Chapter 7 - Jack O'Neill - the wonder years

"Jack was born in Chicago on the 20th of October, 1952 to John and Iona O'Neill. He was one of a set of triplets - James, Robert and Jonathan. In 1956, they were joined by their sister Siobhan."

Uh-oh…They better not have talked to any of my relatives or I will die!

"After the family moved to Clearwater, Minnesota in 1958, Jack and his brothers were enrolled at Lakeland elementary. Jack proved himself to be an extraordinary boy, being skipped ahead two grades, while his brothers were skipped up one. Jack then moved to Oakfield Junior high then Oakfield senior. He graduated with extremely high SATs and credits in Maths, Physics, Music, Spanish and English."

That's right…let Danny boy know that I have some non-english language skills.

Jack caught a glimpse of Daniel staring quizzically at him.


"But Jack managed to get into a bit of trouble after leaving school, and after some…incidents, he decided to enroll for basic Marine training. Once in training, he caught the eye of a visiting Air Force General, Mark Hendry, and gained a place here, at the Academy. Jack then took several subjects, once again excelling in many fields, including Languages, Military sciences, Engineering and tactical logistics."

I was happy being General Dumbass you nit! Walter you are gonna regret this!

"After five years here, Jack graduated with a joint honours degree in Military Sciences and Engineering, at the rank of Lieutenant, but did not go immediately into service. Instead, he enrolled at…"


"Chicago State University to study English literature and Music."

There were a round of gasps from the assembled crowd, and Jack felt dozens of pairs of eyes rest on him.

"What?" He said in mock anger, concealing his mortification.

The group turned away from him, focussing on Walter once more.

"But he found that English literature wasn't to his liking, so switched faculties to Nuclear and Particle physics in his second year, eventually graduating with an honours degree in the subject and a year later, his masters in Music."

I want to die.

"Jack then returned to the military to fulfil his contract of five years service. It was after a few missions, he was recruited into black ops. But his academic career didn't end there. By this point, his brother James had become an astronomer and his sister Siobhan was working for NASA as a technician and part time radiologist. Robert had become a psychiatrist. His father had also remarried and he now had another three siblings - Angus, Alexa and Kaitlin."

If you start talking about my step mom you're gonna die Walter.

"Jack began working on a project with Siobhan and James all the while working for special ops. It was while working on this project, that he met his future wife, Sara McClaren. It took eight years for them to get together, finally marrying in 1985. Their son Charlie was born in 1987. The project they had been working on came to fruition and recognition in the early nineties. This was SETI, the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. But neither would have any more involvement with the project. Sara left work to care for Charlie, and Jack, who by this point was a Major, scaled back his Black Ops input, letting many missions pass him by."

Phew! No mention of the evil step mother and no Black Ops details.

"Tragically, in 1995, his son Charlie died in an accident at their family home. His marriage to Sara ended shortly thereafter, but the two remain friends to this day."

Jack felt self conscious as he felt the crowd's gaze on him again. He was sure that Sam and Daniel's stares were going to burn holes in his uniform. They were worried for him, and he genuinely appreciated the concern, though it was now unwarranted.

"It was roundabout this time that Jack became involved with the Stargate project, leading the first mission to Abydos, along with the late Major Charlie Kawalsky, Major Lou Ferretti and Dr Daniel Jackson. On this mission, they were successful in eliminating Ra and freeing the people of Abydos. A year later, SG1 were formed, and after seven years as CO of the team, he gained promotion to Base Commander of the SGC."

Hallelujah! I survived this with minimal embarrassment!

"Now that we've finished the Jack O'Neill 101…"

What? Huh!

"…It's time for the really embarrassing stuff.