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Author's Note: Moon Phase is a series of installments written in response to the Challenge topics presented on the Live Journal community 30minutefics. The first installment begins with Challenge #26, and then jumps to Challenge #45 where it will continue in sequential order. Each installment (chapter) will be updated as the owners of 30minutefics present the new challenge every Sunday.

First Installment Challenge #26 – The Diary of...

Title – Through Adult Eyes

Rating – G

Pairing – Remus/Hermione

Completed time – 30 minutes, no editing

Installment summary – Hermione meets up with an old friend from the past and puts her thoughts down on paper.

Day 1

This is silly. I've never been one to do this sort of thing and I think it just invites trouble. But where else to express some troubling thoughts? We met again tonight. Just dinner and a sedate walk around the park. He's the same yet different. Or maybe I'm different. Most likely that's the case. I remember thinking when I first saw him all those years ago that he was nice, intelligent, with a huge heart and eyes to fall into. But rather old really. Not so this evening. It's funny how a decade can make such a difference.

Day 2

I am really too old to be writing in one of these. I can just imagine H and R's faces now if they saw this. But it's helped. I actually looked forward to coming home tonight and writing in it. I thought about the dinner again. Merlin, it was JUST dinner! He's only changed in that he's a little more lined, a little more weary, and now a lot more attractive in my eyes. He's always been a gentleman. That never changed, and there's something wonderfully unique about him, beyond the obvious. I liked the way he held my hand when he helped me from my chair. He has a way of curling his fingers around your hand that's almost like a full body hug. I felt it all the way down into my toes. I'm an idiot.

Day 6

Should I owl him? What do I say? Thank you for the wonderful meal and the company? I already told him that at least twice when he walked me to my flat. How many times can you gush about one event and not sound like a complete nutter? We're all supposed to meet at Hogwarts this weekend. I have so much work to catch up on. "Brilliance" has its price in expectation levels. The Ministry has serfs, not employees.

Day 10

Well, that was interesting. It was fun to see everyone. I would swear that Dumbledore has a small private stash of youth potion tucked away. The man hasn't aged a bit since I last saw him. Of course I made a fool of myself by spilling pumpkin juice in my lap. And who but Yours Truly would be there to help me clean up? S may call it silly wand-waving but that can be argued depending on who's waving the wand. Fanciful imagination or wishful thinking. Call it what you like, but I swear it felt like R's hand drifting over me as he recited that restoration charm. I'm sure my blush must have set the curtains on fire. Why is it that I can be clever with books and brave with dark lords but present me with someone I find attractive and I resort to complete drooling idiocy.

Day 11

He owled me. Dinner again. Apparation to his favorite meditation spot. Forget coy. I said yes. I think I scared his poor owl leaping for the post when it arrived. There are times the anachronisms of wizard society are a blessing. If he'd made a Muggle phone call, I might have shrieked my acceptance in his ear, and how embarassing might that have been?

Day 16

What do I wear? this wasn't an issue before. We were just friends meeting, discussing old times, old adventures, new lives. I didn't care so much if my hair continues to defy the laws of physics or if I wasn't dressed to "highlight my attributes" as the fashion magazines are so fond of writing. Now it matters. It REALLY matters. I want to look nice, but don't want to appear obvious. And what if he laughed? Wait, he wouldn't laugh. He's too polite. But I could tell. I would see it in his eyes no matter how hard he tried to hide it. This is so hard!

Day 16 – second entry

This has to be infatuation. It must be. Or I have lost my mind. How else do I explain obsessing on the way he handles his fork when he eats? Or how he closes his mouth around the prongs in just such a way that I blush and think of things that have nothing to do with food and everything to do with lips and tongues? He hugged me goodnight this time. Not hard, just casual, but I loved the feel of his hands. He has broad shoulders. I never noticed that when I was younger. And he smells wonderful!

Completed in 30 minutes. No editing.