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Timeline: Season 5 – Luke and Lorelai have FINALLY gotten together.

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One Fateful Day
by Jan Staley

Chapter 1 – The Flu

Lorelai took a second to reflect on her growing relationship with Luke. Everything was going better than she could ever have planned. The town had finally gotten on board with them dating and Luke was even showing affection in public. However, the Inn was demanding so much of her time that she felt that often she was neglecting Luke. He was never annoyed though, at least not around her. He realized how much the Inn meant to her and couldn't fault her for wanting to be there to make every decision. After all, hadn't he been tied to the diner before finally hiring Lane to help out and giving her more and more responsibility so he could spend time with Lorelai. And it had taken him about ten years to delegate some authority, Lorelai hadn't even had the Inn up and running for ten months.

Lorelai was brought back to the present though as she was hunched over the 'porcelain god', heaving up a good portion of her breakfast, oh who is she kidding, a good portion of her morning coffee. She had the worst flu and it was going around. She knew that it was only going to get worse before it got better. But she was needed at the Inn and refused to spend her days wallowing in bed. So every day after her morning trip to the bathroom she hauled herself to work. It wasn't all bad though, Luke doted on her by bringing her soup for lunch and then coming over to cook her dinner in the evenings. She was spending more time with him sick than she had when she was well and she was convinced that in his presence she felt better, because, well, she didn't feel nauseous around him at lunchtime and during dinner.

After three days of the flu the dinners were becoming a routine. Lorelai waited at the window in anticipation of Luke's arrival and Luke gave her his patented speech about needing rest or else she would never get well. She would pretend to listen and nod as if she agreed with him and then proceed to ignore any of his suggestions.

It wasn't until that fourth day, the fourth day of waking up in the morning feeling nauseous, trying to fight down the ickyness so she wouldn't have to throw up, that it hit her. She sat up in bed quickly, too quickly, she raced to the bathroom. Between heaves her mind swirled with the possibility. She tried to count the days, but couldn't think straight. Then, staring at the tile on her bathroom floor she realized that it was the same print as in her bathroom growing up. Funny, she thought, that she'd never noticed it before. But she knew—she knew why she recalled what the tile looked like in her childhood bathroom. Twenty years ago she was sitting in roughly the same position, staring down at the same pattern on the floor, trying to sort out the same thoughts in her head, but knowing what the truth was without having to think. It's not something that you normally notice and here was proof, she'd never notice the tile in her own bathroom, until now, until she realized that she was pregnant, again. It was the only explanation that made sense.

Slowly she rose from the bathroom floor and forced herself to get ready for work. She knew that she couldn't say anything to Luke before she was sure. She didn't want to freak him out and this would definitely do that. She picked up the phone and dialed the now familiar number.

"Luke's." She heard his strong voice on the end of the line.

"Hey, it's me." She could almost hear his lips turn into a smile and she knew that she had his undivided attention despite the size of the crowd at the diner.

"Hey you, when are you going to get here, I've got chocolate chip pancakes," Luke baited Lorelai hoping that she'd come sooner than normal.

Lorelai was practically drooling at the mention of the pancakes, but quickly remembered the situation. "Oh, I was calling to let you know I can't come in this morning. I have a meeting I forgot about and have to be at the Inn ASAP." She heard the disappointed sigh in his voice so she continued, "But I promise that I'll leave early and come by." She hated lying to Luke, but knew that she had to so that she would have time to drive out of town to buy a pregnancy test, because there was no way she could buy one in Stars Hollow without becoming the talk of the town.

After her trip to the store she was feeling a bit more calm because she thought she had taken control of the situation. She tucked the box into her purse intending to go directly to the restroom at the Inn and prove to herself that she really did have the flu. She opened the front door and stopped in her tracks. A moment ago she couldn't think of how this could be worse, but immediately knew it was, and she didn't know how much worse it would get before it got better.