of years now. We, the Time Council has decided to merely strip you of your immediate powers."


"I am sorry, Tropy, but this is your punishment. You can no longer travel through time and space let along manipulate it. Your basic powers may stay. And you are no longer the main Time Guardian of this galaxy, a job we will give to someone else."


"I am sorry, Tropy."

"….No, you're not."

Is it over….?
Our final adventure…it was two years ago. Everything has changed. Our lives turned for the better. Our life of evil and villainy now over, everyone of us moved on. My henchmen, no longer called that, but friends, have all left my castle. The only ones who lives inside this desolate place was Coco and I. Coco was Crash's brother, so in a way, she was my daughter, it felt appropriate that she live inside these hollow walls. Her attitude has changed dramatically because of the major impacts of her life: she's more sarcastic and insulting. We all think that's part of her growing up as well. She IS 16. Tawna, however remains the same, personality-wise. She's almost turning 21 and is spending a great deal on her job as a martial arts teacher to the kids at Coco's orphanage. Crash's house is also vacant, no one truly living in it. Polar and Pura, however, comes by occasionally to see that the house is still intact. Everything in Crash's room in that little house was sent over here where I placed them all in Crash's room, locking the door once again. The only missing item, being his doll, carried to his death.

When Crash died, he left behind something. As soon as we escaped that wretched warped space-like place, we immediately landed on a beach that was practically coned as my castle's backyard. As we all got off, all we did was stare out in silence. I walked closer to the water on the beach and said nothing. My comrades said nothing. Tawna said nothing as she clutched onto Coco who refused to stand up properly.

As the water rushed past my feet, all I did was stare at the night sky, hoping by all hope that Crash'll fall down from the stars and into my arms. Losing Crash was the final step in my grave and I just wanted to die just then and there right now. Finally, Tawna tried her might to speak with me.

"Cortex…listen…I…" Her words didn't reach far. She had no clue how to speak to me.

"I deserved this." I softly muttered. As small sobs and tears came down on my face, my eyes shut tight until a small, white glow came atop me. An object lowered down before me and as I curiously extended my arms, I got an item that made me even more upset: Crash's crystal kept in a necklace (or in this case, a dog collar, which many teenagers seem to enjoy wearing). The crystal made a faint glow, and then it grew dull. I wailed…

Alone in a world I refuse to believe in…
That crystal was the only thing of Crash's that I did not place in his room. Instead, it was out in plain view on my desk in my room. No one dared touched it, including myself. It just stayed there for the past two years gathering dust. I continue writing journal entries and mainly staring outside my castle windows. I haven't left my home in two years. My ruling system turned over to others. Whatever politics they decide is up to them, I just told them to leave me be in my castle for the reminder of my life. Tawna was usually the one motivating me to get out. Unlike Coco and I, Tawna had an exceptionally strong will and has slowly moved on with her life. That included trying to get me out of my home.

"Come on, Cortex, the little kids are making up rumors sayin' your place is haunted and such!" She would cry out.

"Let them think whatever they want." I would speak in a soft, quiet, depressed voice, "I don't care." It got to the point where I was a likely candidate for clinical depression. No pills I took, all I did was mope. Yet two years have passed and I haven't died of grief.

Coco wasn't doing so well either. She had her own way of depression, mainly acting like a rebellious teenager. She didn't smoke or do drugs of that sort; she just got into a lot of arguments and turned cold.

"Tobias left me…Crash left me…my parents left me! Who else can I turn to!"

"Coco, ya still have us, mate."

"Yea, Tawna…you and Cortex and the others. I appreciate the friendship, but that's all the love I plan to give! I…I reject love!"

While she does leave the castle to do what teenagers usually does, her personality has turned harsh and bitter, cynical and pessimistic. Basically, she was acting like a typical rebellious, angst teenager. Tawna herself even admitted it might just be a stage and in time, she'll accept what has happen, but at age 16, she had an awful long way to go. Usually when Tawna wasn't busy trying to drag me out of my house, she'd concentrate on her efforts to cheer up Coco.

Where are you all now?
The others, like I mentioned, have moved on. Gin and Brio does their best to try and keep up with me. "Try" because I refused to answer phones (I cut off my phone line), doorbells, e-mails, letters, and even carrier pigeon. Tawna basically barges in my castle to speak with me. Last I checked, Gin is working as a weapons designer for the American army and Brio is a local bartender in Citadel City. Both get together as frequently as can, so they hardly miss each other or me (as they frequently try to visit me as well).

Crunch and Tiny I heard has worked together to create many exercise programs. The two have become wonderful friends. Crunch also continued to serve in the army which he joined some time ago (I'm not too sure when he joined). Koala Kong landed a big role in a film as told by Tawna from various magazines and TVs (another thing I haven't touched either). It's this supposed big action film with him starring next to Tom Cruise, whoever that man is. Papu Papu returned to his village and settled scores with them, saying he'll work harder and become less lazy. Last I check, I heard he actually lost a few pounds and enjoys a more active life. I also heard he found himself a wife.

I believe Pinstripe is in New Jersey. I heard he became a used car's salesmen, but secretly operates his own Mafia. He wouldn't tell me and kept shut about the latter. As for the Komodo Bros, well…last I heard, they briefly worked as showcases of their sword throwing skills at the Ringley Bros. circus until they were fired when Moe (from what I've been told) set off the stampede of elephants on account he was drunk. Now they're mining for diamonds and selling them off. Ripper Roo, from what has been told, has published a book after years of studying, then I heard he ran for governor in America (not sure where), before ultimately reached his goal as the current President of America. Dingodile, last I heard was teaching English at a local school. Apparently, he's love for Shakespeare caused him to get himself a teacher's degree. Although I heard a lot of kids were intimidated by him because he kept carrying his flamethrower around before Tawna had to be the one to convince him that taking that is not required for school.

As for Nina, she stayed with me for the duration of the two years before she returned to her mother in Japan. I heard she's doing wonderful in school even though Hanako is still trying to get used to her metal hands.

The world seems to be in balance, nothing destroyed of that sort. The Mask Gods must be doing a good job. Tawna once asked what happen to the Four Elemental mask gods to Tropy when he came by unexpected as he usually does.

"Last I heard they're being severely punished by Aku and Uka because they wreaked another planet somewhere far off."

"Last you heard? You mean you don't know? You always know!"


Tropy. I have no clue what he still does. I naturally assume he is still a time traveler, although lately his constant reappearance and disappearance has been lacking. Some say he's duty as Time Guardian was replaced, but he refuse to speak on anything pertaining to his life, no matter how much Tawna begged to know. I finally manage to get Tawna to leave him be. Let him deal with his own problems.

Is there…?
Did I wanted to die so badly after Crash's death? Yes. I spent two years in utter depression, hoping grief would kill me. But every once in a while, a small voice in my head would pop inside of me and tell me to stop acting like such a damn fool and leave your remaining lives to it's fullest. I assumed that's the one thing keeping myself from dying for the past two years. As I look back at my previous entries, I see how utterly depressed I was, yet someone manage to show some signs of clinging onto hope. Not a day goes by that I don't dream of being in Crash's arm. My most recent one later became my most frequent…

I am in a clear road surrounded by Cherry Blossoms. The area is white and seems to cover every aspect of the area except me and the trees and road. It's as if the white has me surrounded. I'm wearing a white kimono and I smile softly. I see Crash not far from where I am who smiles back, waving, while donning a suit, complete with a top hat. All white like my kimono. Neither of us uttered a word as the wind blows the cherry blossom leaves. Instead we just stare and smile. Crash extends his hand and I touch it gently. We hold hands as we talk down the road where a bright white light shines towards us. There, both of us see people…our family.

I felt a sense of serenity whenever I had that dream. I've even begun to…smile a bit. Was it a sign? Could be. I sat on my chair, starring out the night sky as usual until a bright glow came from behind me. I quickly turned around to see it was coming from my desk. I rushed over to confirm what I had seen and picked up the glowing object…his crystal. His crystal was glowing. Glowing brightly as if it found treasures and was hastily trying to tell me. I gasped, stunned at what I had seen. For some reason now, my feet carried me off to the balcony from my room where the crystal slowly pointed to the stars. I saw a green star twinkling brighter then the others. I gasped then stared at the little crystal which its bright glow has dimmed down, but quietly glowed in my hands. It felt…warm.

All I did was smile. As a tear left my face, I smiled and even chuckled a bit. With my eyes closed, I held that crystal close to my heart and muttered the word…


Perhaps…there is hope…


Author's Note: And that's the end of that chapter! Yep! I am done! Finished, completed. I figured this fanfic would be much shorter then "Jak II Chronicles". I intended it anyways. Basically, with this fic done, all I need to do is re edit and give "Jak II Chronicles" the much needed Director's Cut edition feel. Afterwards, I can work on my long anticipated "Jak and Crash", the sequel to both this fic and "Jak II chronicles" and end of the Blue Curtain Trilogy. So, I hope you'll look forward to it. I'll also (if I have time and feel motivated) make a short comic that takes place after both "Experiment Bandicoot" and "Jak II Chronicles" and before "Jak and Crash". A comic that deals with both galaxy's worlds. Kinda like the FFX: Eternal Calm video.

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