A/N: hello people... hope you will like this, as my school mates certainly did.. now they all think i should write songs, but i'm not so sure, why don't you go ahead and tell me, pwease... with a cherryon top?? but one things for sure; writing this poem, has been the most interesting way of using(/wasting) german class, since our teacher is as dumb as dirt... i'll stop blabbing, and let you continue on the path of rightiousness!!!

A Poem to Death

I have sat, for too long,

On the parapet, observing the night.

Naught just the dark shadows of demons,

But a shadow of YOU in you fight.

Finally the demons have gone away,

With blood-freezing cries.

Though they burn on with a fire,

As they seek into your eyes.

You are so close now, I can tell,

Your breath on my neck; burns like a fire of Hell.

I feel like melting in your strong arms,

As you take in my scent, and revel in my smell(A/N: that would be blood-smell, people!)

Your consent is clear, as your fangs elongate,

It pierces my skin, and blood leaves me.

You gently hold me, as my heart seems to stop,

My skin; like ivory, and you can't leave it be.

While I slip into darkness,

You cradle me in your arms and fly away.

You kiss my forehead, as we leap into the air,

Where you will take me; I cannot say.

A/N: so how do you like it?