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Four years ago, the reign of the great Overlord Krichevskoy came abruptly to an end

For two years, demons have fought for the position of Overlord until one day the late king's demon son, Laharl gained control

With Krichevskoy's most trusted vassal Etna and the Angel Trainee from Celestia Flonne, Laharl destroyed his opposition and became the new Overlord of the Netherworld

However, as news of Flonne's influence in the Netherworld spread throughout Celestia, an archangel sought to destroy her

As the battle raged on between the Archangel and the Angel Trainee, a shadow watched as the beginning of his plan came together

"It is only a matter of time..." Was all that was said before he disappeared, leaving a lone rose in his trace

Two years later...

Episode 1
: Duo of Beauty and Darkness Make Their Grand Entrance!

It was morning in the Netherworld, although no one really cared since there was no sun or much light to begin with. Much of the Netherworld was dark; then again, most demons like the dark, so it really didn't matter. Within the Netherworld was one massive structure that stood out from the rest; a castle consisting of crooked towers surrounded by a lava moat: the Overlord's Castle. It is within the confines of this demonic structure that our story begins...

Noise vibrated through the halls of the castle, awakening many of it sleepy inhabitants. Of the demons who arose from their slumber by this noise was a young Fallen Angel by the name of Flonne, a former Angel Trainee who once worked for Celestia. She had long flowing golden blonde hair and was decorated with a red ribbon on top. She wore a red leotard with a silky white robe and, like most humanoid demons, had little red demon wings and a demonic tail. She traced the noise to the place where all things in the Castle somehow occurs, whether it's a battle, a meeting, or washing laundry: the throne room. There, four demons were battling each other two-on-two.

"This is stupid, Etna! Why do I have to learn about this friggin' teamwork crap?!" The young yet powerful Overlord Laharl groaned as he barely dodged the spear of his vassal. The 1300 year old Overlord was not very tall, but his crimson blaze within his eyes was the only thing that could reveal the enormous power within his small body. His attire consisted of simple shorts and a long flowing crimson cape. What truly set him apart from everyone else was his hair style, which was blue and topped with slick antenna stands. He was also, unfortunately, known for his big ego and attitude problem, which often got him into many arguments and fights, especially with his top vassal.

"Geez Prince, acting less like a brat and more like an Overlord!" His annoyed vassal Etna demanded with her hands on her hips. "And for your information it's not teamwork crap! It's knowing how to make full use of your vassals!" The red haired demon girl with the revealing outfit was Laharl's main vassal, who once served under his father King Krichevskoy. Etna, though normally carefree and incredibly devious, was serious when it came to raising Laharl to become a great Overlord like the late King. Unfortunately, this lead to many bouts between her "master" and herself.

"And why don't you start acting more like my vassal?! I'm supposed to be giving the orders, not you!" In a fit of anger, Laharl stomped his feet as his skin began show a tint of angry red. As Laharl continued his tirade, the young Fallen Angel scooted over to the annoyed vassal. After all, this "exercise" has become increasingly unbearable since Etna initiated it.

"I see you're training Laharl-san again..."

"Yeah, and once again he doesn't listen..."

Flonne sighed, remembering one time when Laharl came to accept teamwork. Now after returning from Celestia, Laharl was the same person she smacked two years ago. Not exactly much of a progress. "What a disappointment. I thought he'd learn by now..."

Etna sighed. Even if she could disguise the word, "learning how to use the full potential of his army " translated to "teamwork crap" in Laharl's mind. There was no choice but to force him to accept that he can't always win on his own, using whatever means necessary as was Etna's policy. "Don't you understand? You can't just fight off all your enemies on your own. There is no demon out there who can fight every battle without backup."

"Oh really? Then perhaps I'll be the first!" Laharl charged at Etna with his sword, ready to bring an end to this useless exercise. "What the–?!" Unfortunately, the only thing that ended was his charge. His sword suddenly disappeared before he could bring it down on Etna. Instead of Etna being pulverized, Etna dodged Laharl's charge, causing him to stumble, and gave Laharl a swift kick, causing him to tumble a few feet from his throne.

Beside Etna was Laharl's crafty little rogue Kaitou happily clutching Laharl's sword in his hands. "Shazam!"

"I guess getting you attacked by that mob of low class demons two years ago didn't exactly make you learn..." Etna sighed, remembering the time she had Laharl get his ass kicked in Tutorial Fields. "Now I'm not the type of demon who spouts words like love, kindness, or teamwork over and over again." Etna, from the corner of her eye, quickly eyed Flonne, who was the exact demon she was describing. "But learning how to make use of your army is essential for every Overlord. Just look at yourself. You're paired up with your best warrior Steilhang and yet you barely even me or your weakest vassal!"

Kaitou's body began to twitch, as Etna's scolding sounded more like rock to his head. "W-weak..."

"Yes, you're weak, and you also lack the abilities and cunning of others." Kakashi, Laharl's ninja, bluntly told the already insulted thief. On top of the rock, that insult felt like a dagger.

"Let's not forget that you can't use your weapons very well. You're good at stealing many weapons, yet you can barely wield a wield a sword." Motoko, Laharl's ronin, threw her own insult at the already embarassed thief, which felt like her own clean blade.

"Your voice is annoying, you're out of shape, you can't get a girlfriend, you can steal kisses, which is very creepy..." Naruto, Laharl's scout, added more insults to the already insulted thief.

"Oh shut up!"

While the two gun totting vassals argued, Steilhang helped Laharl up. When Laharl was finally back on his own two feet, the humble male warrior kneeled before his master and bowed his head. He was perhaps the only vassal who truly respected the current Overlord. "Forgive me, Laharl-sama. I was unable to keep up with you."

Steilhang's respect toward Laharl was a little embarassing. It was a rare sight for the Overlord, whose other vassals either lounged around the castle, plotted to play practical jokes, or even attempted assassinations. "Don't apologize! Our opponent just happened to be the most conniving demon in the Netherworld!"

"Why thank you, Prince! I didn't know you cared!"

"That wasn't a compliment!" Laharl then turned his attention back on his humble warrior. "Anyway, we can easily beat Etna. We just need more power. You need...a new sword!" Steilhang was tilted his head as a small question mark popped up above his head. Laharl explained his reasoning further. "Of course! You were beaten because your sword is too heavy! I bet we can get you a stronger faster weapon at Rosenqueen! Once we have that, we can kick the crap out of Etna and kiss this teamwork crap goodbye!"

"Laharl-san, you don't need to resort to this! If you use the power of teamwork you can beat any adversary!"

"Who needs teamwork? My power is more than enough to defeat anything and everything there is!" As he turned to the halls, Laharl began to chuckle. "Hmhmhm..." That sinister chuckle was gradually getting louder. "Hmmhmhmhm..." Soon... "HAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" The Overlord's signature evil laughter roared through the halls of his castle as he arrogantly strode toward the Rosenqueen shop.

Both Etna and Flonne sighed. "He just doesn't get it, does he?" The idea of working together with his vassals will never pierce Laharl's skull.

Conveniently located in the lobby was the Rosenqueen Item Shop, the place where crafty demons try to make a HL (or at least several million) with their stock of weapons, armor, and other odd things. At the moment, there were numerous demons congregating around the counter. Laharl, however, did not even bother with their complaints and simply shoved past the other customers. "Move aside, you lowly demons! Your great Overlord is here, so don't even think of getting in my way!"

"Oh brother..." Large sweat drops appeared on Etna and Flonne's forehead as the arrogant Overlord simply pushed past the crowd.

Finally at the counter, Laharl began to speak to the shopkeeper. "Get me the finest sword you've got and don't you dare try to scam me! You guys are pretty lucky that I would actually spend my HL here, so don't try and piss me off."

"Sorry Overlord. We don't have any swords today."

Obviously, this wasn't exactly the best answer to give Laharl. Within seconds, Laharl's arrogance faded and was replaced with a fiery rage. "WHAT?! ARE YOU TELLING ME YOU'RE ALL OUT OF SWORDS?!"

However, in spite of the angry Overlord in front him, the shopkeeper continued with his sarcastic tone. "Yup! And we've got no armor, no desserts, no ABC gum...heck, we don't have anything."

"Is this a joke?!"

"No, but I can turn it into one. Knock knock?" This was all Laharl could take. He was defeated by his vassal and incredibly weak thief, and instead of getting a sword that would help him beat them, he has to deal with the fact that the only thing in his Castle's Rosenqueen shop was the annoyingly sarcastic shopkeeper. The little patience he had was already gone.

"I OUGHTA KNOCK YOU, YOU SHOPKEEPER! I CAME HERE TO BUY A SWORD AND INSTEAD I GET ALL THIS SHIT FROM YOU AND..." What came after this was too inchorrent, not very family friendly, and pretty funny at the same time. Laharl, no longer having any control over his anger, began shouting random expletives, causing some demons to back away out of fear, though other demons simply stared at the Overlord pitifully.

Knowing that Laharl's rant wasn't going anywhere, not to mention that she was curious about this odd situation, Flonne, the ever cheerful angel, went up to the counter and asked the shopkeeper, " there any reason why you can't get any of the items in?"

"Well, the weird thing is that there our warehouse is currently blocked off by some weird magic." The shopkeeper replied with his hand cupping his chin. "We tried to break through it, but we're not exactly fighters y'know."

Laharl, despite his constant tirade, was able to hear the shopkeeper. Now that he was over his fit, he turned his attention back to the smart ass demon. "And you want us to go over and break the barrier, don't you?"

"Of course. It works out for the both of us in the end. I get my items and you feed your damn ego."

"'Feed my damn ego?' Why you..."

Before things could get any messier, Flonne stepped in for the shopkeeper and said, "Laharl-san, I think he meant showing the Netherworld and whoever put up the barrier that you're the Overlord and have to be respected."

'Showing that I'm the Overlord?' It took only a few seconds for Flonne's words to sink in, and when they finally did, his sharp teeth became visible to all as he grinned deviously. A deep chuckle escaped his mouth as his arrogance returned. " this worthless demon wants to test me, does he? Well that demon had better watch it for the great Overlord Laharl shows no mercy! I'll trash that fool to pieces! HAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"Yeah yeah. Just don't expect a discount if you succeed..."

Soon, all of Laharl's vassals were standing before the Rosenqueen warehouse, where all the manufactured and uncovered weapons were held. They could easily sense some kind of magical barrier was preventing all intruders from entering.

"I'll charge be the first one to enter." Laharl told them. "After all, I think I can handle this one all by myself." Everyone did an anime face plant. "Of course I may need back up. So I want all my long range warriors to stay on higher ground. I'll trust you with them, Flonne." Flonne nodded. "Now as for my close range people, stay hidden until I give the signal. Alright, here I come, you fool! This what you get for crossing the Overlord!" Laharl ran toward the warehouse. Despite the barrier there, Laharl was able to run right through it.

"Should we go in with him?" Aramis, the zombie tamer, asked Etna.

"Yeah. You know he's gonna need our help." And so, all of Laharl's close range fighter charged in...only to bounce off the barrier. "What the--!" Soon, more demons appeared onto the field and attack Laharl's vassals.

Meanwhile, Laharl surveyed his surroundings, but it was too dark to see much. There was a very small dim light, but that was it. Suddenly, a chill rushed up Laharl's spine. There was obviously someone in here. He had to know who it was.

"Who's there?" He shouted into the darkness. "Answer me!"

"How rude of you to enter someone else's place and ask 'who's there'?" That's when Laharl's eyes shot wide open. That voice. It couldn't be... "But it is young Overlord! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Standing before the Overlord was an older, yet sassy demon. Purple hair and crimson eyes--demon Laharl despised had returned. "HAHAHAHAHAHA! Surprised Overlord? Oui, I have returned from the shadows. The aristocrat of strength and beauty, Vyers, the—"

"What the hell are you doing here, old man?"

"Uh...what are you talking about?"


"Ah yes...King Krichevskoy, the greatest Overlord of all time. I don't know why you have mistaken moi for him. After all, I'm more beautiful than Krichevskoy, no?"


Vyer paused for a minute, trying to remind himself about what said. When he finally remembered... "Hm...oh yeah! My rival needs to be a great Overlord if moi wants a great challenge."

Laharl had enough. He decided to go along with the fact that Vyers was not Krichevskoy. "Alright, so what the hell are you doing here...Mid Boss?"

Mid Boss gritted his teeth as he heard that dreaded name. It was the one name he despised ever since Laharl gave it too him. "Why must address moi as 'Mid Boss'? I am Vyer, the Dark Adonis!"

"Because I said so. I'm the Overlord, so your name from now on is Mid Boss." Then Laharl drew his sword. "Now I have no idea why a loser like you is back, but I'm here to take back my warehouse and I'll kill you if I have to get it back!" Soon, Laharl started summoning his powers. Flames covered his entire body. Then he charged full speed at Mid Boss with a fiery punch. "Blazing Knuckles!" Just as he was about to reach Mid Boss, an ice wall appeared before him. Laharl couldn't stop, and ended up crashing into. "What the--!"

Another voice echoed throughout the warehouse. "So you must be the great Overlord, Laharl? It seems you're not to bright if you like running into walls!"

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!" Laharl turned to Mid Boss, and standing right next to him was a browned haired woman with a white jacket.

"Ah, moi almost forgot!" Mid Boss said. "This is my friend, Kirei. And the two of us are the duo of beauty and darkness!" The two posed and beams of light appeared behind them.

"This is so dumb..." Laharl now how to do deal with not one, but two sassy demons.

Meanwhile, Laharl's army were fighting off floods of various demons. Attacks from above helped ease the crowds of demons and the demons themselves didn't seem so weak, allowing all the close-range warriors to take them out. Still, what puzzled them was why all these demons were coming at them, and they couldn't go in with Laharl.

Finally, Flonne came down from the ledges and approached Etna. "Where's Laharl-san? I thought you were going to fall him into the warehouse!"

"We were!" Etna replied back as she stabbed another demon. "But this weird force field won't let us in!"

"Oh no! That means Laharl-san must be in trouble!"

"Well I'd guess so..."

"We have go in and help him!" Willing to aid her Overlord, Flonne rushed into the warehouse...not realizing the barrier in her way...

"Flonne-chan, you ditz! There's a barrier over there! You can't reach him!"

"Overlord's Wrath!" Laharl shouted as he summoned his fiery powers again. Balls of fire surrounded both Mid-Boss and Kirei, yet the two felt confident despite the powerful attack that was to be unleashed on them. "This is what you get when you cross the Overlord. Now go and BITE THE DUST!" Laharl finally let the fireballs rain hell on the duo.

"Magic Barrier!" Kirei raised her fist, and suddenly a large barrier surrounded the two and deflected every single fireball. Now those same fireballs were headed straight for Laharl.

"That's not all! Adonic Blast!" Soon, Laharl was engulfed in both crimson flames and purple energy blasts. He knew that without any back up, there was no way to defeat them. "I'm quite disappointed, Overlord. You mock how weak moi is and now you can hardly defeat the both of us!"

"SHUT UP!" Laharl yelled as he tried to get up. He continued to clutch his sword, ready to fight despite his injuries. "I'm just getting started!"

"Face it, Overlord." Kirei interjected. "Without anyone to help you, you won't last long against us. You're gonna need some teamwork to defeat us!"

" you guys are talking about friggin teamwork!" Laharl started summoning his powers, trying to cast Overlord's Wrath. "I don't need it! I can defeat on my own!" Soon, the fireballs started coming up again. Just as he was about to send the fireballs at the two again...

"KAMI-SAMA, GIVE LAHARL-SAN STRENGTH!" and red lights engulfed Laharl. Laharl started to feel even stronger than before. Then, his crimson fireballs started getting larger, growing in size and power. As soon as the power reached it's peak, Laharl opened fire on the duo.

"OVERLORD'S WRATH!" This time when Kirei summoned her barrier, she couldn't deflect the attack. It was just too strong. All the two could do was take the attack.

Laharl looked at the chaos his attack caused. He started chuckle, which soon became his trademark laugh. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! DO YOU STILL THINK I'M WEAK ON MY OWN!"

" still think you could defeat us on your own, Overlord?"

"Give it up, loser! I didn't need anyone to defeat worthless pieces of trash like you!" Laharl started to chuckle again, when...

"LAHARL-SAN!" A concerned voice rang out. It seemed like Laharl wasn't the only one in this fight after all.

Mid-Boss started to chuckle as he finally got on his feet. "Oh really?"

"Are you alright, Laharl-san!" Laharl turned around. There she was, the one who helped him gain enough power to defeat the two sassy demons.


"Isn't obvious? I wanted to help you!" Flonne replied.

"I didn't need your help!"

"Oh really? Who do you think made your Overlord's Wrath strong enough to destroy that barrier?" Flonne asked him. That's when Laharl remembered: Red and blue energy consumed Laharl and made his attack stronger. Red often represents the powers of a demon and blue for an angel. However, only one life form could create both at the same time: a fallen Angel. That's when Laharl realized the truth... "That's right Laharl-san! I used the power of my love to power up your attack!

Soon, a slight blush covered Laharl face as he exclaimed, "JUST BECAUSE YOU GAVE ME POWER DOESN'T MEAN IT COMES FROM LOVE, GOT IT! But, thanks...I guess..." He then turned to Mid-Boss. "Now let's finish this!" But when they turned to Mid-Boss, both he and Kirei were missing.

"We must continue this later..." Laharl and Flonne looked up. Mid-Boss was carrying Kirei in his arms. "It seems partner has a fever revoir Overlord...and the beautiful mademoiselle! I'll back to settle this, so don't forget moi, THE DARK ADONIS!" And so, the two disappeared.

"YOUR NAME IS MID-BOSS!" Laharl groaned, disappointed that he couldn't finish the battle. "Damn it, that coward's excuses..."


Unfortunately, 'Love' and 'Friendship' didn't reassure Laharl. Obviously, they haven't seen the last of the Duo of Love and Beauty.

Next episode:

Etna: Just when you thought she was gone, the Queen of All Demons returns for the sequel!

Laharl: Not this again!

Etna: The powerful yet downright sexy Beauty Queen is here to stay and will be facing her greatest challenge ever: Not only has the late Prince returned from the dead, but he's being whipped the evil Love Freak!

Flonne: But I wouldn't do that to—did you just call me evil?

Etna: With the two working together, our queen must prepare herself for this horriffic onslaught. Will she survive?

Laharl: I hope not...

Flonne: I'm not evil...

Etna: Next time on Dimensional Queen Etna: Reload "Freaks of Evil and Love!" With my Sexy Beam, I will protect the Netherworld at any cost!

Flonne: Evil...

Laharl: Flonne, just give it up...

Edited on March, 2007: I know it's been awhile, but I do plan on finishing this fic. In the meantime, I'm just going to edit and expand on the current 12 chapters. Here's what has been changed for those who aren't aware:

-Changed my author's notes to sound less lame. Will be shortening the later author's notes, and will remove any useless comments I make.

-Changed the small prologue/opening so that it doesn't sound like I'm listing events from the first game. I especially tried to make it sound more like Disgaea's prologue.

-Changed Etna's dialogue so it sounds less like she's preaching teamwork and more like she's getting Laharl to learn how to use his army properly. After all, we know Etna would never preach about teamwork.

-Changed the names of some of my soldiers and will be giving them a little more character. If you didn't notice, the shopkeeper is now less timid and more sarcastic.

-Changing Laharl's dialogue so he sounds more like Laharl and less like Overlord Zetta. While they are very similar, there is a bit of a difference as the two carry themselves differently (In my opinion at least, Zetta is a lot more arrogant)

Expect more changes in later chapters.