A/N: sorry, I'm trying to keep from doing this with this fic, but it needed to be said. This is just a short chapter, showing what goes through their heads in the middle of the night.

Faye's asleep. She always seems more angelic when she's asleep.

Maybe that's what she is, the angel that guided me towards salvation.

And maybe I'm the king of Mars. But she is my angel.

She shifts against my side, draping her arm a little lower about my body. I look down, seeing her indigo hair spread across my chest like a curtain. She mumbled something as she dozed, prompting me to smile.

How could I not ask her what I did?

Images drifted across my mind, the times we fought, the times we worked together. Seeing her in that casino uniform, something made me want to sit down and get to know her. And, of course, during the course of that game, she also made me want to annoy her. So I deliberately kept that chip from her, toying with her.

Heh. She's gotten me back a thousand times over by now.

I kiss the top of her head, settling back into the pillows, closing my eyes and letting myself drift off, the sound of the freezing rain pelting the window creating a rhythm that makes it easy to relax.


He's asleep. I don't know what it was that woke me up; maybe it was him shifting in his sleep.

He looks so innocent when he's asleep, so unlike him. I see his face in the flare of a lightning bolt.

What a lunkhead. But he's MY lunkhead, MINE.

I go over things that have happened in our lives. Dragging him home to the Bebop after his brash rescue at the church, the various capers we've been on. It took me a while to admit it, but he was the reason I stayed on the Bebop as long as I did.

I look at the ring adorning my finger now, still in shock over it. I pull it off and look at the engraving within.

FVV&HES, the bounty is love.

He had his true initials carved in. Showing me yet again the softer side he had.

The side of him only I got to see. Me.

It makes me feel special. Slipping the ring back on, I settle in against his side again.

Between his breathing, the rain, and the occasional roll of thunder, it's so hard to stay awake.