The One

Kyle Broflovski, age 17 was in the car with his mom and brother as she was going to drop them off at school. Kyle has been really depressed for some months now, but his family doesn't know why. He usually isn't one who likes to tell his family his problems. His main reason for not doing so is because of his overbearing mom Sheila. Sure Sheila is just as concerned about her children as the next parent, but she tends to blow things out of proportion. Kyle was busy daydreaming that he didn't even hear his brother asking him a question.

"So did you Kyle?" Asked the 11-year-old 8th grader.

"Did I what?"

"Did you eat breakfast this morning?"

"No, I wasn't hungry."

"Kyle, hungry or not you need to eat your breakfast. It's the most important meal of the day," his mother said sternly, "Don't ever let me find out you've skipped another meal again, do you understand?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Yeah Kyle, how do you except to grow big and strong if you don't eat," his annoying little brother laughed, "probably around this time next year I'll be towering over you."

Kyle gave his brother a dirty look.

"Now Ike, you know you're brother is self-conscious about his size so stop teasing."

"Yes mom."

Kyle sat there annoyed. 'Why does everyone have to point out the fact that I'm small? There's nothing I can do about that' he thought, 'I'm the big brother, so I should be the bigger one. I hate it!' For a 17 year old in the 12th grade Kyle was pretty small. He stood at 5 foot nothing and weighed about 100 pounds. His little 11 year old brother had about an inch or two over him and about 10 or 15 pounds over him as well. Kyle often felt intimidated by his brother's size, especially when the two of them were in an argument or fight. Ike was definitely the strong of the two and even though Ike was younger and could pretty much kick Kyle's ass, Kyle always got in trouble for it just because he was older.

Sheila finally pulled up at South Park High School. Kyle was excited to get out of the car. "Have a good day at school boobie."

"I will, bye mom, bye Ike."

"Later Kyle."

"Kyle, don't forget to walk to the middle school to meet your brother so you two can walk home together."

"I won't mom."

"I'll see you later, and don't be late."

She drives off. Kyle sighs and heads to his nightmare: SOUTH PARK HIGH. As he walked to the school he saw a lot of his other senior classmates pulling up in their fancy cars and trucks. Kyle wished he were one of those kids. He hated the fact that all the other kids his age could drive while he had to get a ride from his "mommy" or walk. The only reason he wasn't driving was because he mom doesn't think he's mature enough to get behind the wheel of a moving vehicle.

As Kyle walked through the halls trying to get to class, he kept bumping into all the "big" kids in the school. Even the freshman were bigger than him and they're often teased for being small. Kyle didn't have any friends in school so he was always alone in the hall. Him, Stan, Kenny, and Cartman had all went their separate ways once they entered high school. He passed by Kenny as he was walking to class. Kenny had a girl on each arm, he has always been a big player like that. Kenny was about 5'10, 180 pounds, he still had the same blonde hair, but he no longer wore an orange parka. Instead, he had an orange shirt and black jeans. Kenny still lived on the wrong side of the tracks, but the girls didn't care about that because most of them were sluts and thought he was good in bed. Kyle rolled his eyes as he watched Kenny make out with one of his sluts of the day. He put his head down and kept walking. He ended up bumping into something big and blubbery.

"Watch where you're walking Jew!"

He knew that voice anywhere, Eric Cartman. Cartman became a bully in high school and Kyle was always his main target. Cartman stood about 5'10, 250 pounds. He was big, mean, and scary. Even though Kyle used to beat up Cartman all the time when they were in the 4th grade, he sure as hell was no match for now. "S-sorry Cartman, I didn't see you there." Kyle was afraid that Cartman was going to hurt him.

"Well maybe if you opened your eyes and watched where the hell you were going you wouldn't have this problem."

"Look I said I was sorry." He tried to walk away, but Cartman grabbed the back of his jacket.

"How much money do you have?"

"I-I d-don't have any."

"I don't believe you, you're mother would never send you off to school without any money."

"Well she did this morning."

With that Cartman picked Kyle up and held him upside down and started shaking him. Suddenly a 5 dollar bill along with some change fell out of Kyle's pockets. " did that get there," he chuckled. Cartman dropped him on his head.

"I knew you were lying. Here's what I do to Jews that lie." He punches Kyle in the stomach so hard that it causes him to throw up. "Let that be a lesson to you asshole." He kicks Kyle and walks off.

"Damn you fat ass," he mumbles to himself. He continued walking to class when he passed by his former best friend and his girlfriend. Stan and Wendy pretty much look the same except older. Stan was 6'0, 225 pounds, but it was all muscle. He was the captain of the football team so it was important for him to be built. Wendy was head cheerleader, 5'9, 120 pounds. She was always up and under Stan because she wanted to make sure that the other skanks in the school stayed away from her man. She was still the jealous, possessive bitch that she was in elementary school. Kyle never liked Wendy, and Wendy never liked Kyle. That's why Stan and Kyle are no longer friends now. Stan decided to pick his girlfriend over his best friend and Kyle hated it. Although Stan chose Wendy over Kyle, Kyle still wished they were friends. It would make things easier. Kyle has secretly had a crush on Stan since they were freshman. He couldn't tell him that though. Could you imagine what he would do to him? No even worse, could you imagine what Wendy would do to him? He knew he could never have Stan, but he could always stare at his beauty.

"Do you have a problem Broflovski?" Stan yelled from across the hall. Kyle had been staring at Stan a little too long. "...well?"

"No dude there's no problem."


"God, he is such a loser. I'm glad you got him out of your life," his bitch girlfriend said smirking.

"Yeah, you're the only person I need in my life."

They begin making out in the hall. Kyle rolls his eyes. 'Stan is a great guy, she totally doesn't deserve him,' Kyle was indeed jealous that Wendy was with Stan. She had the guy HE wanted. It was fair. He hated Wendy. He wanted the bitch out of the picture.

Later that afternoon as Kyle and Ike walked home together Kyle kept thinking about Stan.

"Are you ok Kyle?"

"I'm fine, why?"

"You just look like you have a lot on your mind."

"It's nothing you need to worry about." Of course Kyle had a lot on his mind. He was in love with his ex best friend. Something like that would be on anyone's mind. Kyle didn't know what do. He wanted to tell Stan, but it was impossible because he was always with Wendy. He didn't want Wendy to know because he didn't want to suffer her wrath. But even if he does tell him how he feels without Wendy present he'll still tell her. It's a lose/lose situation either way you look at it.

Even that evening after dinner Kyle continued to think about Stan. He was sitting in the living in front of the TV wearing his pajamas. Ike then comes in the room and takes the remote. "It's time for the news."

"Fine, whatever."

"Fine, whatever?" Ike raised a confused eyebrow. "You mean you're not going to try and fight me over the remote?"

"I'm not in the mood right now."

"That's smart. You know I would end up winning anyway."

"Yeah you're right."

Ike puts his hand on Kyle's forehead. "What are you doing?" Kyle snapped.

"I was just checking to make sure you weren't sick."

"I told you I'm fine damnit!"

"Ok, ok, God don't bite my freaking head off."

Sheila and Gerald walk into the living room. "Kyle...what are you doing to Ike?"

"I wasn't doing anything to him."

"I heard you cussing at him."

"That's because he won't leave me alone."

"Mom, dad..." Ike started innocently, "I thought Kyle might be sick so being the good little brother I was just trying to check. I was only concerned about his well being." Kyle hated when Ike did that. That was how he always managed to get his way. His father never really took sides, but his mom jumped at the chance to do that.

"Kyle you're brother was only trying to look out for him. You should be thanking him instead of yelling and cursing at him!"

"But mom-"

"Don't 'but mom' me. I'm sick and tired of the way you treat your brother," she looks at the clock. "What are you still doing up anyway? It's 10:30 you were supposed to be in bed an hour and a half ago."

"How come Ike doesn't have to go to bed at 9 and I do?

"Because Ike is mature enough to stay up late and you're not."

"Mom, I'm the older one remember."

"Yeah well sometimes you don't act older. Now get upstairs to bed." Kyle does as he's told. He wouldn't dare think twice about defying his mother. Once his mom tells him to do something, he better do it then and there. He wouldn't want to have to suffer the consequences for not listening.

"I think you were a little hard on him," Gerald said.

"Well if you were a little harder on him, I wouldn't have to be!"

"Sheila you have to admit that your rules towards the boys are unfair."

"How do you mean?"

"Kyle is 17, Ike is 11. Shouldn't Ike be in bed before Kyle?"

"Kyle can't handle staying up late. It's too much for him."

"And you think Ike can?"

"Look Ike is a genius. He can handle things like that." Sheila looks at Ike. "Sweetie, could you go upstairs please?"

"Sure mom." He goes upstairs and knocks on Kyle's door.

"What do you want Ike?"

"How did you know it was me?"

"By the way you knock."

"Oh...well can I come in?"

"I guess so." Ike comes in and sits on his brother's bed.

"I'm worried about mom and dad. They're always fighting. Every time we have an argument or a fight, they do."

"Well if you would quit starting things with me we they wouldn't argue."

"Are you saying that this is my fault?"


"Shh!" Ike covered Kyle's mouth. "Do you want them to hear you and make things worse?"

"KYLE GET IN THAT BED NOW!" He heard Sheila yell.

"See?" Ike said. The boys stand by the door and listen to them argue.

"Why the hell do you treat Kyle like he's some evil step child?"

"I treat both of my boys the same way. I'm only harder on Kyle because he's older and he should be setting an example for his brother."

"You know what, we're not going to argue about this anymore. Just do whatever you want." Gerald storms out of the room. Ike looks at Kyle. "I'm worried about them. I don't want them to keep fighting."

"I don't either." The two brothers hug each other.

"Well, I'm going to go to bed."

"Good night Ike."

"Good night." Ike leaves his room. Kyle continues to think about Stan. 'I should call him and tell you. No, that's something I would have to say in person.' Kyle continued thinking about him until he fell asleep.

To be continued...