Hey, heres by reply to the b-day challenge on MC.

We had to write a letter from someone close to Aragorn to Aragorn on one of his b-days.

Is it okay? I think I might have messed up with timeline, but hey whose looking? :)

From Amen.

By Liz ( © 2004)

Disclaimer: I donnot own anything of Tolkiens.

Dear Aragorn,

(a nice loopy hand writing)

I remember what I did on my 90th birthday, I played with starlight. Now I know that you do not have the capabilities nor the understanding to play and form Stars into different shapes. So your grandfather and I made a star chart for you, it has some of the last Middle Earth magic in it and if used properly, it will tell you where your children are. I know you are thinking, why? When you are older and, like most human children, your children will lose interest in you and your doings. They will go off by them selves and make lots of trouble. This is just to let you know what they will be up to when you and Arwen are busy with each other and with Ruling Gonder.

(here the hand writing changes)

I see that Galadriel has started on your birthday letter, just to let you know. She made the star chart, I had nothing to do with it. I wanted to send you something useful, like a wine glass. Or a horse. Anything but a chart that keeps track of your children. But your grandmother said that all humans wanted to know what their kids go off to. I guess she would know, being partly raised by them. At least that is what she said. Since I cannot send you a horse (Galadriel also said a horse would take up too much room on the boat from Amen), I have a few tips on advice. What ever Arwen ask of you. Do it. No questions asked. Another tip, about children, when elven women become "expecting" leave a level headed person in charge. And take a long trip, if Arwen ask why your leaving, don't try to come up with any thing. Just plan on leaving in the middle of the night. Pack light. Ride fast.

(handwriting changes again to a print)

Uncle and I were looking for something to write a poem on, but when we found this letter we decided that we would add our well wishes and thoughts. Bilbo says that that you wouldn't like it over here, theres no fighting, but the food is good. I don't think he even remembers every thing that had happened. So, your 90. I hope I reach that age. Bilbo says that the age when you should stop having drinking wars with woman. I have no clue where he found that out.

I just wish to say hi and tell everyone that I think of them often. A moment ago, this strange looking elf stopped and ask us to tell you hi. (CORRECTION: She said her--- not he said)He said he name was Varda or something like that.

(handwriting changes to a small uniformed cursive)

Ah, Estel, my son. I am sorry that I can not be there for your 90th. Celeborn is right. A very long trip, I've head that you never visited Far Harad. Celebrian wishes that she could have meet you. We send love to you, Arwen, and the twins.

(handwriting goes back to the first one)

Hum, I see that the boys got ahold of my unfinished letter. I will leave what they said. Send my love to the twins and give Arwen a kiss and hug from me and her mother. The ship back will leave soon, so I must track down everyone to sign this.

Much love for all from,



Blibo Baggins

Frodo Baggins

Elrond Peredhil