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Warning: Heavy language and cussing in this episode

Episode 12
: Broken Wings and Mended Feathers

Morning had arrived in the Netherworld. Normally, there would be such a clamor throughout the Netherworld. After all, demons were known for having fun through chaos and whatnot. That was not the case in the Castle of Magnificence.

"Hey, why have you become so silent?" Mid Boss, Kirei, Etna, and everyone had noticed something abnormal in the air: the normally loud Overlord Laharl and the love preaching Flonne were completely silent, with their backs to each other. Laharl, on one hand, had a anger expression on his face. It wasn't even his usual fiery anger where he would shout out at anyone. He had more of a cold expression that indicated nothing but a deep hatred, remaining completely silent. On the other hand, Flonne looked distressed, with no desire to speak. Of course, everyone was worried about these two. As the first one who tried to get a word out of them, Mid Boss went over to Laharl and whispered something into his ear:

"You know, if you made the mademoiselle upset, then maybe you should apologize or do something for her."

However, rather than bursting out at him, Laharl closed his eyes tightly and murmured, "…fool…it's nothing like that…" Something obviously wrong if Laharl wasn't shouting at him, considering that this Mid Boss who said it.

Seeing that Mid Boss couldn't get through, Kirei went over to Flonne and tried see if she could get anything from her. "Excuse me, Flonne-chan. If something happened between you two, you can tell me. We can go into a private room if you want and—"

"No, that's alright…" Flonne's response made Kirei just as silent as herself. Flonne had made no attempt to smile, not even an attempt to express her feelings. It made everyone worry…especially Etna.

Seeing that there was no point in standing around, Laharl turned to Mid Boss and finally said, "Look, we're gonna be leaving now. I'll beat the shit outta you later…" Everyone nearly gasped, hearing that last part. Though Laharl did have a foul mouth, he only cussed occassionally. Laharl then turned away from Mid Boss and coldly left the room, passing by Flonne without even glancing at her. That didn't matter to Flonne for she didn't pay any attention to Laharl either. Etna and Aramis could not figure out was going on, but with Laharl already heading out the door, they and the rest of the vassals followed after him. Their concern for the couple, however, did not wane.

Mid Boss and Kirei watched them leave the castle through an open dimensional portal. As they walked away from the portal, the duo could think about only one thing: What could've happened? Their bond had grown over a month…what caused their bond to shatter in one night…?

The rest of that day matched Laharl and Flonne's mood, for it was raining all day. Dark clouds spread over the Netherworld sky as the rain drenched every sector. The ceilings of the Overlord's Castle were leaking with droplets of water, but Laharl did not mind. In fact, he gave absolutely no orders or missions. Since there were no missions present, Laharl just decided to train in Item World and pass some bills in the Dark Assembly. His presence sent chills up anyone's spine, even the normally fearless senators.

Flonne, on the other hand, spent the entire day on the balcony of Laharl's room gazing into the darkened sky. There was not even a hint of happiness in her, just depression. Not even the rain that dampened her hair, clothes, and skin troubled her. Etna had to pull her away just to dry her off. The depressing silence continued throughout the rest of the day.

When night fell, Flonne found herself back at the balcony. There was no moon out tonight due the cloud cover, but she did not say anything. She too was covered by shadows of the night. Nothing could be seen in the darkness that was cast over the Netherworld. Then…

"Get the fuck out of my room now…" Flonne didn't need to turn around. She already knew who it was, but she did not want to face him. "Gordon finally fixed your room so leave…"

"As you wish…" Without even facing him, Flonne left his room, her face covered in her bangs.

"Good riddance…"

Meanwhile, Etna, Aramis, and the defenders, who were absent during the attack on the Castle of Magnificence, were discussing the current problem with Overlord and Fallen Angel. They have noticed the great change in their behavior, and it worried everyone.

"So you don't know what happened to them…?" Jennifer murmured, feeling guilty for not going on the mission with them. She seemed to fine now though, health-wise that is.

Etna, however, shook her head. "I wish I did though. This isn't like them…"

"Could it have something to do with the mission?" Gordon asked them.

Aramis, following Etna, shook his head too. "They only started acting like this early this morning. They were fine before then."

"It could be the bad day he had yesterday." Kurtis said.

Once again, Etna disagreed as shook her head. "No. If that were true, then why would Flonne-chan be so upset?" All of them heaved as sigh, seeing that could not even get a clue about what happened. Something happened last night that they have not witnessed. It was something between Laharl and Flonne, but they couldn't figure it out. Suddenly, Etna began to clench her fist as she began to narrow her eyes, scaring the people around her. Etna grabbed her spear and marched down the hall. "I'm gonna find out, no matter what I have to do…"

Later that night, Laharl, after a long day of fighting in Item World and passing bills in the Dark Assembly, was ready to go to bed. However, he felt someone's presence nearby, hidden in the shadows. This did not affect Laharl's judgment, for he knew already who it was.

"What the fuck do you want, Etna…"

Slowly revealing herself, Etna stepped out of the shadows. Her normally bright pink eyes were now a fiery red color, burning with resolve. "We need to talk…"

However, Laharl ignored her as he headed towards his coffin. "Can this wait till morning…?" Before he could open it, Etna's hand slammed onto the lid, preventing Laharl from opening it.

"No it can't! You're gonna answer me now!"

Rather than trying to discuss anything with Etna, Laharl pulled out his sword, signaling his resistance as he narrowed his eyes at her. "I will give you five seconds. If you're not out of here, I WILL rip your fucking head off."

"Go ahead and try it. With the way you've been acting, I have no choice but to teach a lesson with my own hands."

"Oh just shut the fuck up..." Laharl, already losing his patience, charged at Etna with his sword. "I DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOU OR ANYONE, ESPECIALLY THAT LOVE BITCH!" Before he could reach her, Laharl felt a sharp blow on his cheek. It was a blow so powerful that it propelled him into a wall. Laharl placed his cheek. It was now swollen, branded with a red hand mark. Despite that, Laharl was reluctant to listen. "Heh…a slap, huh? I should've put my guard up, but now I'm fucking mad!" Laharl kept on trying to force Etna out of his room, but no matter what he did, he'd always get smacked back into a wall. What made this really humiliating was that Etna was doing this with only her hand; she wasn't wielding any weapons or using her attacks, only slaps.

"Sheesh, you were able to beat Setsuna, Kuroko, Chiriko, Priere, and the Seraph, yet you can hardly defeat me, and I'm only using slaps."


Etna refused to budge and continued to smack Laharl. "Not until you tell me what's going on! What's gotten into you and Flonne-chan? How come you two hate each other all of a sudden?"

"SINCE WHEN DID I EVEN LIKE THAT FUCKING LOVE BITCH?" His remark, however, only strengthened Etna's blows, causing blood to drip down his face.

"And don't you dare call her that!" Etna continued to smack harder and harder, causing his face to redden and sting. While it caused Laharl's ferocity to dramatically increase, he could not even land one hit on her. "What happened to you two?"

"WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU WANNA KNOW?" Instead of smacking Laharl this time, Etna grabbed him by the neck and lifted him into the air. She forced him to look her in the eyes, but he kept turning away his head away.

"Because you told me over in the Eternal Apocalypse about what you felt about Flonne-chan! You told me you cared about her so much that you would sacrifice yourself to bring her back! I talked to Flonne-chan the other night, and she said the same thing!" Suddenly, Etna pulled Laharl towards her and forcefully kept him from turning his head away, continuing to wake his mind up. "If you two care about each other so much, why do you two despise each other? Don't you remember what Mid Boss said about the bond?"

Instead of screaming back at Etna, Laharl closed his eyes, letting his bangs cover his face. Then, in a low serious tone, he solemnly replied, "What bond? Is there even a bond…now that the Love Freak…cares about someone else…?" At that moment, Etna eyes were filled with shock. She had stumbled onto what probably broke them up last night: Flonne's heart now belonged to someone else and not Laharl. Seeing that she had no other reason to keep Laharl in the air, Etna slowly lowered Laharl onto ground, but Laharl didn't look up. His bangs were still plastered against his forehead. "I told you what you needed to hear…now leave…" Etna couldn't object to his order after hearing those words. Even if it had affected only Laharl and Flonne, those words had pierced her heart. Not wanting to make her master feel even worse, Etna quietly left the room. As the door slowly closed, Laharl pulled opened the lid of his coffin and tumbled into bed. Leave me alone…all of you…

As Etna headed to her room, she kept thinking about Laharl's words. The true reason why Laharl and Flonne began to hate each other so much…

"Is there even a bond…now that the Love Freak…cares about someone else…?"

That can't be true. I know Flonne-chan. She told me everything. She loves you and only you. There's no way she would…

"Etna-san, is there something wrong?" Etna, her thoughts disrupted, looked to her side. Her humble apprentice, Aramis, was concerned about her, seeing the worried look on her face.

Etna, however, shook her head, trying to reassure her right hand demon. "No, it's nothing. I'm just tired…I'd better get to bed. 'night, Aramis." Aramis wanted to ask her what happened, but he knew it wasn't right for him to talk about the issue if Etna felt that it wasn't. He said no more as he watched Etna head to her room.

Over in the Heart of Evil, the lone man in the dark cloak rested his head against the tree. Since there was absolutely no glimmer of light and he felt sleepy, he decided to lie against a tree and get some rest. However, the spirits in his cross kept him awake.

"I can't believe you let him get away again! If you feel that he's going to cause so much damage, why didn't you destroy him right there? You know very well your power surpasses his!" (Kuroko).

'But Yuki isn't really bad! I know he isn't! He's—' (Chiriko)

"I know what you're trying to say, kid, but we have no chance in getting him back, no matter what we do! Setsuna, you can't keep letting him go like this!"

You may be right, Kuroko. He has lost himself, but that's why I cannot kill him...

"Setsuna, if you continue to give him mercy, he will always continue his devious deeds. I know this very well. After all, I did nearly the same thing. Eventually, he'll gain enough power to begin his reign of terror and …"

And if I kill him, that darkness will never leave, even if he is reincarnated! All of his actions are not his own, they are the work of someone else…if I kill him, he will never stop…


"What you are doing is wrong, Yuki!" Setsuna told the angel in front of him. It was noon in Venomous Peak. After leaving Mid Boss and Kirei, Setsuna set out to search for someone he really needed to find. Rather than finding him, he ended up losing himself in the mountains, which caused some bickering between him and Kuroko…until he one he had been looking had found him.

"You're wasting your breath, shishou!" Yuki resisted, refusing to listen to Setsuna. "You try your best to bring unity to all the races, but I haven't seen any progress! I have seen nothing but even more discrimination than there should be. I told you before I left, I will find a way to end this separation on my own!"

Yuki turned to leave, but Setsuna appeared in front of him. Setsuna, using his staff, blockaded Yuki from going any further. "I can see already that you will cause even more pain and suffering than what the current population is going through now! I won't allow you to hurt those people!"

However, Setsuna's threat didn't affect Yuki one bit. Reluctant to listen to Setsuna, Yuki pulled out his saber, ready to force him out of his way. "Looks like I'll have to move you then! Take this! Holy Scatter Blade!" Yuki sliced at the air, causing numerous energy blades to fly at Setsuna…only to be deflected by him and sent back at Yuki. Yuki was able to dodge it, but barely. However, this meant that he was no match for Setsuna.

"Even now you can't possibly defeat me, Yuki. Stop this foolishness this instant!"

However, Yuki continued to grin deviously. He still had something up his sleeve. "Maybe I can't defeat you now, but soon you'll be begging for my mercy. Do you know that archaeological site from about a month ago? It's already been uncovered."

"But what does this have to do with—?" Suddenly, Setsuna froze in his tracks. He realized exactly what Yuki was going to do. Yuki's true plan to gain power and unify the worlds. "You mean—"

"Once I open the seal, then I don't have to worry about you anymore. There will be no one who can stand up to me."

"I'm not letting you do that!" Setsuna swung his staff at Yuki. Yuki, once again, barely dodged the attack. "I will make sure to prevent you from even reaching that site!"

"Not with these guys around!" Suddenly, something sprung out of the ground, causing debris to shoot out everywhere. Setsuna used his cape to protect him from the wave of dust and rocks coming at him. When it was over, Setsuna faced Yuki again, but soon realized what came out of the ground: eight serpents summoned by Yuki. Each of them had that 'I'm hungry. I will eat anything' look in their eyes. "These guys are pretty hungry right now. I promised them their next meal would be a meal to die for. The next time we meet, you will only be a speck of dust compared to me. Farewell, shishou…" After that, Yuki disappeared into the mountains, escaping Setsuna's sight.

Of course, he had to focus more on his current situation: getting rid of the serpents. Setsuna pulled out a talisman, knowing that it would be enough to finish all ten serpents. "I know that you guys are hungry, but unfortunately, I'm too hard to chew. I hope you like your food spicy though. Oh, great power of earth and fire, release your power to destroy the foe in front of me. Eruption Seal!" A few minutes later, Setsuna sighed as he stood on the charred ground of the Venomous Peak. You have no idea what you're doing, Yuki…

Flashback end

If I destroy him, I'll only destroy the boy and not the evil within him. It will continue to spread and consume others into following his path. That is why I cannot kill him as he is now.

However, Kuroko had something to counter that. "But if this goes on, he will destroy everything. Then what's going to be left for you to protect? If you want to fulfill Miyuki's promise then you'll have to destroy him."

'But there is a way to defeat the darkness without destroying him…' Suddenly, Setsuna turned his attention to Chiriko. 'It's going to be risky, and you yourself cannot do this. There is only one way to defeat it. Something you have seemed to overlook.'

And what is that way?

'You must…'

Brrrr…why does it feel so cold all of a sudden? Laharl slowly opened his eyes. He opened and closed them, trying to cast away the blurriness. When he was finally able to see clearly, he noticed that he was no longer in his coffin again. He was about to think that Etna was planning something again until he noticed the all too familiar surroundings. It looks like Eternal Apocalypse…and yet it feels like Sacred Altar. Don't tell me Etna dragged me into the Marsh of Nightmares…I'm gonna kill her for this if it's the last thing I—Suddenly, something caught his attention. There were three figures. Two of them were standing while the third seemed to be in shackles. He tried to make out the three figures, but then he soon realized whom they were. The two figures were wearing baggy clothes, one in black and one in white. It's the Seraph and Setsuna. What the hell are they doing there? And who the hell is that next to--? Laharl was shocked to see who the third figure was… Flonne…? What she's doing here? And why do they have them chained?

He was about to go down and help her out of her predicament, but soon those thoughts from before flooded his mind again. He turned his back on her and tried to leave. Why should I help her? She's the one who fucking betrayed me! Those guys can go ahead and kill that Love Bitch for all I care! Maybe she'll be outta my hair once and for all! Then, before he could take even a step, Laharl began to feel an ominous presence nearby, and it was coming closer. It was deep dark feeling of hatred and chaos.

Feeling that same presence, Setsuna and the Seraph turned to meet their intruder. "He's here…" They readied themselves for to take on the trespasser, but they couldn't take out their opponent, for it only took a few seconds before they collapsed onto the cold ground. It was inconceivable to Laharl. There was someone who just destroyed Setsuna and the Seraph within seconds.

That's impossible…this guy must be a real monster if he could—Suddenly, a loud alarming shriek echoed through the air. It was the sound of Flonne's voice, causing Laharl to turn to see what was going on. The demon was already closing in on her.

"Please stop! Don't come any closer! You killed them already, haven't you had enough?"

"…no…after everything I have done…you have decided to throw me away…once I'm through with you I'll destroy that f#cking Yuki and everyone else so I won't have to hear you again…Love B!tch!" Laharl's eyes widened. That voice, though it sounded deeper and creepier, was decipherable. Laharltook one good look at the 'monster' and nearly fainted from the shock of it. His eyes widened even more as cold chill surged down his spine. The 'monster' he had witnessed had a glowing dark energy swirling around him and his eyes cold amber eyes narrowed down upon the angel in front of him. A blood red cape, however, covered much of his face, but his icy blue hair was still visible as well as his antennas. There wasonly one person that matches that type of description. It's…me…but how…why am I…? Suddenly, the demonic Laharl had raised his sword overhead, ready to behead the young girl in front of her.




"STOP DON'T KILL HE—wait, I'm…back." Indeed, he was. He blinked a couple of times to make sure, and he was right, he was back in his room. Laharl placed his hand on his forehead, trying to think of what was going on. So that really was a nightmare…but why…why did I dream of that? That's when Laharl felt something touch his cheek. It was soft yet warm and comforting, but at the same time, familiar. It couldn't be… Laharl turned to his side and there she was. Lying besides him was the same blonde Fallen Angel that he had thrown out. Flonne…but I threw you out! What are you doing back here? It can't be the sleepwalking problem cuz her room is with everyone else's rooms, which is pretty far from here. Why is she here? Then, something caught his ear. It sounded like sniffling, and it was coming from Flonne. He turned to see her face, and noticed something falling from her eyes.

"Laharl-san…I'm…so…sorry…please…forgive me…" It fell onto Laharl's hand, moistening it with sadness. It was a tear. Laharl didn't know what to say anymore. He had been threatening her, trying to get her off his back for her betrayal, yet even now, she seemed to care for him, trying to stay by his side. She was worried that I would never forgive her…and it caused her to have a nightmare…probably similar to mine…maybe…that's what's tying her to me…Laharl hanged his head low, knowing that he had gone too harsh on Flonne yesterday. Even though she broke his heart that night, he knew very well that after all the things they have been through, Flonne would never turn her back on him for a second. However, Laharl kept pushing her away, causing him to turn into a monster in her eyes. It's because I've been keeping her away that I ended up turning into that… Laharl knew what he must do. However, before leaving his coffin, he turned to Flonne and wiped off one of her tears. Then, gathering up most of his courage, he pressed his lips onto hers, giving them a soft kiss. He tried his best to make it brief, so Flonne wouldn't wake up and see him like this. He then pulled away, and watched Flonne begin to calm down a bit as a deep blush covered her face. Laharl smiled softly at the young angel. His crimson red eyes were shinning like the forgiving red moon. With that, he closed the lid and headed off into the night. Sleep tight…Flonne.

Early that morning, Etna made her way toward Laharl's room, her fiery red eyes burning with determination. This time, she was going to make sure to repair the broken bond. I don't know what's going on between those two, but I'm going to make sure I get those two back together, no matter what. There's no way Flonne-chan loves someone else…well she loves everyone…but I'm sure she still loves the Prince, and I'm gonna prove it to him right now! The minute she reached the room, she kicked the door open and, without a second thought, pulled open the coffin and heaved his body into the air. "Come with me, Prince! I'll show you once and for that…Flonne…chan…?" However, the person she was holding wasn't the Overlord. It was actually the Fallen Angel she just mentioned, who was quite surprised to see the red headed demon lift her up in the air by the neck.

"Etna-san, what are you doing? I…can't…breathe!" Of course, Flonne was just as confused as Etna in her current situation, especially since she was the one hovering in the air as well as losing that air. Etna, after thinking it over, placed Flonne back on her feet. However, find Flonne in Laharl's coffin bothered her, so she needed to know what the hell was going on.

"Flonne-chan, I thought you were back in your room? How did you all of a sudden make it to the Prince's room?"

Flonne herself didn't even know the answer to that. Since her room was far away, she would've at least crashed into something to wake her up. Knowing that there was no answer at the moment, Flonne shrugged. "Maybe I was sleepwalking."

"But your room is on the other side of the throne room. There's no way you could end up making it all the way to Prince's room!"

Once again, Flonne didn't have much of an answer, for she had no idea why she was in the room in the first place or why she was even in the coffin. Then, she felt something on her lips as a small breeze blew into the room. "My lips…they feel…a bit moist…"

"Must've been the rain."

"But it can't be the rain." Flonne told Etna, slowly shaking her head. "Otherwise, the rest of my face would've been wet…but why…" Then, she let out a gasp, realizing what happened that night. Her sleepwalking habit landed her in Laharl's room, so she was sleeping right next to Laharl. If that was true then, in her sleep, she must've kissed Laharl by mistake…or maybe it was actually… "Laharl-san…" As the name escaped her lips, a bright pink blush covered Flonne's entire face. But why…? After what I said to him…

That's when Etna noticed something a little different about Flonne. "Hey, you're not all depressed anymore! Did you two make up or something?"

"N-no, I don't even know where Laharl-san is anymore."

Etna placed her hand on her chin, trying to think of where Laharl could've gone. Then, some of the other vassals came by. Etna spotted Julietta, the cleric and gatekeeper, and inquired her about the Prince. "Hey, Julietta, did the Prince leave early?"

Julietta, however, shook her head. "I'm sorry, but I didn't see him pass by."

That's when Steilhang noticed the Overlord's absence. "Wait, so Laharl-sama is missing?"

"Yeah, the Prince is not in the castle."

"But if Laharl-san is not here, then how could he possibly—?" That's when another gust of wind blew into the room from the balcony. The slight breeze flowed through the young demons, their hair ruffling in the air as it passed them by. Suddenly, Flonne and Etna came to a startling realization. There was only one other way out of the castle…

"Don't tell me he…"

"LAHARL-SAN!" Flonne and Etna hurried towards the balcony and looked down the many levels of the Overlord's Castle. Laharl's room was near the top, so jumping off the balcony could mean certain death once they make impact with the ground. Furthermore, there was lava moat surrounding the castle, which also meant certain death if fallen into. That's when Flonne came to one conclusion. That small kiss that Flonne felt on her lips, the kiss that Laharl gave her, could've been… A goodbye kiss…could it mean that…he…no…Laharl-san… Soon, her rose red eyes began to fill with tears as she wept. Guilt filled her heart, the guilt of pushing Laharl to suicide. She couldn't bear to stay anymore. Her heart heavy from the guilt, Flonne fled from the demons around her, her eyes blurry from her tears.

"Flonne-chan!" However, Etna couldn't confine her. Flonne was already out the door. Etna knew exactly what Flonne was thinking. She too felt that Laharl had pushed himself to suicide. However, her mind kept denying it as she clenched her fist hard, almost letting making her palms bleed. She then faced all of Laharl's vassals with a fierce look in her fiery red eyes. "He's not dead! I know he isn't! Since I'm second in command, I want you all to search everywhere for Maoh Laharl-sama (Overlord Laharl)! Search every region of t he Netherworld until you find him! Aramis, the defenders, and I will try searching the castle again, understood?" His vassals, just as determined as she was, nodded their heads. They would not lose their Overlord that easily. Then…

"Did someone mention us?" They all turned to the door and standing in the doorway was none other than Gordon, Jennifer, Thursday, and Kurtis, the defenders. "You don't need to explain, we know of the situation."

"But can you handle a search?" Etna asked them, knowing what happened to Jennifer last time. "Jennifer was sick last time so—"

"Don't worry about it." Jennifer reassured her. Unlike before, she seemed to be okay. In fact, it looked like she was better than ever. "I'm better now. Besides, it's important that we find Laharl-chan."

"Yeah, I can't find anyone else I could work with but the Overlord." Kurtis added.

"Blip beep, Thursday is ready to find Overlord Laharl."

"Alright, so it's settled!" With a burning determination in her eyes, Etna raised her fist into the air. "Now let's go find him!"


Unlike Etna inside the castle, Flonne had already lost hope. No matter what she thought, there was only one thing in her mind: Laharl's suicide. It's…all my fault…I know he was mean to say that to Yuki…but I shouldn't have said that…even though he kept saying that he hated me…Laharl-san felt broken hearted inside…and I was the one who caused it break…and because of me he's…

"He's not dead yet…" Flonne quickly spun around in surprise. It turned out to be a familiar amber-eyed angel. "But I need you to come with me. I've been looking for someone to help me reunite the two worlds, and I think it'd be best if you came with me."

This time, however, Flonne wasn't all too thrilled to see Yuki. While she did like him, her current situation made it the wrong time for him to come. "I'm so sorry, Yuki-san…you're so nice and friendly to me…but I can't leave Laharl-san. He's more than just an Overlord to me. We've become such a strong bond…I can't possibly—"

"But don't you think that's the problem?" This time, Flonne was stunned to hear Yuki asking that question. She did not have an answer."Your bond, while strong, puts too much of a burden on the Overlord. Even if he is an Overlord, his position cannot save him from inevitable doom. Like you said, your bond with him is strong, but because of that, he will always be willing to protect you. Overtime, while they may heal, his wounds grow on him and eventually…"

An alarmed look replaced Flonne's depressing face. What Yuki said was mostly true. Laharl would try his best to protect her, but he would get severely injured in the process. If this continued… "No…that can't be…he wouldn't…"

"Was there any time where he fought so hard for you where death almost embraced him?" There was no need for Yuki to elaborate. Flonne already knew what he meant. She had seen Laharl's body after some of those battles that Yuki mentioned. Whether it was against the Seraph, Priere, or Setsuna, Laharl put everything into his battle to protect her, but because of that, he had been inflicted with heavy damage. That damage may eventually grow and soon… "If you care about him so much, then you must leave his sight. That way, he'll forget about you and he won't encounter certain death. If you stay, you'll only be a burden at his side, slowly whittling him away with each battle. If you want to save his life, then follow me. Otherwise, you can just watch him die." With all that said, Yuki turned away and started to walk away from the castle, hoping for Flonne to follow his lead.

Flonne didn't know what to do anymore. She was torn between the decision of leaving or staying with the one she loved. She loved Laharl so much, she couldn't possibly leave his side, but if he were to die, that would be even worse. Flonne then made her final decision. Laharl-san's life is more important than our bond…even though I will be saddened, I will happy as long as Laharl-san lives the rest of his life happily…so…sayonara…Laharl-san…

Meanwhile, inside Laharl's room…

"Damn, where is he?" Etna was still awaiting a response from the others. She had ordered Laharl's vassals to search the Netherworld for the Overlord, and had the defenders, Aramis, and everyone that was left in the castle check to see if he was still inside. However, their search turned up empty and there was no response from the other vassals yet, which made Etna begin to doubt that they'll ever find him as she paced back and forth within the room. "I refuse to believe he's dead! I have to prove it to Flonne-chan! Besides, I promised Krichevskoy-sama to keep him safe. I can't just—"

"What are you doing and why the hell are talking to yourself in my room? Can't you find somewhere else to do that?" Etna's eyes widened for she recognized that voice coming from behind, near the balcony. Anyone would be able to recognize that annoyed childish voice.

"Prince, you're alive!"

Laharl eyed Etna suspiciously and sighed, shaking his head slowly. "Why am I not happy to hear you say that…?"

"But Flonne-chan and I were worried! We thought you jumped off the balcony and died!"

A bit irritated by that statement, Laharl began to feel a little irritated. "What gave you that idea?"

"Well you all of a sudden disappeared!"

"Hey, I needed a walk alright!" Laharl snapped back, trying to reassure his concerned vassal.

"But you jumped out the window!"

"And you think I can't make that jump? I bet you can jump from here as well!" True enough. Some of Etna's most powerful attacks, as well as Laharl and Flonne's, often had herself propel through the air at an unimaginable height. It would make sense that he, the Overlord, could make such a jump.

Still, Etna wasn't really sure if Laharl could do it at this height, especially since the castle is so tall. "But Prince, there's no way you can jump all the way to ground if you're jumping from here!"

"Who says I jumped all the way to the ground? I just jumped from ledge to ledge." Of course, Etna never thought of that either, but Laharl was right. There were many towers Laharl could land on to break his fall. Laharl pitifully shook his head as he started to walk past her. Then, the defenders arrived…

"I'm sorry, Etna. We couldn't find him, he must be—AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! IT'S THE GHOST OF THE OVERLORD!"

A sweat drop appeared on Laharl's head as his eyes narrowed at his vassal. "You told them too…?"

"Hey, we were all worried, especially Flonne-chan! She's been crying her heart out for you."

"Speaking of which, where is she?" Everyone else in the room looked to each other, hoping that they had the answer. Unfortunately, none of them had one.

Being the last one to see Flonne, Etna told the young Overlord, "She ran out crying! She thought you killed yourself!"

For a split second, Laharl began to hesitate, indicated by the widened eyes. After all, he didn't think his absence would cause such a clamor within his army. Then, he clenched his fist tightly as he yelled loudly into the air, "THAT DITZY LOVE FREAK! YOU MUST BE SO STUPID TO THINK I WOULD JUST KILL MYSELF LIKE THAT! WE'D BETTER GO FIND HER NOW BEFORE SHE DOES SOMETHING STUPID!" However, before they could do anything, Steilhang and Ravens walked into the room, dragging a familiar person.

"Etna-san, this dem—Laharl-sama, you're alive!" Laharl bit his lip and tried his best not to say anything. He glared at Etna for a few seconds, who simply shrugged at him. Afterwards, Steilhang started again. "Laharl-sama, this demon would like to see you."

However, our busy Overlord did not have the time for idle chitchat. "Can it wait, Steilhang? We're kinda busy."

"But this demon says it's important!" Ravens told her master. "Are you sure you don't want to listen to what he says?"

Laharl let out a deep sigh, and figured that arguing with them would waste more time. He decided to stay. "Alright, but it better be important…" Then, as he moved toward the demon, he noticed something familiar about him. "Hey, you're Maro, the guy who asked us to protect the archeological site."

"Yes…" The demon weakly replied. There were severe wounds and inflictions all over his body. Someone had obviously massacred him. "I have one other favor to ask of you Overlord: there was someone who told me about the ruins. I want you to make sure he never reaches the site."

However, Laharl shook his head, refusing the favor. "Sorry, but I have no intention of helping anyone at this point. We're looking for someone very important."

"Ah, you must be talking about that young girl demon that's always with you. The one with blonde hair."

That last response sparked Laharl's full attention. That description matched only one person: Flonne. He violently grabbed Maro by the neck and shook him wildly for an answer. "Alright, tell me where she is!"

Maro, despite the fact that Laharl's violent persuasion was weakening him even more, did his best to answer him. "She's with the young boy I was talking about…one with white wings…" Catching that last bit of info, Laharl's eyes flew wide open. There was only one person currently in the Netherworld with white wings. "…the boy's name…is Yuki…" Using that last bit of strength, Maro's eyes slowly shut. He had lost consciousness and possibly his life. Laharl, on the other hand, hanged his head low, letting his bangs cover his eyes. He had learned that the person closest to his heart was once again with an angel that deeply hated him. Damn it…she left with Yuki…even after going through so much trouble to get that…

Etna could easily see the pained look on his face, despite the bangs covering it. The minute the name 'Yuki' was mentioned, she knew exactly who it was. This must be what the Prince was talking about…how Flonne-chan is now with another person…but then again… Etna, determined to open his eyes, shook Laharl violently, trying to get him up. "Get a grip on yourself, Prince! Flonne-chan must still think you're dead! If you hurry now, you can still catch up to her!"

"Etna…" Finally getting a grip on himself, Laharl stood up right. His eyes were shinning with the glow of the red moon once again. "I don't care what I have to do to that Love Freak, even if it means nailing her down to the wall! I'll make sure we return back to the castle with her, even if it kills me! Everyone, prepare yourselves for this one!" Everyone nodded their heads in response as they watched Laharl march out of the room. They were all happy to see Laharl back to his normal self. Suddenly, the ground began to violently shake, causing everyone to tumble. Some of the vassals tried to hang onto some of the pillars nearby. "What's going on?"

Then, Pleinar sprinted towards Laharl. In her hands were three letters. "Laharl-sama, we have serious problem!"

"I know that, Pleinar!"

"It's not that!" Pleinar shouted, trying to make herself audible through the rumbling. She handed Laharl many letters. "They're all letters from different leaders and senators. The Dark Assembly is complaining about this earthquake and wants you to stop it! Overlord Raiharu (originally Rahur) of Rejectville says that the sudden earthquake have frightened his citizens! Overlord Priere of the Alternate Netherworld says the same! She says she's going to try and find out what's happening!"

"Just what I need…more complaints!"

"This last one isn't a complaint, Laharl-sama!" Pleinar handed Laharl the last letter. "Katy-chan from Celestia delivered this one. It's from Seraph Lamington!"

Despite the constant shaking, Laharl did his best to keep his balance and snatch the letter. He opened and peered into it, hoping that it wouldn't be more complaints. Luckily it didn't, for it read:

Dear Overlord Laharl,

I'm sure the Netherworld is currently experiencing a sudden earthquake. Celestia is experiencing the same thing. This is because there is something very dangerous in the Netherworld has been unleashed. It is known as the Pariah Tower, a structure that has been hidden under earth of the Netherworld for many millennia.

"So that's what those ruins were…" Laharl said to himself, now realizing what was in that site. "I thought it was all a big myth."

"C'mon Prince, keep reading!"

"Hold on!" Laharl continued to carefully read the Seraph's letter:

Hidden within these ruins is a power that grants god-like powers to those who obtain it. If anyone reaches that power, we may not be able to contain it. That is why I am asking you to storm into the ruins and stop the one who is responsible for uncovering it. The entrance, however, is not where it was hidden. It's true entrance is in a place riddled with chaos and malice.

"He must be speaking of the Eternal Apocalypse…" If Laharl were to accept this mission, this would be his third time in a row that he would end up in that dreadful land. There was one more thing on that letter:

However, you cannot simply enter. There is a seal guarding it. I know of someone who can help you open it, but you must work together with him or else we will not be able to stop it. I hope you will make the right choice. The man I talk of is…

Laharl read over the last line and began to cringe. He knew very well that this wouldn't be easy, but he had no choice. If he didn't do anything now, then all would be lost. He would have to throw away his pride if he wanted to get Flonne back. "…I can't believe I have to do this…but there's no way I can let Yuki get away with this! Julietta, open a dimensional portal to the place we last visited!" A loud gasp escaped from everyone's mouths. They were bewildered to see that Laharl was willing to resort to aid…from that one person…

"Prince…you don't mean…?"

"I know, but I have no other choice. Open a portal to the Marsh of Nightmares!"

A few minutes later, Laharl and the others had found themselves within the confines of the Castle of Magnificence once again, staring at the two he had considered as his enemies since he had awaken two years ago: Mid Boss and Kirei. An awkward silence swept the room as the Overlord and the Dark Adonis continued to stare each other off, both looking into the eyes of their mortal enemies. Finally, Laharl broke the silence:

"Lemme get right to the point: I know that we're enemies and all, but this time I need your help. Something weird is going on and the Love Freak's in trouble. I have heard from someone that you two are the only ones that can help me, so what I'm trying to say is that I ask of your aid." However, Mid Boss did not respond. He continued to stare blankly at the Overlord, which irritated Laharl quite a bit. However, rather than yelling at him, Laharl got onto one knee, as if the Overlord had already admitted defeat to his enemy. His action caused everyone around him to gasp for they knew it was the last thing Laharl would do, but he motioned them to be quiet. If he wanted to stop Yuki and get Flonne back, then his only choice was to throw away all his pride and trust his former enemy. "Look, I don't care what you say anymore. You can pride yourself over being better than me for this one time, but I need your help in this matter. I beg of you…so please help me."

Then, a small chuckle escaped the Dark Adonis' mouth. Eventually the chuckle became more audible to everyone until he looked down at the humbled Overlord with curved smile on his lips. "Young Overlord, there is no need to humble yourself like this. We really were going to help you."


"Oui." Mid Boss replied. However, he had something to add. "On one condition."

Laharl's gratefulness began to wane when he heard that last part. Obviously, whatever Mid Boss was asking for wasn't going to be easy to grant. "What is it?"

That's when Kirei interjected into the conversation, giving Laharl his condition. "You must tell us why you want us to help you."

"I just did…"

Kirei slowly shook her head, and then, in a very serious tone, replied, "No, I'm not talking about that. We know very well that the safety of the Netherworld…no…the entire universe is important. Since Pariah Tower has appeared before us, we have to make sure that evil doesn't leak into the other worlds. However…there is something else that you are fighting for. Will you tell us what you are fighting for?"

Laharl bowed his head, his eyes downcast, allowing his bangs to plaster his face. He was very hesitant to answer Kirei's question. She was right about Laharl fighting for something else, but Laharl didn't know how to say it. However, if he didn't answer, he wouldn't be able to fulfill his duty as Overlord nor bring back that something. He took a deep breath before giving his final answer. "The one I am fighting for…is that Love Freak…the Fallen Angel Flonne…"

"And what is she to you?" Mid Boss inquired. "Young Overlord, if you are willing to sacrifice yourself to fight for her, what is your reason for it? What do you feel about her?"

Laharl kept his head low, blanketing his eyes with his bangs. Once again, this question would be difficult for him to answer, but with time running out, he had to answer it. Slowly closing his eyelids, he put his hand inside his cape and pulled out his pendant, the one that Flonne gave him before she 'died', gripping it tightly in his hands. "Flonne…is a total ditz. She's so stupid that I sometimes wonder how she's able to live so long without being sad. She's also a total Love Freak, trying her best to grant her own eternal wish: giving love to all. Sometimes, I feel so sick when I'm around her…yet…" Then, Laharl reached into his cape and pulled out something else. A dazzling light shined forth from the item in his hand as if he were holding the sun. The blinding light made it hard for anyone to see what was in his other hand. Soon, his crimson flames began to burn in hands. However, these flames were not his usual destructive flames. They were flames of passion.

"…and…yet…I'm lost without her. Once she leaves my sight, I feel like a part of me is gone. Sure, I always tell her to leave me alone, but if that were to happen, I don't know what I'd do with myself. Even if I try to push her away, she keeps coming back, trying her best to show me the meaning of love. In battle, the two of us work well together. Even though I hate the idea of teamwork, our power together is enough defeat any enemy. If it weren't for her, I would've lost to you two and Etna a long time ago. The Love Freak says that friends will always be there for you…but to me…Flonne is much more than a friend…she's someone I care for more than anyone else…and I'll do anything to get her back…" After saying all that, Laharl was lost in silence. Even he couldn't believe that those words actually came out of his mouth, not to mention everyone else. Even if it sounded corny to him, everyone couldn't tease him. This was the first time Laharl conveyed his true feelings for Flonne. Finally, the silence was broken with a hum coming from the sassy demon. There was a soft smirk on his face. He then finally said:

"Then if that is what you think of her, then we must hurry!" Everyone's eyes shot wide open. After all they have been through, Mid Boss was willing to help him. "I am very grateful to hear of your feelings of the mademoiselle. Every man carries around a beautiful flower with him, intoxicating him with a passionate fragrance that gives him nothing but strength. The mademoiselle is your flower, young Overlord, and it is the duty of the Dark Adonis to make sure that the flower is returned to its rightful owner!"

Seeing the confused looks on everyone else's faces, Kirei decided to 'translate' it for them. "What Mid Boss is trying to say is that he is willing to help anyone return the one's they care for back to them. Besides, the Netherworld is our home too. We can't that ominous energy leave the tower, so we're going to help you retrieve your Flonne-chan!" Everyone was now relieved. Though they had their doubts, it had become certain: The Dark Adonis and the Mysterious Aphrodite had now made an alliance with Overlord Laharl and his own soldiers to bring the Fallen Angel Flonne. However, there was one thing bothering Mid Boss…

"…would you stop calling moi, 'Mid Boss'…?" Mid Boss bleakly asked his esteemed partner.

"I'm so sorry, but I really do like that name, kioshii!"

"Look, can we go now…?" Laharl asked with an annoyed look on his face as he interjected into their little argument.

"Oh sure, whenever you're ready."

Before they left, Laharl turned to everyone in the room. "One more thing: After this is all over, will you forget everything I just said?"


"I had a funny feeling you'd all say that…alright, then let's go!" And so, Laharl, now aligned with his former rivals, and his vassals prepared themselves for the worst. They had to be ready for they were facing their greatest challenge yet…

After several minutes of preparation, Laharl, Etna, Aramis, Mid Boss, Kirei, the defenders, and all their vassals entered the chaotic realm of the Eternal Apocalypse via dimensional portal. However, the place they had entered wasn't the same place they battled Setsuna several days ago. Due to the resurrection of Pariah Tower, it had lost the little stability it had left, causing many different kinds of disasters to obstruct the team. However, they were all able to brave through them, making their way towards what was in front of them: the Pariah Tower. It looked just as unstable as the current realm, making everyone believe whether or not it's legend was true. However, the energy seeped through the cracks, allowing them to sense it. The energy was beyond even the evil of most demons. It was obvious what they were up against. They had to take on Yuki and seal away the tower before this energy was released. As they neared the tower, a familiar demon was standing near its base along with her vassals.

"I see you've decided to come, Laharl."

"Heh…same with you, Priere." The two of them gazed at the tower's features. Up close, it still looked like it was going to crumble, but the creepy energy they felt was now visible to everyone, which appeared to be a mixture of black and gray. "So this is it? We're gonna have to find a way to get inside."

However, Priere slowly shook her head. "Sorry, but I've tried. There's no way inside."

"Well it looks we're going to see if the Seraph was right about Mid Boss." Etna reminded her master.

Laharl agreed. It was time to see how much aid Mid Boss and Kirei could provide. "Alright you two, tell me how we can get inside."

Mid Boss stared at the bleak structure for a minute before giving Laharl the instructions. "This tower has a seal that reads energy. In order to enter it, the tower must recognize that energy. It won't be able to read it if there isn't enough to read."

"I see, so we just have to shine our energy at the door, right?"

However, Mid Boss shook his head. It wasn't as easy as Laharl stated. "It's not that simple. In order to open it, it must read the energy of the three beings: angels, demons, and humans. If there is not enough of all three, then it will not open, and it can only read three beings."

"So in other words…unless we find three incredibly powerful beings…we cannot open it?" Etna asked Mid Boss. He and Kirei nodded. Obviously, no one had the extreme power of all three. Even if they were to get Laharl, Priere, and Seraph Lamington, currently the most powerful known beings, together, it might not work because it still required a powerful human, and the most powerful that was present human, currently Gordon, was weak compared to those three, and even if they could get Setsuna to join, he was dead. Without human blood, no one could enter the tower. Everyone began to feel that their effort to prevent the evil of the tower would be in vain. Then, Etna noticed the young Overlord stepping toward the door.

"Hey Prince, what are you doing?" A serious look masked his face and his eyes were burning with great willpower. Finally, he stopped near the door, standing on a seal. He let his bangs mask his eyes once again as he began to think about everything that was going on. Yuki was about to get away with Flonne and the great power within the tower. There was no way he was going to let that happen. I have to throw away my pride. Even if it means…revealing… it… Then, after his long pause, he began to charge his own demonic energy, causing his body to be engulfed in his flames. The pulse of energy began to resonate with the seal under his feet, and soon, a glowing ruby red symbol appeared. As any demon knew, the color red represented most demonic energy, so Laharl was able to at least unlock the demon part of the seal. However, everyone around him was a little skeptical for they feel he had forgotten one thing. "Prince, I know that you're determined to get Flonne-chan back, but we need the energy of all three beings! We don't have a powerful angel or human at the moment! There's no way you can open it right now!"

"Well then we'll have to improvise!" Laharl, refusing to give up, pulled out a golden chain from his scarf. It was the pendant that Flonne gave Laharl two years ago. As he continued to charge his energy, he raised the pendant into the air. Suddenly, it began to glow with a soothing blue energy, which reacted to the seal. Since it was Flonne's pendant, which was given to her by Seraph Lamington, it had been sealed with angelic powers, allowing him to briefly bring out the angelic glow. With the condition of angelic energy met, another glowing symbol appeared, this time it was a blue sapphire glow.

While it did surprise everyone that Laharl could pull off such a feat, there's no way he'd be able to get the next part. "Prince, it's amazing that you could summon angelic energy, we still need human energy. There's no way you'd be able to pull it off unless—" Suddenly, Etna noticed something floating in front of her. It looked like a feather. No, it was a feather, but it wasn't a white angel feather. It was a jet-black feather, swaying violently in the air. Out of everyone there, only Etna was able to notice it, and she was the only one who knew what it meant. A black feather…but that can't be…if he has a black feather…that would mean he has black wings…but his wings don't even have feathers…and if he has black feathered wings…that would mean…Laharl-sama is…

"Look! The door is glowing!" Gordon pointed to the huge door in front of them, which they all turned to see. As Gordon had observed, the door began to glow a brilliant green color. Then, it slowly became blue and finally red. Suddenly, a flash of light burst forth from the door, covering the Eternal Apocalypse in a blinding white light. The blinding light flash for only ten seconds, but after those ten seconds, a low creaking sound echoed through the air.

Then Laharl took a deep breath as he watched stared at the door in front of him. I hope no one saw it…but it's a small price to pay if I want to get Flonne back… Suddenly, the door made another loud creek, and, to everyone's surprise, slowly opened before Laharl. Almost everyone was caught in a great silence for they were all in total disbelief. Laharl, by himself, opened the door that required demon, angel, and human energy. After a few more minutes of silence, Laharl turned to everyone. The red moon in his eyes began to glow brightly as he began to speak. "I want to say that while I'm fighting this as part of my duty as an Overlord, this is also a personal matter. The one who unsealed this tower is an angel named Yuki." The sound of that name caused Etna, Mid Boss, and Kirei to remain completely silent. Out of everyone there, they were the only ones who knew who Yuki was. Everyone else was clueless about the angel.

"But how do you know of this?" Gordon asked him.

Knowing that it was inevitable, Laharl took one deep breath and gave him his response. "Yuki…was befriended…by Flonne…" A sharp gasp echoed through the air. Everyone finally realized the truth behind Laharl and Flonne's severed relationship: another person had entered their lives, causing distrust in Laharl and confusion within Flonne. It made perfect sense to them why Laharl would hate Flonne so much now. However, Laharl continued. "I know, I was in total disbelief myself, but somehow, I knew she was just being the Love Freak she always was. I just kept denying it…but now I'm going to go in there, get her back, and stop Yuki once and for all. This is going to be a very dangerous battle…but no matter what I say, I know that you'll all follow me. However, I don't want to bring all of you. Only a few of my vassals can enter with me. The rest has to stay here. So…who's willing to fight with me?" Everyone around him knew that this was going to be dangerous battle, but it was also a personal affair. If anyone were to get in trouble, it might throw off Laharl's concentration and they may lose. It was now or never. Then, Laharl noticed someone stepping forward, causing him to smirk. In affairs such as these, besides Flonne, she was the one person he could count. "Heh…I thought you'd be the first one to step up."

"What did you think? I was picked by your father to become your head vassal. Just as your duty is to act as the Overlord to the Netherworld, my duty as your head vassal is to aid you in your duties. Besides, we can't leave Flonne-chan behind, especially with that Yuki person running about." Without a doubt, if Flonne weren't around, Etna would always be the first to fight by his side. While her loyalty is sometimes questionable, there's no way she'd let Laharl get himself killed. That's when her vassal sprinted besides her, signaling his alignment to Etna.

"If Etna-san is going to help you, then me and my zombies will too. I owe both of you a lot anyway." This time it was Aramis.

Then, Gordon gallantly stepped forward to meet his master. "And it is my duty as well, as your Slayer."

"Getting Flonne-chan back is also important." Jennifer said as she too headed towards Laharl, determined to return his love back to him. "I'll do my best to help you get her back."

"Just as Aramis said, I owe you a lot." Kurtis, the green Prinny shuffled out of the crowd with a twinkle in his eyes. "I'd probably be working for some pig if you didn't allow me to become your vassal. Besides, it's my heroic duty as well."

"Hey, I'm the hero here!"

"Says you, Gordon…"

Before they could continue to argue, several blips and beeps echoed from the crowd. "Thursday, though a robot, does know when someone requires aid. Thursday will join the Overlord in battle."

"And so will I!" The Alternate Netherworld demons were in total shock to see Priere stepping towards Laharl, indicating she was willing to help.

"But Priere-sama—!"

"No, I owe the kid a lot for saving me from that evil spirit. Besides, I'm the Overlord of the Alternate Netherworld, so it is also my duty to go in there and stop this from happening." And so, Priere, the Alternate Overlord, had aligned herself with Laharl in an attempt to protect her world and pay back a debt she owed to him. Laharl and the others had gained yet another powerful ally.

"Heh…so the busty girl decides to join me?"

"Don't flatter yourself too much, brat…"

"We made a deal, so we're tied to you for now, Laharl-kun." Kirei said as she stepped forward with Mid Boss at her side, which shocked their vassals. "Besides, Flonne-chan is such a nice girl and is very close to your heart. It's important that we bring her back alive."

"Same with you, Young Overlord." Mid Boss passionately told his rival. "I will very upset if I were to be the victor of our rivalry by default. We must make sure that you return alive, that way when we get back I will show you how strong moi really is!"

"You'll never defeat me and you know it…" Laharl dully replied. He then turned to all the vassals behind them. It wasn't just Laharl's vassals. The other vassals belonged to either Mid Boss and Kirei or Priere, but now it didn't matter whom they belonged to. They were all fighting for the same cause. "Everyone else, we need you to stay behind. I hope you all don't mind."

Steilhang shook his head as he smiled at his master. "Laharl-sama, we understand very well that this is your own personal affair. If that is what you wish we should do, then we'll stay behind to back you up as always, right everyone?" Steilhang smiled as everyone gave a positive answer.

"I can feel something odd in there anyway." Youkai, Mid Boss' head vassal, spoke up. "If anything were to come out, then we can at least help contain the tower with my little brother's team." It was an awkward situation for Youkai, but he had no choice. He was going to work together with his little brother, Steilhang.

"With the three armies combined, we'll be able to prevent anything that comes out." Katz, Priere's head kitkat, told them.

"So, it's settled then…" With everything ready, Laharl turned towards the door. Etna, Aramis, Gordon, Jennifer, Kurtis, Thursday, Priere, Mid Boss, and Kirei all faced it along with him. All of them had a slight bit of hesitation. After all, not much is known about the tower, and that evil energy was everywhere. Charging in there could be suicide, but…they were willing to face that danger…in order to stop Yuki…in order to protect the Netherworld, Celestia, Alternate Netherworld, and Earth from the hidden evil…and…to bring back Laharl's angel, Flonne. "Alright then…LET'S GO!" At that instant, Laharl, Etna, Aramis, Gordon, Jennifer, Kurtis, Thursday, Priere, Mid Boss, and Kirei charged through the door and into the Pariah Tower. The danger they would face was unknown, but they were willing to give all they got to bring Flonne back.


"Please enter this room." Yuki pointed toward a door. He and Flonne had unleashed the seal on the tower and were now ready to take the next step of Yuki's plan.


"Flonne, I know how saddened you are about leaving him, but if you want to protect him and the universe, I suggest walk through that door. When you come out of that room, we will be able to convince every race to unify. I'd do anything to reunite the worlds. Isn't that what you want?" Flonne slowly nodded her head for her answer. On their way to the Pariah Tower, Yuki had told her that his true wish was to reunite the worlds, just as she, Setsuna, and the Seraph wanted. She had always felt that she could trust Yuki, so she knew that with his help, they would be able to unite the worlds. "Good, now please go." And so, Flonne did as she was told and entered the room, not knowing what was going to happen her. Finally, you and I will unite the worlds and make those fools realize their own faults… Then, out of nowhere, a strand of his snow-white hair began to stand. His eyes began to narrow as he felt a familiar energy nearby. Speaking of fools, it's time I show him who has the power…and the Fallen Angel… Readying himself for battle, Yuki headed toward the source of this new energy.

Ironically, Laharl began to feel someone else's energy nearing them. He began to grit his teeth. "He's nearby…"

"Already?" Etna exasperated. "But we haven't even encountered anything yet."

"That does not matter." Mid Boss told her. "Be on your guard."

"We meet again…Overlord Laharl…" Everyone's eyes darted all over the room, searching for the source of that voice, but they could not find it.

However, Laharl somehow knew where he was. He was too sensitive to Yuki's presence. "I know where you are, you damn angel. Come out and show yourself!" Ironically, Yuki obeyed Laharl's demand and appeared before the group. Everyone but Laharl gasped. They couldn't believe that Yuki, their enemy, would actually look like this…

"Hey, I expected a villain like that archangel Vulca-what's-his-face, but this Yuki is just a young angel." Etna said, noting Yuki's features.

"Yeah, in fact, he looks pretty cute!" Jennifer added.

"Yeah, much different than I expected, that's for sure." Priere said.

Of course, Laharl couldn't stand hearing their side comments. "WOULD YOU ALL SHUT UP? WE'RE FACING A DANGEROUS ENEMY HERE!"

"We know that, but you can't deny how hot he looks."


"Oh please Laharl, it was only joke."

"Yeah, we're trying to lighten up the scene here, Prince."


"Geez…I knew that you were a loud brat, Overlord, but had I known that everyone else here was as loud as you, I would've gotten earplugs." Yuki's last comment brought Laharl's attention back to him. The serious look on his face had returned.

"Where's Flonne…?" Laharl demanded an answer from Yuki, brandishing his sword viciously at him. His eyes narrowed as he gave Yuki a demonic glare with his fiery crimson moon eyes.

However, Yuki chuckled as he conceitedly replied, "Oh please, don't worry yourself over her. You should be worried about the one who will take your life." Suddenly, Yuki's angel wings burst forth from his back. Feathers began to fall like snow and blanket the floor in white. Soon, his serious look returned to his face as he glared back Laharl with ominous amber eyes. "Everything is in place now. I cannot allow you disrupt my plan…" Everyone watched as the two gave each other vicious looks. This was going to be it. The demon Overlord Laharl and the mysterious angel Yuki were going to duel each other for the heart of the Fallen Angel in a battle that would decide their future.

Next Episode

Etna: The Rosenqueen Circus…the happiest place in the universe.

Laharl: That's a typo…it's supposed to say scariest…

Flonne: Oh don't be so pessimistic, Laharl-san.

Etna: However, that happiness is taken away when a rival circus comes to town!

Mid Boss: If I were to make a circus, it would be magnificent, just like moi!

Laharl: Yeah, it'd be filled with freaks like you…

Mid Boss: Yeah, it'd be filled with—HEY!

Etna: But never fear, for Rosenqueen Circus has a savior: Etna, the grace from the skies. Light as a feather and cute as a button, I will bring everyone the entertainment they deserve.

Yuki: Yeah…like none…

Seraph Lamington: What is this supposed to be?

Priere: Don't ask me…

Etna: Next time on Graceful Acrobat Etna: Cuteness Flies Through the Skies. Are you ready to see quality entertainment?

Everyone but Etna: NO!

Yes, we're nearing the end as I've said. To answer that other question Goldamon X rose, Yuki is not another test. You can think of him as one, but he's not exactly one. However, he wants Flonne and wants to destroy Laharl. You might feel that it's starting to sound like another anime-like game. Yeah, I was running out of 'creative' ideas, so you might find this ending sounding similar to the ending of Evolution 2: Far Off Promise. Yes, people Evolution 2. I don't like Evolution anymore, but the ending to the second one was cute and sweet. Of course, there's gonna be numerous differences. However, you should've noticed that Yuki was somewhat based off of Yurka from Evolution (if you've played it that is). If you haven't played Evolution 2 (do not play Evolution 1 or Worlds if you're curious about the serious) then that's good, so it won't spoil some parts. Don't worry if you have played Evolution, cuz VERY FEW parts will be similar to it. I know that this fic lately has been mushy, long, and dramatic, but the humor in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness is genius. Nippon Ichi and Harada-san can work humor into anything. I, unfortunately, can't, so all I can do is write dramatically for this chapter. Then again, 2 of my favorite authors write more serious fics. As RichaCo's question about being part of the C2 staff, wait until Bella (if she becomes an author), Kizzi-chan, and Illuminet join. I don't join unless there are other people already there (yeah, I know. I'm HM) Also Bella, I was considering on writing a fic about Laharl and Zeta awhile back where Zeta looks for another Netherworld since he destroys it AGAIN, and fights Laharl for it. However, I haven't heard much of Phantom Kingdom nor have I played it (I'm still trying to defeat Baal in Disgaea), so no, not at this time. And yes people, if this was really a Disgaea sequel, then by this point in the game, you would've gotten Mid Boss, Kirei, and Priere as playable characters. Lucky you!

Yuki has revealed himself to everyone, Flonne is missing, and now Laharl and Yuki must face each other in a duel to the death. By the end of the battle, only one of them will leave with the Fallen Angel. Will Laharl get Flonne back or will it be Yuki that triumphs? Will we finally learn Yuki's true intentions? Find out next time.