Hey there!

I originally started this story 3 years ago to celebrate Jack O'Neill's birthday...but never got anywhere near finishing it.

So I've reworked it, and I'm going to start doing some new chapters!


Jack's Big Day

Jack sat on the end of his bed. His hair was awry, sticking up all over the place. Still in his Air Force T Shirt and bottoms, he rolled up one leg to admire the scars on his left knee. He let his limb be and got up, heading to his coat hooks where his blues were hanging.

What's the date? He thought as he reached for his phone.

The display read 20/10/04.

"Crap!" He whined, "It's today."

Jack now stood in his laundry room, desperately trying to remove the creases from his pants. He started duty in just over an hour, and he lived an hour away, not that he was in a hurry to get there!

October 20th was always a trying day for Jack.

It was his birthday.

At least it wouldn't be as bad as two years previous, when he 'officially' became an 'antique'.

Every year, he had to endure jibes from his friends and colleagues. Daniel would tease him relentlessly, calling his denser comments his 'senior moments'. Teal'c of course being into his eleventh decade would inform Jack that he was 'getting to be a big boy now'. The catering staff asked him if he needed a straw with his soup, and Siler and Walter - being Siler and Walter - asked him:

"How does it feel to be old sir?"

For a moment, he considered leaving the iron down on his pants, so that he could phone and say he'd accidentally destroyed his uniform.


Daniel would call that a senior moment.

Giving up on his ironing, Jack stripped off to his briefs and picked up the crushed relics that were his pants.


"Oh for crying out loud…" He growled, looking at his watch.

06:30 - Postman.

Jack always had to open the door for the postman to sign for his mail.

What package is it this time?

Beyond caring, Jack went to the door in his briefs.

"Hello." He yawned, screwing his eyes up at the early Colorado sun. He never looked at who was standing there.

"H-Hello sir."

Sir? What the?

As he looked up, his face took on that of a deer caught in headlights.


Jack jumped back, trying to conceal his near-nudity. He bashed into his door-side table, and that lovely carved stone vase his sister Siobhan had got him for Christmas landed on his foot…